Wednesday, May 13, 2009

not much more you can say

Perfect post for a (late) Bunco night. Thanks for sending it this way, Aims.


Before I lay me down to sleep,
I pray for a man who's not a creep,

ne who's handsome, smart and strong.
One who loves to listen long,

ne who thinks before he speaks,
ne who'll call, not wait for weeks.
I pray he's rich and self-employed,

nd when I spend, won't be annoyed.
Pull out my chair and hold my hand.
Massage my feet and help me stand.
Oh send a king to make me queen.
A man who loves to cook and clean.
I pray this man will love no other.
And relish visits with my mother.


I pray for a deaf-mute gymnast nymphomaniac with
big tits who owns a bar on a golf course,
and loves to send me fishing and drinking.

This doesn't rhyme and I don't give a shit.


LFG said...

I really don't see what's wrong with a deaf-mute gymnast nymphomaniac with big tits who owns a bar on a golf course. But rather than go out fishing & drinking, I'd rather hold her hand and massage her feat and help her stand. Women, you just don't get it. We don't want everything. She really doesn't have to be a deaf-mute.

Tians.sis said...

Take it RC.

Maggie May said...

Thanks for giving me a chuckle before breakfast!

Don't think there IS such a man, RC. If you find one let me know! Oops! No I didn't say that! Course I didn't!

Frances said...

hah! to both of you. one to each so far.

Two belly-laughs in one morning has to be good.

Frances said...

Truth be told, most women want a man who is good-looking and fit, but not in the least attracted to any other woman, (blind may be the preferred disability in this case)
Able (and desirous) to do everything that could possibly ever be done - and do it perfectly - but not boast about it - always stay calm and loving however badly we want to behave and just think we are marvellous in every way. But the main criterion is that the man should understand our every little mood and have a bloody awful memory so as not to notice our constant self-contradiction. That's what I wish for. LOL

Rudee said...

Ha. RC and LFG get awards for early morning laughs. LFG seems to be a treasure.

Iota said...


lv4921391 said...

haha, i was talking to a buddy yesterday, he and his wife are flying to Rome soon ,picking up a ship there and visiting 13 ports, ending up in London...he said his wife is spending his money big time on this...he's able to laugh...she's added several side trips...i need to find a woman...

Thumbelina said...

I think that says it all! LFG had me cracked up too...

Akelamalu said...


Devon said...

Mr. Darcy is dead.

aims said...

Hey your welcome my friend. Glad it made more than you laugh...

flowerchild(: said...
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Kila said...

LOL! That's about it!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Mwah ha ha ha haaaa.