Saturday, December 22, 2007

party, part deux

I'm sure you've all been anxiously awaiting the final sum up on the classroom parties. Right? Normally, I'd be moving off into other territory, but, as I'm still pissed, you get one more day of drama. Sorry. I promise I'll be over it after this.

Let me start first by saying that no one at my house seems to pick up the phone when I'm at work. I worked for a few hours last night, and today when I picked up the phone, it beeped at me that we had messages. One was from our PTA Co-President (who makes me look laid back) and it said that the other 6th grade mom was planning on combining parties and was that okay with me?

Hell, no, it wasn't okay with me. Not at this point anyway. I'd spent a fair amount of time coming up with an appropriate game and pulling out a whole spread of food on my own. If I'd known a few days ago that they wanted to combine I might have relaxed a little about the whole thing. But now? When I'd single-handedly rustled up a party? Hell, no.

So I called her back and she wasn't home. I left her a message. No response.

When I got to school for the party (to make a long story short) it had already been planned that the parties would be combined. Even the principal knew it. Gumby's teacher, who is the sweetest/ fresh out of college/ so fired up you can smell it teacher in the state, told me to do my party any way I had it planned, but when I asked him point blank told me the kids had been told to expect a combined party in the gym. Told by the other room mom, that is.

To add to my off the charts pissitude, as I walked to the gym I saw a whole line of moms who hadn't gotten back to me all walking in bearing food. So...I made a whole bunch of food that we didn't need, planned a game we were never able to play (lacking a chalkboard in the gym) and stood listening while the other room parent (from her vast experience) told me how these parties worked. (My one consolation was that, across the board, it was sugar central). She had her game planned out and it looked like, lacking a chalkboard, we'd play hers.

I made a conscious decision at that point, and that decision was that I wanted the kids to have a fun party. And, while I know that walking into the gym to see one of the moms slamming another mom's head into the hardwood floor would be fun (for the boys at least), I mentally walked away. I'm a control freak, but even I'm not that bad.

They had a fun party. All was well. But I'm still pissed.


ped crossing said...

Move back west now, right now, and Surfer Dude can be in my class and you can be my room mom and you can do whatever you want. And I will give you a great Christmas gift and end of year gift. Right this minute. And I would be eternally grateful.

But, since I don't think that is going to happen. That just really sucks.

Congratulations on your self control. That is truly impressive.

my two cents said...

I would still be quite aggravated, too.

Willowtree said...

That's the spirit!

Eileen said...

You did good, I would have been tempted to slam her head into the wooden gym floor too!! I can't believe that they did that to you, it seems like they undermined all your efforts. For that matter, I can't believe how much they make Room Parents do, and I hope the school realizes how very lucky they are to have you!! I was so impressed with what you did put together, really.
You are right, the important thing is, is that the children had fun!! I think putting the focus back on the kids is always the right way to go!


ciara said...

i've been getting pissed right w you through parts one & deux. i'd help you wrestle her and slam her head into the floor. but you did well, and in the end, i guess it's better that those parents participated. i managed my youngest's softball team a couple of yrs ago and those parents wouldn't help out, sometimes didn't show up for things, and i even had one parent as a coach who would wish that the games would be canceled all the time. it's like why let your daughter play? then i'm thinking...subterfuge by the other mom so she can look like the 'dream' room mom...because why all of a sudden are all the parents you tried contacting to help helping her? ok, now i'm off to simmer down lol

Kaycie said...

You would think all those parents you called would have had the decency to tell you that someone else had contacted them FOR THE SAME PARTY. Even if they had to call you back. I know I would have. Damn.

No one but me ever answers the phone at my house. The kids IM or use their cells. It's ridiculous.

Mya said...

Why didn't you slam her head into the wood floor? You could have made a game of it.Bitch football or something...

Completely changing the subject, have a HAPPY CHRISTMAS RC and family.

Mya x

Potty Mummy said...

RC, well done, and next time round I suggest you call the Principal a few days in advance and say sweetly that since X made such a good job of it all last time, you would be only too happy for her to do so again.

auntie barbie said...

Your new mantra is "I did the right thing & I am the better for it"
I agree with potty mommy, let it fall on someone else next time. I'll just bet that the other room mother took all the credit for the party too, bitch!
On a lighter note, thanks for the recipe, I think I will make some tomorrow while thinking of the lovely caring room mom who makes them too.

laurie said...

there's little more frustrating than doing work you didn't particularly want to have to do in the first place, only to find that someone else did it, or it was unnecessary.

i am mad at all those other moms, on your behalf.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

ped crossing - ah man, would I love to take you up on that! Our teachers are always so appreciative of everything, and that's nice. It makes you feel like you're at least making their lives a little easier.

my two cents - I think my blood pressure is down this morning, but last night I ranted to Laurie/Elly Mae on the phone long enough that I think I have no rant left! Poor woman. She's had run ins with this gal too.

willowtree - that's me. Spirits Mom. (Or was that singular?)

eileen - taking the high road is no fun. But at least the whole school isn't talking about me today!

ciara - you're right. I think sometimes parents want to look like they're participating, but they really don't want to do anything. What the hell kind of message is THAT sending your kid?

kaycie - I don't think the other mom contacted them. I think they just spaced out. They were all really apologetic about not getting back to me, and to be fair, I was really surprised that they hadn't in the first place because normally they're pretty conscientious. One of them even said "Oh my god, was I supposed to call you back??" Sigh. The funny thing is that the one kinda spacey mom who agreed earlier in the week to bring something was totally MIA.

mya - you have a wonderful holiday too, sweetie. Have a great time on your trip and remember that if you maim any relatives over the holiday we want to read about it. Okay? And remember - sherry is your friend.

Merry Christmas!!

potty mummy - that is a brilliant suggestion and I may very well do it. We have two more things to do party wise - Valentines Day and (the one that worries me a lot) the combined Sixth Grade Graduation. But at least now that I KNOW she's going to try to take it over I'm prepared for it. She just blindsided me yesterday.

auntie barbie - the kids snarfed down those pretzels yesterday and the parents hanging around really liked them, too. Definitely a keeper. Let me know what you think!

laurie - most of the other moms were just overwhelmed and a little behind in the playbook, if you know what I mean.But the room mom...

Grrr.... entertained last night?? Did you have fun?

Jo Beaufoix said...

I would be mad at them too. Maybe you can get a quiet revenge somehow, like have her kid round and give him nits. What a thoughtless bunch.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Frustrating for you, just have a top up!

Crystal xx

laurie said...

RC, yes, we entertained. photos on my blog. also, doug went back to bed with a, um, well, HANGOVER.
so yes, it was fun.

are you having massive weather there? i just got an email from the famous pmiller, who was in wichita, visiting her sister. she's stranded in topeka, after spinning out on the freeway in a blizzard! are you ok?

Stacie said...

I am impressed by your self restraint. Lately, I have found that I have very little! You handled yourself admirably in a difficult situation. (although it would have been great to hear the detailed account of you kicking the you know what out of her!)

I like the idea of calling the principal and suggesting that she take over the remainder of the parties because "she did so well" and all of that crap. It looks like she'll find some way to combine them all anyway.

I am so jealous that your school even does the Room Mom thing. I have a hard time getting parents to help out at my school (or come to conferences, or talk to me on the phone, or come to back to school night). By junior high, parent volunteers are few and far between. Sigh.

Iota said...

I think the mom wrestling entertainment would be great for the kids, and you should put it down on some room mom list or other as a must for next year.

Kimberly said...

I'm pissed on your behalf! The nerve! The unmitigated gall! Let's pound them!