Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Plus: Surfer Dude has decided which instrument to play in Sixth Grade Band/Orchestra and he's done it in enough time to take advantage of the District's instrument rental policy, so we don't have to buy it on a moment's notice. Bonus Plus: His dad very nicely took him to take care of all of this when SD called and said "oh by the way, the rentals start in five minutes" and I was at work.

Minus: He switched his instrument from a clarinet to a baritone at the last minute, which means that if he likes it we have to buy a baritone next year at a much higher cost than a clarinet. Not to mention the fact that I get to listen to a baritone all year.

Plus: I had a casserole in the fridge that I pulled out of the freezer for dinner tonight, so when I rolled in the door dinner could be on the table in minutes.

Minus: Surfer Dude forgot to put it in to cook. Or, to describe it accurately, when I walked in he was curled up on the sofa watching tv and said "do you forgive me?" and I said "for what?" and then he fessed up. We ate dinner at 9:15.

Plus: We ate dinner at 9:15.

Minus: I'll be having bean and chipotle dreams tonight.

Plus: The boys promised me this morning that they'd unload and reload the dishwasher.

Minus: That promise went the way of the casserole.

Plus: I've finally made the move to the early shift at work that I wanted.

Minus: Today I have two parent conferences at two different schools and a soccer practice...all at the exact same time I'm getting off work.

Plus: I think the mice are finally out of the laundry room.

Minus: I think they're in the kitchen.

Plus: We have very understanding Unit Secretaries at work.

Minus: It's a good thing. I got sixteen phone calls today.

Plus: My sweet dog is curled up at my feet snoring away.

Minus: He has a big lump on his foot that we just noticed and I'm scared to death it's something serious.

Plus: I'm going to sleep in my fabulous new room.

Minus: I have to do it all again tomorrow.


Rudee said...

Plus-you'll wake up in the morning and get to do it again. It's all in how you look at it. ;-0

-Ann said...

Oooh. I love a good game of Plus/Minus. I think the baritone is a plus. No way I want to listen to a kid play a reed instrument. (Not to mention the issues of soaking and sucking on reeds. Yucko!)

Kaycie said...

I'm with Ann. Reed instruments are kinda yucky and quite irritating to the ears during the learning phase. Baritones are kinda pretty.

Marti said...

Plus/minus...yin/yang...it's all good. sounds like karma is evening out for you!


Simply Jenn said...

Well, my 6th grader picked trumpet. It's a higher pitched farting elephant noise than what you'll hear. Of course I have a $2000 wood clarinet, so why would she choose the instrument I had at home and could teach her myself? Because 11 year olds stink.

I'm sorry I haven't commented lately (and you've probably forgotten me), but I do read every day.

Akelamalu said...

At least the list wasn't all minuses! :)


Talk him into a Harmonica. They are cheap and easy to carry.

Devon said...

You need a house husband, domestic stud or someone hiding out from imigration!

Iota said...

Hey, RC, do you get BBC America? (it's channel 204 for us, don't know if the same for you.) If you do, you should try watching "Top Gear", which you'll either love or hate, but a recent show had HG as a guest (what do you mean, who is HG?), and I think you'd enjoy it. It's the one where they visit Scotland, if that helps you identify it.

Anonymous said...

This just reminds me how things can always be reframed, put into a positive light. It is all how you look at it. I tend to get stuck in the minus category, so thanks for the reminder. GREAT, FUNNY writing. Get that book going.


ped crossing said...

At least you came out even. I hope you are at least well rested as you start the next round.