Saturday, July 19, 2008

ramblin' gal

It's finally sunk in that we leave for California in about sixty hours and there's still way too much to do to get ready. I've made some serious progress in my last two days off, but my To Do list is still obnoxious. I work Sunday, so today is D-Day. But what the hell? I'll take any excuse at this point to put it off a little longer, so why not blog?

I don't have anything exciting to report, except that in today's chapter of Retail Therapy, Old Navy bore the brunt of my wrath. (And thanks for that term, CrazyCath. In my recent years of being a non-shopper I'd forgotten it). I'm all done now, but boy, oh boy, did that feel good. It's nice to not look like a bag lady all the time, and even though I completely understand that you can't polish a turd into a diamond, it's still been fun.

Let's see. What other random things can I ramble on about?

In answer to Marti's question about Dee Dee and the sheets, the moron dog has a ritual. She gets on a bed and drags all the blankets off. Then she lays down flat on the fitted sheet and kicks her back legs out as hard as she can. She always does this in the same spot on any given bed. After a while she tears a little hole in the fitted sheet which just keeps getting bigger every time she does it. She's probably destroyed ten sheets since we've had her. This dog needs therapy. And a trust fund.

Speaking of therapy, my counselor has cut me back to once a month sessions. Evidently, she feels I'm well adjusted. It's a good thing I didn't run into her with my arms full of underwear Friday. Hey, it was a really good sale, okay?

On the subject of underwear, I may need more therapy if Peter talks about my panties again. In the meantime, look for my picture on the cover of the upcoming Roughage Diet for Dummies book.

And talking about my picture, I will do my best to post one somehow. You may not believe this, but I don't have a camera anymore. It went away last month with other assorted items (and people), so even if I wanted to be held liable for cracked computer monitors worldwide, I couldn't. I'll come up with one in LA. Somehow. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Have I rambled enough?

I thought so.

PS. Sorry, Ped Crossing. I completely forgot about the window. Apparently there was a fight over the remote and Surfer Dude threw one of Gumby's big honkin' tennis shoes at him. He missed and it went straight into the window. On paper it would appear that the blame is all SD's, but I know Gumby and his instigating ways a little too well. Let's just say that this particular dog house is big enough for two.


Altaglow said...

2@!W#e'll give you a camera when we see you. In the meantime WT is a complete brat! Long live WT

ped crossing said...

I still want to know how they broke the window. And at least they learned how to greet you at the door.

ciara said...

i have this feeling that you're a beautiful woman, r.c. (if personality is anything to go by :) ) and man, you're lucky...i wanna go to l.a.

when my ex left, he took all the electronics he could w the exception of our 36" tv. i almost gave it to him...then i said, 'nah' LOL the only thing i hated that he took was the video camera and tapes of our vacation w the kids on it. :-/

WT said...

"you can't polish a turd into a diamond" hey you never know, with all the pressure you've been under lately it just may be possible, although it may cause the haemorrhoids some discomfort, but you've had three kids, you'll handle it.

PS. Give your mom a kiss for me, I could lie and say it was because I'm trying to make up with her, but the truth is, the thought of mother/daughter porn has always intrigued me.

Maggie May said...

Seem to have missed a post but have caught up now!
Lovely to have a new hairdo and I do envy all those curls! I am poker straight and ate crusts for ever! (MY MUm told me it was the way to get curls!) Didn't work!
You lucky thing going to California and all that new underwear ............ mmmmmmmmmh!

ped crossing said...

Thanks RC. Oh the things I am in for. Everyone said boys were easy in the teenage years.

Have fun in LA!

softinthehead said...

RC have fun in LA - ped crossing - just wanted to clarify "boys are easIER" in the their teenage years, it's all relative !!! :)

Jen said...

Oh, RC, if I can post a picture of myself with badly dyed hair, you can post a picture of yourself looking lovely. Because you are. I do envy your Retail Therapy, though. Have fun in LA!

Devon said...

Have a great trip! Bring a TB mask, the smoke is pretty bad out here!

P.S. Gross wt, that was pretty high on the ick scale!

Stacie said...

Enjoy your trip! The weather will be nice and warm for you. If you are up near me (maybe outlet shopping or something) let me know. I would LOVE to say hi!

Much love,

Anonymous said...

Have fun RC! Just pack and go. California will do the rest.