Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Inch by Inch

The wasps: Gone.

My leg: Back to its normal color.

The mice: Depleted, but still kicking. Luckily, I'm kicking harder.

Me: Pathetically grateful for all the encouraging comments yesterday. Thank you more than you know.

The house: Cold. I refuse to turn on the heat until it's weatherproofed.

The weatherproofing: Coming along. The storm door will be hung soon, I bought thermal drapes for my kitchen sliding glass door and have acquired a blow dryer to put up the saran wrap.

The boys: Snugly wrapped in brand new fuzzy, fleecy blankets that had them all purring with happiness. Even the teenager.

The Target card: Smoking.

The apples: Two big batches of them dried and a crockpot full of apple butter ready to go in the freezer in small containers. A world class apple crisp down our gullets. And a whole lot of caramel apples for snacks. Now we're down to thirty pounds still sitting on the kitchen table.

The past couple of days: Lovely. Absolutely lovely. Well, except for the wasps.

The next couple of days: A mixed bag. My mom will leave for the lake on Thursday. We're planning a comfort food dinner tomorrow night in front of the fireplace while we watch the last debate and throw gnochi at the television. And then on Friday, I embark on one of the stupidest, most asinine things I've done lately. And that's saying a lot. Five twelve hour days - in a row - that I actually requested. I think the mice have truly sent me over the edge. I've never worked more than three twelves in a row. This could be fascinating.

My blog posts this weekend: Incoherent. Nonsensical. And possibly quite amusing. In a really not good way.

The good people of my community: Really want to avoid the ED this weekend. Trust me on this. Go somewhere safe. Like skydiving.

My mother: Sound asleep right next to me.

Me: About to join her. It's barely nine o'clock and I can't keep my eyes open.

Good thing I have a fuzzy, fleecy blanket all my own.


Anonymous said...


Here's to better days and staying warm. I bet your kitchen smells like heaven with the apples in the crock pot.

Thank you, for this blog.

softinthehead said...

Glad to hear things sounding a little easier. Good luck with your shifts!

Amy said...

My, you sound much calmer. Must be the apple crisp and warm fuzzy blankets. But, um, what's ED? Cuz I somehow don't think it means the same thing to me as it does to you.

CrazyCath said...

Fuzzy fleecy blankets are so good. So much better than central heating.

Glad the leg is getting better, the wasps sorted and the mice near sorted.
Can't you cancel a shift? 5 x 12 hours in a row is a heck of a lot. You take care. (Plead in sanity to cancel one. It might work!)

Kaytabug said...

This was a warm and fuzzy post!!!
I'll be thinking about you this weekend and into next week. 12 hr shifts sound like torture. You'll make it! XO

Marti said...

Sounds like things are getting back to normal (whatever that is) in the RC household.

I am so glad to hear it. It is still warm here, so the idea of fleece blankets are not that appealing right now.


aims said...

Who knew that apples could be so calming? :0)

I'm so glad your mom is with you right now RC. Sometimes Mom is what makes things better.

And a fleecy blanket all your own.

Give her a hug from me.

Daryl said...

Aw RC ... I am sure by now you're rested and still inhaling the devine aroma of those apples...


Jo Beaufoix said...

Ouch. Bad wasps. Hope things get better soon Rc, and that you had a good sleep.

Iota said...

That's the next plague, then. Not locusts. Shifts.

Tiggerlane said...

I hope, like me, you drank every time they mentioned Joe the Plumber. I felt better instantly.