Friday, July 11, 2008

not quite there

I'd fully planned on posting part three of the Marriage Chronicles today, but have run into a little problem. It's not easy to write this last bit, and I'm really struggling to get it right. It's a funny thing about blogging. It's far easier to be brave and honest in (semi) anonymous print than it is in person, but even so I'm finding it very rough going. Check back tomorrow. I'll get there!

I also got very happily side-tracked by Chick Flick night, and have just finished a kind of cheesy 80's movie and a fab female gab fest. Sometimes life does interrupt blogging, and this was one of those times.

And that's perfectly okay.


Rudee said...

Good for you. Evenings with friends can be the best kind of therapy.

Maggie May said...

Probably did you the world of good getting together with friends, like that.
I will catch up with you. Have visitors tomorrow (daughter & grandsons) but I should be able to do a bit of blogging. Otherwise I might get withdrawal symptoms!

Devon said...

Sounds like your "non-productive" time was very productive. The older I get the more I realize the importance of girlfriends!

aims said...

How many times have I said that I'm finding the next part hard to write? Too many!

Even though we don't have faces here in blogland - still - writing the really tough parts can make your hands freeze over the keyboard and your stomach clench. Not only because the ideas themselves do that to us - but our need to 'get it right' or 'right enough' - to convey the angst and emotions seems so necessary - and not to just write words that do not fully convey what we have experienced.

It's harder than most people know.

So I'm with you smack on with this one RC. I know that the moment will come right along with the right words - and your hands will thaw out as well as your mind...and out it will come.