Tuesday, September 16, 2008

by the numbers

100: Approximate number of gruesome crime scene photos I've had to look at in the past week.

2: Number of those photos that are still creeping me out.

872: Times I've rechecked to make sure my doors are locked, or looked over my shoulder out in public or woken up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat.

100: Percent of men I'm convinced are serial rapists underneath a pleasant and civilized veneer.

2: Feet I jumped out of my chair at work today when one of the docs thought it would be cute to sneak up behind me and stick his finger in my ear.

3: Number of times I asked him what the hell he was thinking.

0: Number of times he had a reason that made any sense.

98: Percent chance that the tumor on Izzy's leg will return if we don't do anything.

10-15: Percent chance it will return after radiation treatment.

4: Years it typically takes for any kind of regrowth with radiation.

18: Number of radiation treatments the doggy oncologist recommends.

231: Dollars per treatment.

2,000,000,000,000,000,000: Total cost of treatment.

3: Number of children who have volunteered to eat ramen noodles for a year.

7: That's how old he just turned. Happy birthday, Star Butt. You are one loved mutt.

500: Posts on this little ol' blog - as of today.



Altaglow said...

Isaiah, Happy Birthday!! I wish every doggie in the world had such a loving family as you have!! I'm surprised you have any hair left on you--thanks to kisses and all!

ps: I love your star butt!!!!

ciara said...

i can see the dog is much loved :)happy birthday to izzy!

i prob would have slapped the doctor for putting a finger in my ear...and isn't there a dr. saying 'never put anything in your ear bigger smaller than your elbow'?

i don't know if vet ever suggested radiation for steve's dog. honestly, i'm pretty sure he didn't. he would have been 15 this year on stepson's birthday.

Maggie May said...

Oh....blimey! I was never good with numbers!
Happy Birthday!

Irene said...

This is 'only' your 500th post, yet you write as if you've been around the block forever. I'm impressed! And such a following you have. Congratulations.

WT said...

1. Happy LitterDay Isaiah.
2. Congratulations on your 500th.
3. Thank you for accusing me of being a serial rapist.

CrazyCath said...

Wow indeed. What are you going to do? (Silly question - but the $$$$)


kitten said...

Liked your numbers and congrats on your # 500 post!

laurie said...

so five grand for the dog?

make your ex pay half.

Iota said...

500 posts! Wow. What else can I say?

aims said...

I just got my precious Dolly back from the vet and she has feline renal failure - high blood pressure and needs to take anti-nausea pills along with antibiotics for the worst bladder infection the vet has seen.

I can't stop crying.

Marti said...

What interesting numbers! Happy Birthday to Isaiah!! He is a lovely dog.

Pretty sweet of the boys to volunteer for ramen duty for a year.

Yikes on the number of pictures you viewed - had to laugh at the doctor.

Have a great 1 (one), friend!

Akelamalu said...

That's 1 dearly loved dog. :)

Mya said...

Congrats on the 500 up.I'm still not sure how you manage to be so prolific when you are clearly a very busy person!!!
Fingers/paws/fins etc. crossed for Izzy.

Mya x

Devon said...

Congratulations! That is a lot of posting. I'm so glad you do what you do!

Hopefully those gruesome photos will fade from memory a bit with time. Years ago I went to a seminar by an LA County coroner specializing in Sudden Infant Death Syndrom. A year later I had my first child. Those pictures and case studies stayed with me until my kids were out of diapers!!!

Lulu LaBonne said...

That's a tough week - is it always like that?