Saturday, January 5, 2008

now I know my ABCs

And the wait for the report card continues...

Just to comprehend exactly what we're assuming we're waiting for, how about a little word game? Which one of these do you think matches up with us?




or even


oh, no

not even close

how about


Now we're talking.


ped crossing said...

Oh, dear. That does not sound good at all. And as far as I am concerned D's are not passing.

Best of luck with that.

kathy said...

I was waiting for this, I was about to think you weren't having the same problems. My eldest doesn't have finals until 2 weeks from now so he has all vacation to NOT study! He has to pass Algebra II to graduate, and it doesn't even seem to phase him. He actually has to pass another year of math after this one, but I'm just trying to get him passed this one.

Sweet Irene said...

It took me a while to catch on to this, duh, but then I got it. By the way, our dog foes get flatulent. I hope artichokes are awesome a lot.

Eileen said...

Why do report cards stress us parents out more than the kids? I always tell my girls just do your best. I don't want to be a mom who puts too much pressure on them. Then the report card comes....I want to kill them (not always) they look at me and say, "I did the best I could." I know this is not true, since I did not see them studying or noticed the part on the report card that says assignments missing, etc. It is so frustrating. With David being principal, it helps with Melanie now, he can warn me or Melanie for that matter. The other 2, I bite my nail waiting.

I hope his report card is better than expected.

I hope you feel better too.


Akelamalu said...

You're expecting the worst then?????

laurie said...

uh oh.
there goes the iPod AND the computer.

Flowerpot said...

oh no. Not a good time ahead then..

Kaycie said...

The ipod, the computer and something else on top of it. Three bad grades equals three lost priveleges and/or possessions.

Poor kid.

Poor mom and dad.

Jen said...

Oh, my, RC. Sympathies for you, FG, and for Sasquatch. I definitely think it's time to stage an intervention with the teachers for him. *sigh* Let us know how it goes, dear.

Lisa said...

The waiting is the hardest part, yes?

Doing a little blog hopping today and ended up here. Glad I did! :o)

Lice? Never had them, but now my head itches. LOL

my two cents said...

If taking away his toys doesn't work you could always promise to show up at school at lunch and give him a big hug and kiss in front of his friends. Then show up, lurk in a corner where you know he sees you and disappear. That might help. Or go have lunch with him everyday until you start getting good reports from the teachers. That might work.

The fifteen year old girl suggests paying him for getting As and Bs. I don't know about that, but it is what a peer suggests.

Unfortunately, at this point keeping in weekly contact with the teachers seems like the route to take, but it is an awful lot of work on your part. Do any of his teachers use

Good luck!

Potty Mummy said...

Maybe take him down to your local supermarket, get him to stack shelves for a day, pay for lunch himself, and point out this is where he's heading if he doesn't get his behind in gear.

But then my boys are only 4 and 2. What do I know?

The Rotten Correspondent said...

It didn't come today.Ugh.

ped crossing - I couldn't agree more. A D is not passing.Period.

kathy - I was wondering about you, considering how similar these two are. I just want to scream. And you?

sweet irene - artichokes are awesome. and our dogs are flatulent. that's why I never feed them artichokes!

eileen - honestly, that's what I'm waiting for - the part that says missing work. It makes me absolutely CRAZY. How hard is it to do HOMEWORK??

akela - oh, yeah. But I'm trying to avoid a meltdown, too. It's like I told my husband. We're on a path. To the right is a landmine. To the left is a cliff. Walk straight.

laurie - and his cell phone and the 360 and the sleepovers and...

flowerpot - I'm honestly a little sick with anticipation.Truly.

kaycie - thank you. I hadn't really equated three bad grades with losing three things. You're totally right.

Jen - his teachers are going to be more familiar with me than they ever imagined. Poor things.

Lisa - welcome! I'm glad you dropped by. I've caused more itchy heads with this lice thing. Sorry!

my two cents - I did offer to pay him. No dice. I plan on sitting on the kid HARD for the next little bit. It is not going to be pretty. On the plus side, he's really upset with himself, tells me this is a real "wake-up call" and that he can't depend on pulling things out at the last minute any more. AND...he got the worst report card of ALL of his friends. He's feeling it allright.

potty mummy - or take him to a local burger joint so he can watch 40 year olds flipping burgers for minimum wage. This is SO not what I want for his life.

ciara said...

hey, been there and done that w my son...and it's not that he isn't intelligent enough, but when you have a combo of a boredom and teachers who don't care they end up dropping out in junior year like my son. he took his ged and missed passing by FIVE yes FIVE points...math has never been his strong suit....literature, music, history, yes, but math, no. hopefully you can get him to straighten up, r.c., and that the teachers care enough. just remind him...high school will be the easiest thing he'll ever have to do, because life just gets harder after that. good luck xoxo

Jo Beaufoix said...

Oh. Hope it's all artichokes and no dogs with windy behinds.
It might bot be as bad as you think??
Let us know won't you dearie.

Corey~living and loving said...

oh dear lord...I would be a mess waiting for THAT.