Thursday, June 4, 2009

pass the bag

I bought plane tickets today for Surfer Dude to go to camp. For a month. In another state.

Tomorrow - as soon as I can find a non-stop flight - I'll be buying tickets for Gumby to visit his best friend's family in Texas. For ten days. In another state. Oh, wait. I already said that.

Sasquatch is almost never at home during the summer, dropping by only to empty both the fridge and my wallet.

For a woman who spends most of her non-working hours in the vicinity of her kids, I just found myself with a whole lotta "me time" this summer.

I think I'm going to be sick.


LFG said...

If you weren't stressing over something, then I'd start worrying about you.

Altaglow said...

You've forgotten what it's like to have some time for yourself. Lighten up and enjoy it.

Maggie May said...

It will be different, that's all!
I will be a whole month on my own in the summer, too when son and granddaughters go back to Japan for a visit. hope my computer doesn't go wrong. Course *my old man will be here*!

I'm sure we will all get through it!

ped crossing said...

Didn't you say something a while back about landscaping your yard. Sounds like an excellent project to keep your mind off your absent children. Focus your nurturing on other living things. Etc. Etc. Just a thought.

Frances said...

ha! sick with anticipation? sick with excitement? sick with worry? Which could it be, I wonder, RC - LOLLLLLL
Why not make some plans for what you will be able to get done in the time you aren't spending
1) yelling 2) looking for things 3) yelling 4) looking for your things 5) clearing up 6) cleaning up 7) yelling 8)looking for someone else's things 9) washing the things you found 10) saying 'No' 11) saying 'Give me a break' 12) saying 'No, I don't know where it is 13) giving lifts to kids 14) finding things in strange places

I thought you might like a list as it's such a sunny day. hugs

Rose said...

It may seem weird at first, but trust me, you'll love it.

Maggie said...

Courage, courage. I am in the same boat. They never seem to be home. I kind of like it, but it's new and it's supposed to happen, it's everything you've been working towards the last few years. They are supposed to go away-and they will come back home-and you will all be better for it.

Amy said...

Me time is good. Take it and try to love it.

The Gossamer Woman said...

You're practicing for the empty nest syndrome. Don't you know how wonderful it is to be alone? It takes some getting used to, but once you get the taste of it, it's lovely. I do it all the time now and found out who I am.

LFG said...

Yeah, lighten up.

Devon said...

Dear RC,

Put away the emisis device and make plans!

Movies, pedicures, girls night in or out, knitting friends visiting your LYS, register for another 5K or 10K... so much opportunity!

Live, live, live!

Auntie Mame

Southern Drawl said...

I can't say I understand but I can say I'm offering payers up for RC. :)

Thumbelina said...

I love Frances' comment. I'm with her. But I empathise. Truly.