Sunday, November 25, 2007

Seriously Late Awards (and a rap)

I hate to admit how far behind I am on acknowledging some very cool awards that have been sent my way. Can we chalk it up to vacations and holidays or do I have to fess up that I've lived up (or down) to my moniker? The Rotten Acknowledger strikes again.
Also, I apologize in advance, because I have layout issues here that I can't seem to fix. Grr...

Dumdad at The Other Side of Paris designed this The Other Side of Paris salutes you! award on the event of his 99th post, and says:

To celebrate this momentous occasion I am handing out a special award to some fellow bloggers who have made this blogging lark so much fun.

Well, I know just how he feels, because his blog brightens up my life on a regular basis. I'll even overlook the Marmite for him. (You know I have to really like him to say that).

Thanks, Dumdad!

And from Jo Beaufoix comes the first ever I made someone Laugh so much their head fell off Award. Yowzah! For me?
Seriously, thanks, Jo!

This was Jo's reasoning:

Miss RC at Confessions of a Rotten Correspondent for her wit and her ability to find humour in the worst possible situations.

Well, as I always say - if you can't laugh...

Presumably, she's found her head because look what else she's gone and done...

She's passed on this Fab Award as well. Jo continues to humor me in spite of all the opposing evidence. One of these days she'll catch on, but until then I'll just continue to accept these "fab" awards from her - very gratefully.

Thanks, Jo!

But wait! There's more! (Maybe her head really did fall off. Uh.Oh). Also from Jo comes this Community Blogger Award. This award originated with CelloBella at Sultana.Blog and is to acknowledge those bloggers who become part of the blogging community with a vengeance.

Isn't that all of us? As one of many who has spent the better part of the last couple of days mentally traipsing the Australian countryside calling for a lost puppy, I very much feel the community aspect of BlogVille. And when your mother (in California) calls you (in the Midwest) and says "Did you see that Belle (in Australia) is back?" you realize just how strong that community is.

Just the way I like it.

I can't get the photo to show up, but The Spirit of Christmas Award is from Akelamalu at Everything and Nothing. The creators of this award at Santa's Community Blog say this about it:

What is the Spirit of Christmas you ask?

Quite simply it is those that have a generous and giving nature. Those who care about others. Those who have a kind word to say or a broad shoulder to lean on in the times that others need that. Those who display the "Spirit of Christmas".

Again, isn't that all of us? How many of you responded to my "Meltdown" post with broad shoulders and kind words? Hmm?? A lot of you, that's how many.

Thanks, Akelamalu!

This Break Out Blogger Award comes from wakeupandsmellthecoffee
and she passed it on so long ago she's probably forgotten all about it. I'M SORRY!! I am not worthy.

You all thought Rotten Correspondent was just something I made up, didn't you?

Thanks, wakeup! I really do appreciate it!

And in the spirit of the season, if you want one of these awards feel free to take it. (Except for the first two because they really aren't mine to pass on). My thought is that if you've read this far and want it - it's yours! We all deserve them.

As a thank you for sitting through my Awards Show (and navigating the white space), here's a video I stumbled across recently. This was put together by a real ER crew in Alabama as part of a competition, and it is really funny (although maybe a little hard to hear). Enjoy!


PixelPi said...

Congrats on the wonderful awards....especially the one that made Jo's (Babs?) head fall off.

The video was hysterical. There just aren't words.

I'm assuming your time in the ER after the game didn't result in any seriously amusing stuff that you can share. That's too bad....but look at all the cool awards you got for being you!

ciara said...

crikey! you have a shitload there. congrats on all your awards, you deserve them all...i may 'borrow' one or two. i'm really gravitating towards that pink fab one lol

ciara said...

p.s. i'm still waiting on the pif...hahahahahahahahaha lmao

Willowtree said...

What? the dog came back, why wasn't I told!?

Hey, a couple of weeks ago I would have taken the "Breakout Blogger Award", but the cream seems to be working pretty well, so I'm ok now.

laurie said...

man. you're going to have to build an addition on your blog to accommodate all those.

well done!

Akelamalu said...

You so deserve all those awards Correspondent. My christmas one has disappeared too, it must be something to do with the site it originated I think.

I can't get the video to play?

Crystal Jigsaw said...

All are very well deserved. Your blogs are entertaining, funny, emotional and a pleasure to read. So well done, keep them safe and polish them from time to time.

Best wishes, Crystal xx

Jo Beaufoix said...

RC. You are welcome, and well done on the others. You really do deserve them. And people are welcome to grab bab's if they want. She might like it.

Potty Mummy said...

Fantastic RC, both for the awards and the video. But one question: your ER departments have ROOMS? What happened to wards with curtains that twitch apart just as you bend over to pick something up from the totally disgusting floor, revealing your backside in those oh-so-attractive split back gown?

(Just don't get sick in London, is all I can say).