Thursday, December 27, 2007

a toast...

Does my blog look different to you at all? Perhaps the writing is a little sharper or the turn of phrase more interesting? No? Are the colors more vibrant, the birds singing loudly, the stars in perfect alignment? Well, darn it, they should be, considering that I'm writing this post on...

my new laptop!!

Mine, mine, mine...all mine!!

(And, in a perfectly timed accompaniment to that announcement, I lost my wireless connection the instant I typed the word "laptop" and my screen went black. Ah yes, technology).

Now, hours later, life is truly good. The red headed step child has set up the laptop so it does what it's supposed to - more or less. Sasquatch and his friends are upstairs on the computer I always use and...I don't care. I cannot tell you how good that feels. I. Don't. Care.


Christmas around here was awfully peaceful. We decided this year that instead of giving a whole lot of small items that would be destroyed in almost no time, we would give each kid one big thing - preferably a) electronic and b) something that would simplify our lives by reducing fighting over certain items in the house. So (by combining gift funds with my folks) Sasquatch got a video iPod, Gumby got a laptop and Surfer Dude got a video camera of his own. You've gotta love eBay, which was my addiction of choice pre-blogging. All of the kids were thrilled, which may have been a first. The Film Geek got a super expensive science fiction model that he said he had wanted since he was in third grade, and I...

Was blindsided by a laptop from my mom and Stu. I had tried to keep up such a good face during the whole process of buying Gumby's, but boy, I wanted it myself. When I opened my gift Christmas morning, I actually cried. Fat, hot tears. It was pathetic. The Film Geek had gotten me a wireless card and mouse and a carrying case, so I was totally set. I would be very hard pressed to think of a gift that has ever made me happier. Mom and Stu - mwah - and mwah again! And FG for the sweet accessories -thanks to you, too.

Our Christmas dinner went very peacefully, too. It was just a nice, nice day all around. Very low stress, a houseful of people we know well (they might say too well) and, above all, contented children. (Except for the brief period where one of the little girls of our friends threatened to throw SD's new video camera in the fireplace, and, lacking a subtle bone in his body, he wiped macaroni and cheese on her brand new faux fur coat that she had been blissfully wearing all day. God alone knows what he did to her to provoke the fireplace threat or if she just instinctively knew how to pull his chain. Either way, it was ugly. At least the food washed out). I gave the little girl's mom a "what are you gonna do?" look and poured another glass of wine. Large.

And on a personal note (like this whole blog isn't a personal note) -

Happy Birthday to my own sweet Gumby. Twelve years old today!!


Altaglow said...

Oh Gumby, my precious skinny minny. Today is your last birthday before you're a teenager. How could it have happened so fast? Are you gonna retain your sweet persona or turn into a pubescent maniac? Enquiring minds won't to know so as to be prepared.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

"Today is your last birthday before you're a teenager????"


ped crossing said...

Sounded like a blissful Christmas. And I am so jealous of your laptop. I had one last year through work and then had to give it back when I changed positions. Life has not been the same since.

And a big happy birthday to Gumby! I don't even want to think about my boys getting that old. But I have not figured out how to slow down time yet.

belle said...

oh yay! A laptop?? Me too, me too!! I lurve it. I call him Derek. OK, that's quite sad, isn't it? Glad you had a good day.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Sounds like a fab day RC.
Next year, Miss E may be into the electrical stuff. This year it was High School Musical and Furreal friends doe her, and My Little Pony Newborn, Ariel stuff and Minnie mouse for Miss M.

Mr B played with a wii at work so we're hoping to get one of those for us all sometime this year.

And Gumby is 12. Wow. Your mum's comment made me howl.

Happy Birthday Gumby. Hope you have/had a fab day.

PixelPi said...

Oh, dear. Teen-hood lurks on the horizon.

But it will be more than compensated by that new laptop. My 4-year-old Dell with the eBay monitor as old as dirt looks really dowdy now. Sniff. And no wireless card. Sniff sniff. OK. Those were fake sniffs. I'm just flat out jealous.

Sounds like your holidays were just what they should have been, with prezzies, and food,and big glasses of wine, and food fights, etc.

laurie said...

HOORAY for your laptop! i bet you did cry. that's an excellent gift, but especially particularly specifically excellent for you.

and happy birthday, gumby! i hope you don't mind sharing the day with my sister holly!

Flowerpot said...

happy birthday gumby and a happy christmas to you RC. Glad you had a good one - and a laptop - wow!!

Jen said...

Happy B-Day to Gumby!

Your mom is hilarious, and I'm sure you'll do just fine with another teen roaming the house. *grin* I still have many years to go before that happens.

And congrats on the laptop! I sometimes cry over gifts, too. It's okay, it makes people feel they've done good. I mean, as long as they're happy tears.

Kaycie said...

A laptop! No more early/late posts because you're waiting on kiddos to get the heck off the computer. How wonderful!!

Sounds like a wonderful holiday!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for your laptop!!! I got one too, totally blew me away. I had no idea, really surprised me. It is not easy to surprise me. I thought it was an under the kitchen cabinet, cd player. It is the BEST gift!!

Sounds like your Christmas was perfect. I love the mac and cheese story. I bet the little girl totally deserved it! Wine is always a good way to deal with such conflicts :)

Happy Birthday Gumby!! I hope he has a great day! I have a feeling he will.


Dumdad said...

A laptop! Wow. I can only dream of that! One day.

ped crossing said...

RC- For the record Ducky likes Star Trek better than Star Wars and we have a light up Enterprise that goes on the tree. The boys just haven't been introduced to Star Trek yet. I am just waiting for that day.

Nice to know I am not alone in my suffering. And you have 4 fans!

Happy in the Abyss said...

WOW! A 12 year old! I am feeling so old! I love, Griff monster!!!!

Kimberly said...

I am so beyond thrilled for you! Couldn't happen to someone more deserving! ( =P )

Stacie said...

I noticed the difference. It is subtle, but it is there! Must be the happy blogger and her new laptop causing the change! :-)

Glad you had a happy Christmas. Your description sounds heavenly!

Happy Birthday, Gumby!

Diana said...

Happy Birthday to Gumby!

I so know how you feel about your shiny, new laptop. It was only 4 months ago when mine was fresh out of the box.

Suddenly, life is just a whole lot shinier!

Sweet Irene said...

I still have a lot of affectionate feelings to ward my PC so I guess I don't need a laptop yet. Maybe that's because I hardly have to share it with anyone. I am happy you got one, having to share your PC with all those boys of yours. It's not the same when their grubby little hands have been all over it, is it?

Happy B'day, Gumby. Twelve sounds like a good age to be and to stay. Do your Mom a favor and don't turn 13, just refuse to do it, or just turn 29 all at once. It will save your Mom a lot of heartache. Have a great day.

Caio RC, much fun playing with your laptop!