Monday, October 6, 2008

time flies

Where did the weekend go?

This is not a rhetorical question. Where the hell did the weekend go?

I had a three day weekend and still can't figure it out. It seems like just a minute ago that I was flying out of work with the prospect of 72 hours of blessed freedom. And now I'm in the middle of the laundry catch-up/forced kid showers/weekly meal planning/picking lint of off my scrubs/whaddya mean you forgot to mention you have book report due tomorrow? go-round.

We had a productive weekend.

We picked 68 pounds of apples. (And got them free, thanks to the sweetness of a co-worker).

Surfer Dude and I went and had a lovely, very spur of the moment dinner with some friends last night and had a wonderful time.

I bought a truck-load of firewood to be delivered to satisfy the fireplace junkies that live in my house.

I braved the wilds of Home Depot to get a storm door and saran wrap for the windows.

Gumby was in a play on Saturday and did a great job.

We had a meeting in our (not) lovely capital city to learn the details of a 19 day Europe trip that Sasquatch has been invited to do next summer.

Of course it wasn't all skittles and beer.

I got a flat tire picking apples, which, although fixed at the time, meant that I had to buy a new tire unless I want to have a blow out at highway speed, which I'd really rather not. I can never get that steer into a skid/steer away from a skid thing down. Especially at 70 mph.

I'm still hungover from the dinner out last night. If you're going to hang out with the brewmaster of a kick-ass microbrewery, you have to be prepared to pay the piper. I have been. Paying the piper, that is. All day.

The firewood guy was supposed to be here late this afternoon to deliver the wood. He's either been abducted by aliens or he's off schedule. Or maybe he knows the brewmaster, too.

The concept of a full-sized storm door and a sub-compact car escaped me until I was just about to pay for the door and realized that I had no way to get it home. The FX graciously went and got it the next day, but I was very cranky at having to ask. I started out cranky at the cost of the door. Jeez. It's not like it's platinum or anything.

There is no downside to Gumby and his play, except that he decided that he wanted to do the next session since he'd had so much fun this time around. Ka-ching! Again!

Through a Seinfeld-esque comedy of errors we ended up not making the trip meeting. Surfer Dude and I were suffering through a three hour tire change that is worthy of a post all its own, or will be when my head stops spinning. I have to stop now or I'm going to need meds. Trust me. It was memorable. Now... breathe...

On the plus side, I'm sitting right where I like to be on a Sunday night. The house is full of food, the meals are planned for the week, clothes are clean (even if the house isn't), kids are washed, homework is done, and even though I know I'm going to cuss when the alarm goes off in the dark tomorrow...I'm ready for it.

Gumby and Surfer Dude have just made s'mores in the fireplace, by tomorrow the air will be thick with the aroma of cinnamon apples drying, and I wasn't even there when the tour leaders told everyone that this trip was going to cost twice what we thought it was. You'd think I'd be satisfied.

You'd think so. But I just want the weekend back.


Irene said...

You're a tough broad and that's a compliment. You achieve much and do it all without blinking an eye. I admire you very much and want to be just like you when i grow up.

Kaycie said...

Any weekend that keeps you out of Topeka, Kansas has got to be a good weekend. I hate Topeka. With a passion. The only good thing that has ever happened there was the birth of my lovely daughter.

Douglas said...

I hate how weekends just evaporate.

CrazyCath said...

I betcha do! Wow. Exhausted just reading...
(Europe needn't be all that expensive. He can stay here.Might not get to see too many sights but at least I am in Europe! lol)

Jo Beaufoix said...

Last night as I sat watching telly I thought to myself, 'It must be the weekend.' Then I thought, bu**er.

aims said...

I have been thinking of you quite a bit lately. With the economy and 3 growing boys and dogs - I get all anxious for you and wonder how you are going to manage. I thought of you this weekend especially when the weather dropped and I smelled woodsmoke. I hoped that you had made Home Depot and got things for insulating. Do you already have the wallplugs insulated? You should do that. It's cheap and very effective.

Storm doors have gone through the roof. It's ridiculous. But then again - you should see the results in what - 10 years? Don't let the boys or dogs destroy it on you. And get it fitted properly.

Thinking of you RC.

Amy said...

Yeah, yeah--just explain the cinnamon apples drying. I'm hungry.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a typical weekend, all thoughts of R&R go out the window. At least it is never dull, and the dinner out sounded like a much needed activity, despite the hangover, it sounds worth it.
Think apples and the wonderful smells that will soon be in your house. Nothing makes me feel better than the fall smells, apples and cinnamon.

Love that the play went so well and that he wants to do more acting. Very cool.

Take care!

laurie said...

i love putting that saran wrap on the windows. i love the way it shrinks to invisible when you turn on the hair dryer.

and you turn INTO the skid. INTO.