Saturday, January 3, 2009

don't ask don't tell

The walking boot will be with me for another four weeks or so.

But wait. There's more.

One of our nurses broke her ankle in exactly the same place. And is in the same boot.

And so did one of the unit secretaries. Now it's a boot trio.

And we have a radiology tech who is in a full leg brace from an accident.

And a doc who is in a sling from a torn rotator cuff.

And another nurse in a splint for an elbow injury.

As one of our staff members observed, the ortho device is the fashion accessory of the moment in the ER. Stethoscopes are so last year.

We inspire confidence, let me tell you, as we hobble into rooms to tend to the injured. Their confidence starts to slip when they inevitably ask us what we've done to ourselves. I'm a little weary - after answering the question a hundred thousand times - of explaining about Labs who don't understand either personal space or steep stairs. And I think the fact that I can be a smart mouth has been established. So when I reflexively answered the "how did you do it?" question yesterday with "oh, I was running across a field trying to get away from the cops and I stepped in a hole", the look on the patients face was priceless. Bless their hearts.

When their doc came in with a sling, I could see their wheels spinning. But they never asked what happened. Not a word.

Too bad. I could've made up something really good.


Altaglow said...

Yes, you could have made up something spectacularly good!!Your life and imagination are so full of material! I miss you so much--you, your stories, your sweet cheek. Love.........and thank you for such a wonderful time!!

Rudee said...

You should all wrap yourselves in bubble wrap. Perhaps you need a blessing done in the ER to ward off these things. A little holy water wouldn't hurt.

Feel better soon Grace. I mean RC.

Maggie May said...

Now look RC....... these people are often traumatized before they come into the place! The last thing they need to worry about is if all the staff are clumsy or worse!
What's going on over there????

my two cents said...

You could tell the patients it was one hell of a New Year's Eve party in the ER! Glad this didn't happen in the summer - sand it the boot sounds pretty uncomfortable. Hope it is feeling a little better.

Wisewebwoman said...

I think you assorted post injury hobblers should all gather together for a group shot and hang it in the hospital lobby with a caption like "Our team of medical experts".

Devon said...

If I knew which hospital you worked in I would send a sage smudge stick to burn and ward off the evil spirits that have so obviously taken over!

Iota said...

Nice to see your sense of humor is alive and well.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'll ask. "What happened to the doc?"

Frances said...

hah! as the old saying goes 'Doctor heal thyself'