Friday, May 8, 2009

why us?

Oh, lord.

We just got back a little while ago from Surfer Dude's band performance, a show he's been really stressed out about. It went beautifully and he did a terrific job as the only baritone on the whole stage.


He has just crawled in my bed saying he feels sick as a dog and that he thinks he's going to puke. Let me just say this straight out. The kid is a puker. Gumby is pathologically afraid of anything even resembling vomit and runs screaming from the room whenever SD holds his belly. Can I tell you that this is not a good combination?

I'm scheduled to start three in a row at work tomorrow. Someone asked me to change a day for a kid related reason (theirs) and I did, knowing I have to juggle around kid schedules too, especially at the end of the school year. But right before he fell into an uneasy slumber he said,

"Please promise me that if I throw up you'll call in sick tomorrow."

I have six sick days to my name and five of them will be used for our California trip in July. I almost never use my PTO days for me, as any mother will attest. I use them when my kids are sick. But damn, I hate being down to one day. So what did I say?

"Of course, honey. If you're sick I'll call in."

So now we wait...


my two cents said...

Hoping you won't need to use it...

ped crossing said...

Lets just hope he needs to sleep it off. Sleep is the best drug of all. Fingers and toes crossed for you!

Frances said...

There is something terrible about a world where a hard-working woman cannot legitimately take a day off to care for her own child if he isn't well. Especially a woman who works in health care and spends her whole life looking after other sick people.

That said, hope he is feeling better in the morning and you don't have to use up your sick day.
Why so few days sick leave in a year? Surely they would rather not have people taking more bugs into work with them? Or they just think that if you're sick you don't need money?

Maggie May said...

Fingers crossed for you both. It could be just nerves or excitement from the concert.
It's the same here as regards sick leave..... but really isn't that just asking to spread flu & things around? We all go in when we shouldn't!

sistawhodownunder said...

hope he is ok and those sickies are so precious. We have a system of family leave that comes off your recreation leave which preserves your sickies. And since I have not been able to able to take more than two weeks off on leave at a time ( in 10 years) I have accumulated 10 weeks of leave. one day I will go nuts and take it all at once....

Thumbelina said...

Oh honey I am praying he has a settled night. You are a good mum.
I would have said the same and done the same - and you will call in sick or at least "late" until you know he is ok. I know you will.

Mums do.

And sometimes that we care that much and hold the reins with all that responsibility on our shoulders just sucks.


Thumbelina said...

Just read Frances' comment and agree 100%

What I think a lot in UK don't realise is the system in the US. We in the UK can take what ever sick leave we need if supported by a doc's note - and that is the easy bit. Even if genuinely sick, after "too long" on sick leave, there are procedures they can go through to sack you. I know. I had it done to me.
But we get a decent amount of paid leave - in nursing we now get 33 days a year (previously and for eons 25 plus ten public holidays) (That sounds we lost out on the new system - we didn't. Complicated but true).
So when my kids were sick, although it was very frowned on and I often had (usually male) awkward managers who wouldnot cut me some slack, at the end of the day, if I did ring in I could get an "emergency leave" and I still had enough leave to take a holiday.

I have a friend work as a nurse in the US. No matter what state she is in, she is permanently knackered. She has to work her butt off to get enough leave to come to England. That takes months. And sick leave? What do you mean sick leave? Hah!
She has no children. And it is hard for her with her own medical condition and an aging body.

I have never experienced it my friend, but boy do I empathise! I just wanted to put in this comment for those that aren't aware, (andI don't understand how it works or the details) but you guys over there - you work from age 18 to dead. You really do. Hats off to you and heart out to you.

((((More hugs)))))

Akelamalu said...

I remember the only time I ever called in sick was when one of the boys was sick. :(

Hope he's OK. Sending Reiki just in case. x

Mimi said...

I agree with Frances comment.What sort of society is that? I'm glad for him that you gave him the message that he's precious, but sorry for you that it has to be that way.
More (((hugs))), mimi

Southern Drawl said...

I hope for both of you he is feeling better :)

ciara said...

i got written up at work once and lost holiday pay cos i went home early day before thanksgiving due to sick kid. bleeping casinos lol

i hate throwing up so much that i stifle. i also will throw up if i see or smell it. i can't deal with puke at all. i'm a shitty mother. lol

my two cents said...

Any update?

Devon said...

Oh man, I've got a puker also! As well, another so fearful of barf that she won't stay in the house with barfing brother!

He had the whole 2 day puke episode a week ago, the girl spend 48 hours in the green house!

Hope yours goes better!