Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Thursday Three

We're having a wild weather week here and I'm loving it. Of course, this is making me think of

Favorite Kinds of Weather

There's a saying in Kansas that if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change. This week has certainly been a good example of this. We haven't had snow (phew!), but we've had pretty much everything else. We've even had some humor. The operator at work came on the overhead speaker and said "Attention - the National Weather Service has just issued a tornado warning for our county" and we all yelled "What??" since we hadn't heard a word about a possible tornado. About ten seconds later she said, "Uh, sorry. I meant a thunderstorm warning." Tornadoes, thunderstorms...whatever.

#1. Thunderstorms. Might as well start here since I'm already on the subject. (And god knows I won't be listing tornadoes under any kind of favorite weather). I love thunderstorms. I love rain and I love wind and I love the drama of thunder and lightning. If it happens to roll through at night while I'm snug in my house, it's even better.

#2. Wind. Not only with rain, either. Any wind is great as far as I'm concerned. One of the major local weather components is a warm wind, very strong and usually from the south. In California we had the Santa Ana winds, which are very hot and very dry. Here the wind is more humid and kind of envelops you. And it's fabulous.

#3. Rain. (Sensing a theme yet?) Oh, I adore rain. There's almost nothing better than going to sleep at night with the sound of rain beating down on the house. And puttering around the house with the steady sound of rain in the background is just about the best thing ever. It almost makes up for all the mud the dogs are going to track into the house every time they go outside.

How about you?


Altaglow said...

Rain is absolutely the VERY best!!!Nothing in the world is more calming to me--like prozac from heaven.

PixelPi said...


Sunshine, temp in 70s.

Snow with big fat flakes that fall really slow. But all other snow is banned.

ciara said...

r.c.-if you want wind, you should live here. we have it 365 days a yr. ok, not really ALL 365 days, but feels like it. it's not santa ana winds either, because i actually like those!

Flowerpot said...

Well I used to like those kinds of weather but we've had so much of it I'm darn sick of it. Give me a day with light winds and sunshine like yesterday!

Maggie May said...

Out in the playground, thunder, wind & rain is a no no.It is raining here today, so we will have what we call"Wet Play" at school, which means children in classrooms during lunchtime & that is BAD!
My favourite type of weather is 70F sunny and a light breeze. YES!

Bitter Sweet Metaphor Irene said...

I like the silence of sunshine and the promise of the first golden rays of it in the morning. I don't like the wind and I don't like rain, having to go out in it on my bike. I love a blue sky, maybe with just a few white clouds in it. I long for the sun to shine and warm my body.

laurie said...

funny, that kansas saying you quote at the top of your post? it's a minnesota saying, too.

for me it depends on where i am and what i'm doing. if it's friday night and we're home from work and don't have any obligations the next day, then give me a blizzard. i love the power and strength and beauty and drama.

if it's friday night and we're hitting the road next day, then suddenly my wants change....

but i do love a thunderstorm. despite what it does to Riley's nerves. despite the fact that one dropped a tree right on our house once.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Our weather is similar too, though we don't get the extremes you do. We just mainly get the rain. I don't mind rain, but when there's no let up and the kids are stuck indoors and it's dark and dull for a week or so I don't like it so much. I want just a little sunshine in my life. :D

Kaycie said...

That's an Oklahoma saying about the weather, too.

I like sunny, 70 degree weather the best. But I also rejoice when the crisp fall weather begins after a searing Oklahoma summer. I hate the stifling summer heat and autumn is always a welcome relief.

Rudee said...

Being a bit superstitious, I'm afraid to comment. It's been mid-70s and sunny for days now, cool sleeping at night and all is green. Buds on trees are ready to burst forth. That said:
I love the appearance of the landscape after an I_E storm (you fill in the blank, I can't say it out loud.)
I love a heavy sn_wstorm that leaves trees laden and drooping from the weight.
I love a wicked thunderstorm with lots of cloud to cloud and cloud to ground lightening.
I can do without ever seeing a tornado.

Rudee said...

I gave you three but forgot to add one of my all time favorites:

Thunder-snow. I can spell that one out since it's a mid-winter type experience and quite amazing to see and hear. Top this off with some logs on the fire and a bottle of red nearby and life is good.

Kaytabug said...

Now it is my turn to say," Are you sure we aren't the same person?"

Those would be my 3 faves too, and your reasons/descriptions are exactly what I'd say. Thunderstorms and Rain comfort me. They lull me to sleep. I love sitting on a front porch during a thunderstorm, or even just rain. I love the smell of rain. I also have to say that no thunderstorm compares to a Kansas thunderstorm. It sounds better...must be the flatness makes the sound travel better or something, it also makes for better lighting shows!!!
I really do love a sunny hot day. With some good KS wind. I can have 4 right?!!

Potty Mummy said...

Cold, clear, frosty mornings, when your breath hangs on the air in a cloud, and the ground twinkles in the sunlight.

In winter, obviously. Not in April - though I wouldn't rule out the possibility given the weather we've been having recently.

Corey~living and loving said...

hmmmm I like rain at night....and storms when I am home, and not out in them.

If I am going to be out. I like sun with a nice breeze. :)

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

You need to move here. It'll cure you of your wind/rain fixation. Me, I love sun, sun, sun. Particularly in the winter reflecting off snow. Or reflecting off water.

Kaytabug said...

I also meant to say that your photo is amazing!!!

Iota said...

I'm so with you on all this. Dramatic weather is one of the things I have loved about being here. We're so namby pamby in Britain when it comes to weather - nothing extreme, and nothing exciting. I just don't do well in the heat, so that is a bit of a problem for me for the summer months (at this point, all my Brit friends would groan and say "at least you can be sure you'll get a summer").

laurie said...

it is pouring right now.

a monsoon.

the ny times website says: Minneapolis: Misting.


it's a deluge.

my two cents said...

Are you serious? You like Santa Ana winds? That would be my LEAST favorite weather. I don't like the heat and I don't like it too dry (obviously living in the wrong place...).

I do like rain, a lot, but probably because we get so VERY little of it. I like cool, crisp, and sunny, but I also like cool and foggy. Anything below 80 is ok with me; above that and the garden suffers. I miss a good snow.

kitten said...

I love a good ole summer thunder storm.
I love a good warm summer day. (not too hot and not too humid)

kitten said...

Ps. Most of our summer days are too hot and humid! The days of summer I like is to far and few between.
As far as thunderstorms, we get plenty of those.

Carolyn said...

#1 - I love Thunderstorms too. We don't get many in Vancouver. Surpising considering all the rain.
#2 - Wind. I can take it or leave it.
#3 - You obviously have never lived in Vancouver. I loved Rain too when I lived in Ontario because it was temporary. In Vancouver, the Rain shows up one day in November and doesn't leave again until sometime in March. It's like a nasty houseguest that leaves dirty socks everywhere. Ugggh.

-Ann said...

Since we see it so rarely here, love a good sunny day, with a few clouds in the sky for contrast.

I like rain, especially under the conditions you mention. Our rain has moderated some what, but in January, we got almost 11 inches of rain, so I was a bit sick of rain for a long while.

Today was a nice contrast. It's what they call here a soft day - grey sky, continual misty rain. I went outside with Toby and could see a patch of blue sky with a very faint rainbow. It's these little weather surprises that keep life interesting.

-Ann said...

PS - I've lived a lot of places and I've always heard that "stick around 5 minutes thing." (But then I've never lived in, say, San Diego.)

I could modify this and say "Don't like the weather, walk around to the other side of the house." We live in a valley and the mountains do funny things to the weather. It's not uncommon to have sun showers or to have rain in the front of the house, but not the back.