Friday, November 2, 2007

It's a Small World after all...

Before you click on this video I have to warn you that if you do you'll hate me for the rest of the day. Trust me. You'll be singing this song until you're ready to track me down and make me listen to an endless loop of KC and the Sunshine Band in retribution. Consider yourselves warned.

Now, that said - it's absolutely perfect for this post. After you read this story I'll bet you agree. (You may or may not stop singing the song long enough to say so, though).

My mother went to lunch Tuesday with a friend she hadn't seen in years. They had worked together for quite a while and kept in touch sporadically. This friend lives way the heck out in the Inland Empire in Southern California, so she and my mom agreed to meet at a restaurant halfway between where they each lived. It was a date.

They met as planned and had a lovely catch-up session. Photos of kids and grandkids were dragged out, husbands and teenagers were trashed, updates on lives were given - the usual things when two women get together. At some point in their meal a group of women came into the restaurant and sat at the table next to them.

My mom says they caught her attention when they started talking about blogs. She heard one of them saying something about a blog with "confessions" in the title, and automatically assumed it was Confessions of a Pioneer Woman, with its 2.4 billion readers. I would have made the same assumption. But then a minute later she heard one of the women say "RC" and that's when her ears really pricked up. (I guess we all know where I get my sticky beak tendencies). She kept listening in casually on their conversation and when she and her friend left the restaurant, she approached the woman she had heard say RC and asked which blog she was talking about.

And the woman said this one. This one. And my mom said, oh do you read it regularly? And the woman said she did and liked it but she wished there were more work stories. Said she was a consistent reader but hadn't commented yet. They chatted briefly and my mom left. She never said a word about how she knew about the blog. She never found out anything else about this woman. And then she told me this story and I about fell off of my chair. Hard. What are the odds on this happening? (I'm pretty sure my mother ditched the psychedelics after the '60's, but I'll look into it when I'm there).

So...if you were having lunch with the gals on Tuesday at Grapevine Restaurant in LaVerne, California and some strange woman asked you questions about your reading habits - thank you. You've made my day. This is truly a first and proves yet again what a small world it really is.

And (as Hugh Grant says in Notting Hill) it was surreal. Surreal but nice.

Very, very nice.

I may even cough up some work stories as a thank you.


ciara said...

well, it wasn't me, unfortunately lol wow, that's strange and neat all at the same time. ok, lurker...fess up lol hope we get to see/find out who it is soon.

Willowtree said...

Ah, that was me. I couldn't really talk to your mom because I was kinda anxious to get away, being in drag and all.

Thalia's Child said...

Wasn't me. But I also wish you shared more work stories. I'd like to to desensitize people so that I can start relating the really gross stuff from my first year as a surgical nurse ;) (and then blame it on you. "Oh, but Rotten Correspondent started it!"

Kimberly said...

Oooo...I adore work stories!

ped crossing said...

I love small world moments. When we moved to our current house, we were connected to the couple next door in three ways. How weird is that. We had never met them before we moved in.

In case you are curious (I would be) the three ways were: Ducky worked with her sister. I worked with the spouse of one of his coworkers. Ducky's cousin went to college and played ball with him.

And just so you know, the mere mention of that song puts it in my head. So thanks a lot. Let's hope I forget before morning. You can make it up to me with a funny work story!

-Ann said...

I'm never surprised by those sorts of moments in Ireland, but in Southern California? That's amazing.

Speaking of It's a Small World, the Disney Ride, I just heard on the radio this week that the ride is going to be closed for a year to redesign it. Seems that back when it was build, it figured on the average woman being something like 135 pounds and the average man being 175 pound. It was a small world, but now it's a fat world and the boats keep bottoming out and causing delays on the ride.

auntie barbie said...

The internet has made it such a small world. A little scary sometimes but mostly amazing.

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

What's that they say about the six steps of seperation? Seems to be true in a lot of cases. No wonder you were really chuffed - word of mouth - the best, most effctive and cheapest form of advertising ever! I played your video and I can saythat it wont be playing in my head all day. My husband beat you too it as I keep singing Magic Moments by Perry Como as he was humming it on the way out the door to work this morning. Just wait till he gets home!

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Forgive my typo errors on th eprevious post - I am breaking these typing fingers in for someone else.

Flowerpot said...

How amazing - and very well deserved!

laurie said...

jaysus, you're famous, just like seamus! (henry, that is. i'm trying for a bit of poetry here.)

i refuse to click on that video. that song has been earworming in my head since i was 12 years old and first heard it at disneyland with my cousin patti.

Kaycie said...

woo hoo! You're lunchtime small talk! Is it all you dreamed it would be?

That is really amazing. And it'll never happen to me, because my mother will never know I have a blog!

Jen said...

Uh-uh, you won't catch me with that song. Just thinking about it brings that ear worm back. *shudder*

See how famous you are? I wonder if it was a "poster" or a "lurker". If you're a lurker, out yourself! We'd love to meet you!

Potty Mummy said...

Small world RC? Are you sure? It could just be that you're so damn famous by now. (Go on, preen a little - you deserve it).

kathy said...

I love it. You are sooo famous! All my friends love your blog too.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

You people are all smoking crack.Famous...hah! I'm sure my mother's first thought was that this was some chick I owed money to. (And let's not tell her that it may still be the truth).

ciara - I know. I hope they come forward too. I'm really curious.

willowtree - I'm not sure I'd be bringing up drag, if I were you. I've seen your Barbie blog lately.

thalia's child - You want to know the honest truth? (and I know this is an entire post condensed into one paragraph). I'm a little worried about HIPAA. I know that I change pts. appearance enough that they couldn't be recognized, and I change dates and sexes too. But it still worries me. I work at a fairly small hospital. What kind of privacy things do you have in Canada?

kimberly - well, god knows I've got a million of them. I better start delivering!

ped crossing - isn't it odd when that happens? Always kind of stops you in your tracks. Oh, and I'm very sorry about the song. If it makes you feel any better I'm right there with you.

ann - Southern California is a little big for something like that to happen, I agree. Once though I was in the lobby of a hotel in Moscow and saw someone across the room wearing a letterman's jacket from our local high school - town population 24,000. That was weird. And I think the ride redo thing is very sad, but I'm not particularly surprised.

auntie barbie - supposedly the internet makes the world big and distant. I think it does just the opposite. And yeah, it is a little scary when you think about it.

MOB - I'd be beating my husband about now if it were me. Yikes. At least you were spared Small World. Six degrees of separation may need to be renamed in this internet age. And yeah, I was more chuffed (love that word) than I like to admit!

flowerpot - I don't know about deserved, but it sure is amazing. Watch it turn out to be my old high school algebra teacher who is still having flashback nightmares about me.

laurie - famous seamus! heh. and where's your sense of adventure not wanting to click on Small World? It can't be worse than Rock Star. (??)

kaycie - well of course it limits me, because I can't tell a lot of my really outrageous mom stories. Email me, we'll talk.

Oh....hi mom!!

jen - I know. It is the ultimate earworm song. And once it gets in there you're done for.

This gal told my mom she had never commented but read it every day, so I hope she throws us all a bone today. It would be quite the welcome for her, don't you think?

potty mummy - the only people I'm famous to are guidance counselors and bill collectors. But isn't it a nice thought??

kathy - so you're pimping my blog in San Antonio, eh? Good girl! And thanks!

PixelPi said...

Firstly, I was not tricked into clicking on that icon. I knew what it was when I saw it. Secondly, I'm sure you have tons of lurkers, given the number of folks you actually comment. I think fame is on your doorstep. It might be time to put up some ads and start making money. Also, re HIPAA, yes. Caution is very warranted. The famous Dooce got her start with work stories.

Dumdad said...

I hope fame and the ensuing fortune doesn't change you....

Swearing Mother said...

Fantastic! I love all your stories, but work ones are up there in my favourites list.

What a coincidence! Fame at last.


Akelamalu said...

Why am I not surprised? Because you are blogging marvelous that's why! x

Henry North London said...

Thankfully this hasnt happened to me yet

If it ever does then I'll go bright red with embarrassment.

PS Firefox 2 wont load the video

So Im not humming the tune

The Ex said...

WOW! I'm super jealous. I'd love to meet some blogger's mom. How fascinatingly surreal.

Mya said...

It wasn't me - bit of a trek just for lunch. I'm not surprised though - you are pretty blogging wonderful. I really like the home stories - you write about family dynamics very wittily and in a way most people can relate. Petite Anglaise in Paris won a court case after blogging about her job - but it's a bit of a gamble. I know you're a sensible girlie!
Mya x

And what's all this I read about Hollywood writers going on strike? Get in there! The FG must have contacts! xxx

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Clarification: I spoke to my mother and she said this woman did NOT say she reads this every day. She said she reads it all the time. It's a fine difference, but it is a difference.Come out, restaurant woman!!

pixelpi - the only thing on my doorstep is rotting pumpkins. You're totally affected by HIPAA too, I would imagine.

dumdad - you are a funny, funny man.

swearing mother - I know I have been neglecting the work stuff lately, but it's been kind of calm.(Now having said that, with two days in a row coming up, I'll have material for days. I've tempted fate.)

akela - stop. I'm blushing.

henry north london - welcome! You should be glad it won't load. You have to believe me on this. I think I was a little mean to even put it on.

the ex - isn't it just bizarrely surreal?

mya - oh, come on and have lunch in California. I promise no strange men with rifles will chase you off of their property. (Maybe I shouldn't make promises I can't guarantee, now that I think about it).

In the 1988 writers strike, I was on one of the first shows to go down from it. We shot on a Tuesday from an already completed script. They weren't allowed to do any rewrites AT ALL. As soon as they were done shooting, the stage manager yelled "It's a wrap. AND...we're on strike."

And then we all drank a lot of beer.

Anonymous said...

I think that is pretty cool, you are getting famous. I hope the restaurant woman comments and we all get to meet her!! It is a small world. I know this for a fact because I have been singing it now for the past hour!! Thank you very much.
Side note, on a family reunion trip to Disney, my brother got off the Small World ride and was crying. He claimed he was just so happy with all of siblings and out kids being together and the music reminding him of our childhood, I think he had a wee bit too much beer. Anyway, it was funny. I never thought anyone would get so emotional on that ride, not that type of emotion anyway!!
Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

Bet you feel really proud. And so you should!

Crystal xx

Diana said...

Aargh! She's not commented yet? Part of the fun of the blogs is getting to become friendly with each other.

My kids' school uses that horrid song as their school song with the words changed a bit. They've titled it "It's a great school, afterall!" and they sing it at the end of every concert, assembly and practically trip to the bathroom. I suspect some sort of brainwashing is involved but as the kids are unusually good, I don't mind.

I do bring earplugs to all events, thought. I'm not stupid.

my two cents said...

Just in case you are wondering, I asked my neighbor if she had lunch in LaVerne this week. Nope! Wasn't her. I know she reads everyday, but has yet to comment.

Jo Beaufoix said...

RC that is so cool. I would have had to brag about you, so how cool is your mum for not doing? I bet she just knew they'd heckle her for autographs.
I agree with everyone else sweetie, you are blogtabulous.

Come out, come out tea ladies. we want to meet you.

Iota said...

That's amazing. Unless it was just your mom, trying to make you feel like all these hours at the keyboard are worth something...

I once heard the two people at the next table in a restaurant talking about me! One of them was someone I dealt with a lot at work, but only ever on the phone. It was like being in a movie, although if that happened in a movie you'd say "huh, too much of a coincidence, that would never happen". They say you should give your kids unusual names, so that they are more likely to be able to pick it out if it is mentioned in a crowded room, and this was one such occasion. It wasn't such a great coincidence as yours, as the offices were in next door buildings, and the restaurant was a few hundred yards away.