Sunday, January 4, 2009

I went to college for this??

I looked up from my chair first thing this morning at work to see a half naked man standing behind a glass door. It was the frequent flier on the involuntary psych hold, and he was pointing at me with some agitation.

"There," he shouted to the doc. "There's RC. She was my nurse last week when I came in. You've got no reason to keep me. Ask her. I was way drunker last time I was here."

It was the perfect beginning to the third day of three in a row. I slowly ducked down under the counter and made my way to a chair out of his eyesight. I clearly remembered the last time he had been in and it wasn't pretty. Peeling the lid off of my coffee, I wondered if this was some sort of omen for my day.

The doc came out of the room and winked at me. "He says he had a great time out drinking with you last night and wants to know if you know where his underwear is."

Clearly it was.


Maggie May said...

Well where is it RC? LOL!
Hope it went better after that.

lv4921391 said...

hahaha, as Garth Brook's sang, "You've got friends in low places", happy new year RC.

Frances said...

haha first laugh of the day. Is it unkind to laugh at others' misfortunes? I guess I am unkind then.

Devon said...

:)... As ominous as that morning coffee must have been, it is clearly better to be the memorable nurse rather than the crazy naked man!

Akelamalu said...

You obviously made a lasting impression on him! LOL

Wisewebwoman said...

Oh I so needed this laugh, RC!
Now who exactly is wearing his underwear?

Pamela said...

fruit of the loom?