Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bunco recap

Bunco at my house tonight went well. As further proof that I've really lightened up with my half-assed Martha Stewart complex, pretty much all of the food was thanks to Target and a pair of scissors. Open some gourmet chip bags, pour some Hershey's kisses into a bowl, pop the lid on some pre-made hummus...there you go. I did make one thing - a hot dip that tastes exactly like a jalapeno popper, and that everyone normally seems to like. Probably would have been better if I hadn't absent mindedly put in three times the amount of jalapeno the recipe called for. It was a good thing I bought a lot of beer.

And now I'm off to a five day certification class that I'm more than a little apprehensive about. Stand by to hear all about it once I see what it's actually like.

Still waiting for a final opinion from the oncologist, but my guy certainly worked the estrogen crowd tonight. You could barely find a vacant spot on him to pat, and I don't even want to know how many little hand-fed tidbits found his way down his gullet. I got through the evening without crying once, which, considering my last 24 hours, has to be worth something. I think I've shed more tears in the last day than I have in the last year.

Surely I must have gotten some jalapeno juice in my eyes.


Maggie May said...

Loved the photo. Hot & spicy.
Hope the news, when it comes, is more hopeful.
Hope the 5 day course goes well. You are one busy lady!

Lil Mouse said...

glad you did minimal stuff. sometimes you just have to give yourself a break. keep holding tight.

Devon said...

Glad to hear you got those tears out... maybe they covered a lot more than doggie cancer and will help in the long run.

I don't do bunco, but I do have a monthly knitting group, we meet this Saturday and I was thinking that your hot dip may be a good contribution, that is unless it is a secret family recipe!

Good luck in the class.

aims said...

I think that as the days go by you are going to feel that huge knot in your stomach start to dissolve.

I'm hoping anyway....

CrazyCath said...

Must be the juice. Glad you got some company and a chance to relax a bit.

Frances said...

Sounds like a good evening, hope the news is good.

Anonymous said...

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