Friday, December 19, 2008

some cheese with that?

Well, well. It looks like my super downer of a post Lost Time co-won a Post of the Week. Many thanks to Elizabeth for the nomination. Can I just tell you how much I appreciate that?? Mwah!

And that's my post for tonight. No awards for this one, trust me. I've had a very stressful day at work - the first of four in a row. There's an ice storm heading our way and my kids are bouncing off the walls over the hope of a snow day. I walked in the door to Surfer Dude having a meltdown over a book report due tomorrow that ultimately ended with me typing it all out for him because of a computer snafu. And at the risk of being a big old whiner, my foot is fricking killing me. It hurts worse now than it did when I originally hurt it. Our ER docs are telling me I need to go to an orthopedist. (Orthopod?) Whee. Considering that I'm working six out of the next eight days, that doesn't seem bloody likely, does it?

Is there an award for the whiniest blogger? If there is...sign me up.


Wisewebwoman said...

Congrats, RC, well done and well deserved and the post spoke to a lot of us who were left high and dry in a big old house with the kids and the dogs and an old bucket of a car.
I've been there too.
Hope you're feeling better.

Maggie May said...

Congrats and all that!
Well your foot is not standing a chance of getting better, is it? Cos you are probably meant to be sitting down a lot with it raised! But I think you know that! LOL!

Frances said...

Yep - Maggie is telling it like it is. If you won't rest the damn thing, don't come complaining to us... Just REST -
Hope for such a snowstorm while you are all at home tonight that you can't get to work... hah!
Don't you get any kind of sick leave in your job? Or do you have to wait till you have completely disaabled yourself by walking on a bad foot? LOL

Hope for such a snowstorm while you are all at home tonight that you can't get to work... hah!

Anonymous said...

Congratuations,RC! Your blog and that post is so deserving.
Get that foot checked out ASAP. It can go from bad to worse, very quickly, but I guess I don't need to tell you that.
We are off today, huge snow/ice storm hitting us today. Sometimes I would rather be at work than cooped up inside with my husband and girls!
Stay warm and find the peace any place you can.

my two cents said...

I hope your foot feels better soon, but agree that you need to rest it or see a doctor. Sorry.

Hope you got a lot of wonderful snow - you won't believe it, but it was 32 degrees out when we got up this morning!!!

distracted by shiny objects said...

You may want to try Sports Medicine or an Orthopod that deals with dancers---someone who has a clue that you work ON YOUR FEET FOR A LIVING. Some Docs just don't seem to understand that concept. Whine away, babe, and drink lots of water with your Advil.

Devon said...

When do you do your christmas shopping? On line two months ago?