Friday, September 5, 2008

this is your dog...this is your dog on drugs...any questions?

If anyone feels like throwing some advice my way, I'd appreciate it. Today is the day Isaiah has his doggy surgery, and I've all of a sudden realized I've never done this where I was the adult in charge. When I was growing up we had dogs that had procedures done, but my only responsibility was to love on them when they came home. I certainly didn't have to worry about things like chewing out stitches or keeping the funky lampshade collar on them or even pain control. No, I got the fun jobs. Scratch their bellies and keep those bonies coming.

Any words of wisdom, oh great canine gurus?


Maggie May said...

He looks a very trusting little guy. I am sure you will do him proud!
Good Luck with it.

-Ann said...

I don't know what sort of state he's going to be when he gets home, but I'd say use your best judgment. You may want to keep him separated from your other two, especially if they're rambunctious sorts.

The other thing, with pain relief, is to just make sure you stay on top of it, at least for the first day or two. If the pain reliever is every 4 or every 6 hours, you might have to get up in the night to give him the medicine. (We had a cat who had a serious urinary tract surgery and the first night, I didn't get up to medicate him. I found this curled up little ball of painful cat and felt SO guilty.)

You've taken care of 3 babies AND worked in an ICU - I'm sure you're more than able for this.

CrazyCath said...

Only to pass the responsibility to children. That is what we have children for is it not?

Sorry - I do not know much about dogs, let alone sick ones! But I would wager that that the belly tickles, bonies and tlc go a long way to helping him recover. I think in the past you DID have the responsibility! ;0)

laurie said...

since i don't know the extent of his surgery/recovery, i'm not entirely surely what you're asking.

does he need to be secluded and kept quiet? if so, crate off a corner of the house, put a dog bed in there, and some soft toys.

get a kong ball. fill it with kibble and peanut butter. freeze it.

it'll take him hours to lick all the peanut butter out of it--quiet hours.

ditto what ann said about the pain medication, but i assume since yer a nurse you know that.

softinthehead said...

Just trust your instincts RC- he might surprise you and be quiet normal, that's what mine did apart from his mortification at the collar :)

Lil Mouse said...

put the pill in a lump of cheese. velveeta like cheese, you know what i mean? should scarf it up. otherwise, just make comfy area to rest and try and keep the annoyance for him to a minimum

Anonymous said...

Ok, here are my dog stories. When George had to go to get neutered, he had to wear the biggest lampshade ever made - it's still in my basement, and he was prevented from bothering his wound, not that he didn't try mighty hard. After all, what does a dog have to do all day but sit around and attempt to lick himself? His latest surgery involved a lump behind a shoulder and that went well also. I confess that we all, including the cats laughed and laughed at his appearance, although we tried not to do it in front of him.

I don't know that they are so attuned to the pain, but lots of pain meds cannot hurt, especailly if hidden in forbidden treats - hot dog, hamburger, cheese, etc. Perhaps a pup cup from Dairy Queen would help. I love the kong suggestion, but I know that George would not be interested in it. You know your dog the best. It will all be okay.

I'm in Emporia until sunday afternoon and working 4 days next week - Wednesday off. I will call you and you will answer.

Anonymous said...

Our dog had surgery a year ago- never chewed at the incision until the day before the stitches were to come out- no cone head required- we did find the Dr's suggestion on limiting space was not workable- it aggravated her far more to be isolated away from us- than it did to let her lie quietly on her bed in the same room with us as she was used to doing. You and the dog will both be ok. klcrab

Altaglow said...

You're selling yourself very short on the sick dog experience scene. You were integral in the treatment of many sick animals as you were growing up.

Knowing all of the dogs in question I think the idea of separating Isaiah from the others for a day or two might be a good idea. Bring him home and let me greet and be greeted by his buds so that he and they know that everything is ok. He'll have the lampshade on but I worry that the other two, being community-spirit-minded, might decide to help him out with the stitches. I think you should also feed him separately for a few days so he doesn't feel any competition. Give him whatever pain meds they give you at the time intervals they suggest. Ask the vet when you pick him up what the shortest interval between meds can be--rec. one every 4 hours but one in 3 hours is ok if animal in obvious pain.

You're both going to do fine here. Izzy is a very lucky dog that he has such a good mama. And, as I've said before, I wouldn't mind taking that sweetheart guy off your hands!

Devon said...

Scratch his belly and feed him bonies... oh and make sure he keeps the lampshade on!!!

Devon said...

Oh, I just remembered something. My dog had a foxtail up his nose last year, it was so bad they had to intubate him for petes sake! While he was under, I asked if they could spend a few minutes scraping the plaque off his teeth as it was beginning to build up and there was no way I was going to have him put under just to clean his teeth.

See if you can take advantage of his lack of consciousness to tend those teeth!