Friday, June 27, 2008

the winner is...My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Thanks to everyone for all the book and movie suggestions. Now I've got lots of ideas for next week's trip to the library. I'm still on the fence about which Chick Flick to go with, but I'll let you all know what the eventual winner was. (As I write this, people will be at my door in two hours, so I'd better get on it).

So, I'm going to finish off my Week of Asking Nosy Questions with another one. Ready?

What color is your favorite room in your house? Wait. I've got one more. What color is your bedroom? Do you like it? Is there some color that you think would look great, but just haven't gotten around to implementing? Fess up. I'm really curious.

There are several reasons I'm wondering. First is that I love colorful walls. (It goes along with that decorating decree - if you have nice things, go with white walls. If you don't, go with color). A lot of it comes from all those renting years when I had to have flat, renter's white walls. Ugh. Second, I really am nosy and I love houses. I like to walk around my neighborhood at night and look in windows to see what color people have their walls painted. It's a sickness without a twelve step program and I'm deeply ashamed of myself. Truly. Can you hear it in my voice?

But the main reason I ask has nothing to do with either my love of color or my peeping tom instincts. The main reason I ask has to do with something that has been basically consuming me for the last week and that has started down the road to being worked out. It's the thing that is making me think of something as optimistic as paint colors. Stay tuned for the full story next week, but for now the bottom line is this...

We're keeping the house.


ciara said...

i love that movie! i'm also a big fan of walls w color. so far only two rooms are done in the house. Mini-me's is cookie crumb and Miss La-Di-Da-Di's is like bubble gum pink. i really want to do the dining area a nice elegant looking shade of pale blue since i have gold curtains covering the doors that lead to the patio. i love the warm tones for kitchen and family. i want to do a neutral color in the master since our furniture is black and the bedding is cream. most of our stuff is shitty, probably the reason i want COLOR! LOL i've always hated white walls...funny, both men i married like boring white ones w very little decor.

Anonymous said...

my favourite room has bare redbrick in one room, dark wooden beams and white walls. i've thought about sky blue stencilling but not there yet...

la bellina mammina said...

I'm in the middle of redecorating - but this give me an idea to paint my bedroom a different color.

softinthehead said...

Being a serial mover, I tend to keep my walls neutral for easy re-sale but I do love colour and my bathroom is quite a deep brown and it looks great. My punch colour through the living/dining/kitchen area is claret and I am sorely tempted to paint one wall that colour - but haven't been brave enough yet. Very exciting news on keeping the house - want to hear more ASAP :)

Kaycie said...

Good for you! I'm so glad to hear you're keeping the house. I think staying in the same house after the divorce did wonders for my kids.

My bedroom is blue and cream floral toile. I have dark cherry wood furniture. The wall is the palest of blues. I love the contrast of the dark furniture on the light wall. It is probably my favorite room in the house.

Of course, I haven't purchased my new living room furniture for the new house (even though we've been here a year), so that is subject to change.

laurie said...

we have no white walls in our house.

living room and dining room: gold. i love it.

kitchen: chinese red. i love it.

hallway: khaki. i love it.

bedroom: dark green. it's ok.

spare room no. 1: pale blue. it's ok.

spare room no. 2: yellow. i love it.

bathroom: a weird bright green. i love it.

i'm not a whit surprised that you're keeping the house. you should listen to me oftener, and sooner.


Maggie May said...

My front room/lounge is a dusky pink (walls) beige carpet. I have a reproduction Victorian fireplace (gas) and original rose scroll mouldings round the ceiling. The house is 120 years old!
Our bedroom is water silk! That is a pale turquoise colour that I love.
I don't do neutral!

Rudee said...

Why does this post make me want to stock up on Windex?

My favorite room is my family room with marble hearth, hardwood floors and walls painted in Kalahari Sunset. It took four or five coats but it is beautiful.

My bedroom is in a light green (gray-green) with white trim. I don't have a lot of stuff on the walls but then I have really pretty furniture in there.

Good for you on the house. Change can be good and it can be bad-I have a feeling this would have been not so great for all of you. Congrats.

Katy said...

I'm renting again for the first time in years and the white walls are killing me.

When I did have my own space, my bedroom was gray with white swirls and I had a friend paint a dragon on the ceiling.

My daughter's room was purple with a black and white checkered pattern on the ceiling before she turned 4 and demanded pink.

And our kitchen was red. Deep brick red. I love red kitchens.

The rest of the house was pretty nutural. I always wanted to do the formal dinning room a tiffiany blue, but never got around to it.

the mother of this lot said...

Shall I stop praying that you get to keep the house or do you want me to carry on for a bit longer?

LCM said...

We have different colors of brown in the main rooms, including our master, but down the girls' hall, we have purple, lavender blue, grey moth (which is a grey lavender that we liked so much we put in our master bath) and then a sage green sort of color in the youngest's room. Hubby likes that hallway the best because all of the color is actually soothing. I don't know if they have Pittsburgh Paints near where you live, but they have little pots you can buy for $3 and you can paint little squares to your heart's content.

my two cents said...

I love white walls! Creamy white walls. Of course the fact that we have beautiful woodwork helps. Does that also mean I have nice things? What ever you do, don't paint your bedroom orange. I'll explain when you get here.

speccy said...

Some neutral walls, but with blocks of colour on one wall- red in our room, pink and purple for small girls, and a huge, wall filling, world map in the spare bedroom. Living room and hall shades of yellow. No nice furniture, unfortunately.
Wonderful news about the house!

Swearing Mother said...

Good news re the house RC.

Akelamalu said...

That's a great film!

Fantastic news about the house!

belle said...

favourite room colour was the downstairs shower room which was sunshiny yellow. It recently got painted green and I don't like it nearly so much. Bedroom is blue and lavender, soothing.

Fab news re the house! Looking forward to more news on that score.

Competition and party over at mine btw :)

Frances said...

Moving house is stressful. Good you're not taking on more stress. The house is home for your boys. Less disruption must be best.
So how? HOW? tell us all.

Nearlydawn said...

Damn, I'm going to have to wait a WHOLE WEEK for the secret news!!!! I won't have internet access, and so I'll be technically stranded from your wittiness!!

You'll have to wait to tell it until I get back! LOL

Nearlydawn said...

I'm with Laurie - no white walls in my home.

Kitchen - apple green

Den - Sage green - this room is my favorite, as it reminds me of cool, crisp fall days.

Dining Room - Gold

Library - a dark brooding blue.

Master Bedroom - dark beige

Master Bath - dark beige with an overlay of brown brushstrokes

Bedroom 2 - grey

Baby's room - light sage green (you've seen pics on my blog)

Bedroom 3 - brown and blue with a mural of the Wild West. This will probably become baby's "big boy" room. :)

We have a number of very nice furniture pieces that have been passed down through our families. I try to decorate around these pieces. I LOVE to decorate, and I'm pretty good at it.Friends call me when they need help.

Kaytabug said...

All of our walls are off-white, eggshell,cream...take your pick. With about one year until we may or may not move, which means we may or may not sell I don;t want to paint the walls. Plus the little 2 hellions have done a great job leaving masterpieces on the walls for me.

Good luck deciding color. I think it is personal taste, and what colors calm and sooth your senses, and what makes you happy!

Paddy Ebeneezer said...

my bedroom is pale blue with yellow bed linen to give a splash of colour. I love my spare room which is a bright tangerine orange, i think the colour on the tin called it northern lights. The room has contrasting blue carpet and blue and orange bedding, a really warm feel to it.

aims said...

My walls are wine. Ragged wine over a soft pink for 3 walls - solid wine for the forth. With wine curtains and bright white lace shears....I love it.

CrazyCath said...

I'm glad you got to keep your house. My living room is lavendar and I love it. It is cool and warm at the same time. Relaxing.
My bedroom is pale green. I love that too. Great for sleepiness. ;0)