Friday, June 5, 2009

20 questions

Alright, I'm admitting it. I've boxed myself into a corner.

I'm not writing about my kids - because I've done a lot of that lately.

I'm not writing about work - because I feel like I've gone to that well once too often in recent weeks.

I'm not writing about angst, anger, revenge, karma, payback or any of those other things - because I'm just not in that place anymore.

I'm not writing about the day to day battles that we all face - because they never go away anyway.

I'm not writing about the factions that I strive to never make feel that I write about them - because, let's face it...some people still care far too much about what I say. Que sera sera.

I'm not writing for my future, my dreams, my suddenly evolving- and wholly unexpected- fantasies. Because it's not "safe".

So the question becomes this...if I can't say what I want to on my blog...what's the point?


flowerchild(: said...

Does this mean that you're going to stop writing?

lv4921391 said...

write about anything and everthing you want to RC, it's your blog, some day you'll be glad you did, I'm sure...when i read the title, i gulped, expecting to have to hop on the "hotseat" and answer 20 questions...relaxes...

ped crossing said...

Nobody says you can't. Writing about your kids is my crystal ball into my future with boys. Writing about your work makes me glad I chose a different nurturing occupation with fewer hazards. Writing about the ups and downs of life reminds me that we are all in this together and some days it is one hell of a ride.

Write what you want. It is your record. I am just along for the ride.

Stacie said...

I read this on another blog earlier tonight. The topic was somewhat different, more about how to deal with a blogging when you've had a life transition, but the lines that stuck with me were " cannot control another person's eyes or brain. So leave that out of the equation. Only ask yourself this when you open up the blank post: what do I want to write? What is important to me? Where do I want to connect with others and hear their thoughts? What do I need to process? What do I want to record? If you are true to your own heart and what you want, the rest will follow." This seems appropriate here. You should be able to blog about whatever you'd like, ideally without concern about what others would do with the information. But, I can understand that fear that it is no longer safe here.

Still, I hope you don't decide to leave blogging. I would miss you terribly.

Much love,


Maggie May said...

Has someone been getting at you again RC?
You can write about what you want.
You always write a good post!

auntiegwen said...

No matter what topic you write on, I always enjoy your posts.

Frances said...

Yep. The whole point of going public again was not to censor yourself.
Just take care not to put in your address or too much detail and your kids' privacy is okay. You don't post pics of them and you don't write anyone's real names. What else can you do? Just write, woman.

LFG said...

listen to your friends. better they say it than me. and lighten up. :)

laurie said...

um... you lost me. why cant you?

Amy said...

I understand where you're coming from. You don't want to hurt anyone or bore people, right? That's a dark corner.

For the record, I am not sick of reading about your job or your kids or your ex-marriage or your newly found freedom or your excitement/bewilderment over what comes next in your life. I like it. You're a normal person writing about normal things in an engaging, entertaining way that makes people care about you.

You've been very good at airing what needed airing while maintaining your privacy. Certainly there are people reading your blog who are part of your real life, and you don't want to hurt their feelings or piss them off. That's considerate of you. Maybe you can write those things down, sit on them for a few days, and decide if it's something all of cyberspace needs to know. Or maybe you can go play bunco, down a few, and let some of the air escape there. Or you can just keep doing what you're doing – because you do it well.

I went the chicken route and hardly write anything that matters at all anymore. It's not very fun, but for me it was necessary. I wish you well.

LFG said...

Amy said it well. And she saw and liked "Birdy".

Devon said...

I spoke with a professional artist and asked her what it is that allows some people to succeed with their art.

She said that the ones who succeed are the ones who pick up the brush and paint.

Just by the act of posting regulary, you are being creative and honing your writing skills.

If you don't want to have to deal with snoops judging your every word, rename your blog "True or False". Write your stories of truth, mixed in with stories of great fantasy. Let it be known that there is some fiction in your blogging so those who might want to judge your opinions will have to step back because it might be the fiction. They won't know and therefore should not consider these personal opinions.

It is an out of the box idea, but adding fiction can also increase your creativity.

LFG said...

Devon = smart

The Gossamer Woman said...

Who ever told you that you can't write about those things on your blog? Do we give you that impression? It's not true. You can write about anything you want and we will gladly read it. So go ahead and unload.

Southern Drawl said...

Be yourself! That's why we come to visit. Remember, we all have those moments or days. Relax, you have a lovely flow of ideas and a wonderful way of expressing yourself. {} internet hug

Anonymous said...

Just go with the flow, our feelings/thoughts on posting change as quickly as life happens. Keep writing my friend, write when the feeling comes. It is safe here.

Tians.sis said...

I agree with each and every comment here, and if all else fails, you can always write about a favorite..........aunt.

speccy said...

I suppose it's about why you want to write on a blog at all. To write? To share? To connect?

You know that your writing, on any subject, is very powerful and resonates with many, many people.

I don't blog, and hardly ever comment, but am amazed at how much I care about individuals in the 'virtual world'. Your writing makes that happen.

I am always engaged with whatever you write, but you need to write the posts you want to write. I'll happily read anything you put up. If you want to change the format as Devon suggested, I'll still be here. If you stop blogging to concentrate on the book, just let us know when we can buy it!

Iota said...

What? Since when have you sat around in other people's boxes?

Thought about you lots over the past week or so, what with coming into contact with lots of medics. It's left me with the hugest of huge respect for anyone in your profession (oh, except the mean one, who did the tasks but didn't have any human empathy left - but I can see how that happens from time to time too. It's a job for saints, it really is.)

Frances said...

so now it's almost next Friday. You didn't say you weren't speaking to us any more. I hope everything is okay and you are well but just sulking.

Thumbelina said...

I'm with Frances (again). Are you okay? I read but am just catching up after being awol so not much chance to comment. Write soon. xoxox

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