Tuesday, July 17, 2007

2007 Gab Awards

Lord have mercy. I go to work for the 172 hour shift from hell, and I come back to so many awards being handed out that I actually had to make myself a flow-sheet. And at the top of that sheet was written "Yahoo! Someone actually thinks what I'm doing is worth reading. And I have friends!!" (I don't look a thing like Sally Field, by the way).

Okay, I'm done now.

So off we go. My buddies Jo and Mya both picked me for this Thoughtful Bloggers Award, which raises questions about their taste levels that I think we should leave alone. However, Mya is on vacation and Jo is about to go, so maybe they're a little pre-occupied. No matter. I'll take it. Gratefully.

Now I get to pick five people to pass on to. The idea behind this award is that different people do different things, and they should be recognized for that. In keeping with that we can pick the award tag we want for them. In our opinion. So here are the five people I'm giving an award to.

The Creative Blogger Award goes to...

Jo Beaufoix- who looks at things in ways that always make me laugh. So there, ma'am.

Jen - who is just creative with a capital C. With a Canadian drawl.

Mya - who has actually made me come close to wetting myself. I'd never admit if I really had.

Not wrong, just different - a new member of the bunch who is just twisted enough to fit right in.

And the Courageous Blogger Award goes to...

Happy In The Abyss. Who also happens to be my sister-in-law Leigh, and who is much more upfront about things than I ever could be. I just don't have the nerve. But she does.

Then we have the Schmooze Award, given to me by the pee-inducing Mya. This award is the idea of Mike at Ordinary Folk. He defines schmoozing as the ability to converse casually with others and make social connections. Mya compares it to arse-licking, which is a thing I would never say. Especially if I agreed. I'll still take it.

And for this I pick...

Not Wrong, just different - for reaching out wholeheartedly to her newly midwestern world.

Happy in the Abyss - for sticking out the whole blog thing. Just to spite big sis.

stratford girl - for being a very fun read.

relevance and revolution - because she's my bud and I love her. And man, can she schmooze.

wife in the north - because I want to schmooze with her. Can I? Please? We're all fans.

Okay, the trifecta is almost over. The final hat trick is the...

award. Given by the aforementioned Not Wrong, just different. I think the Kansas girls are sticking together. Now she did mention that she thought I fibbed a little and that no one could do as much as I say I do? Have I mentioned all the hours I sit on my ass eating popcorn and reading mystery novels? Drinking wine? On the internet? (uh oh). Pleading with the Health Department not to condemn my house? Now there's a full time job. Believe me, present schedule definitely excluded, I have the best part-time job ever. Lots of free time.

But...I'm not sure if this fits under fibber or something else, but I'm supposed to pick two people to pass this on to and can't. I have to go back to my heavenly trifecta...

because these three are the ones who get me through my worst days. And in my world, they rock. Big, fat, serious ROCK. I will now rest my case.

Are there blog thugs that come and beat me up if I ignore the "rules"? Do they know where I live and how to bribe my dogs? (beef, lots of it). I've seen the Sopranos. Bring it on...

Whew. Gotta go take off that gown. I can't breathe.
P.S. This post was brought to you by cut, paste and highlight. There's a trio for you.


Jen said...

I think I'm running out of room on my blog for awards! Cut, paste and highlight, I love it! I've never been part of a heavenly trifecta before. Which one of us gets the halo?

The Rotten Correspondent said...

That you'll have to fight over. Or arm wrestle.

Jo Beaufoix said...

OK I just jumped round the room and things wibbled so it probably wasn't pretty but wow, look at all the lurrrrve.

Heh heh.

You rock too RC, big, fat, serious and gorgeous rockin.

Can't wait to check out your other awardees...is that a word?
Big hug. Mwah, Mwah dwarling.

Anonymous said...
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pursegirl said...

Hey, I've been a bad blogger lately, I know. It's been a bit crazy here, what with the kids being back. Now I have to actually parent them. Damn.
I need to chat with you- via email is fine, I'm getting ready to send Man Child home and am wondering if you are still willing to boss him around a bit until I return to KS.
Call me, 970-586-3588 or email me. Or, we could IM.... OOOOHHHH...

Mya said...

RC, I'm speechless. And very grateful. The rockin blogger award is one I have secretly coveted since first seeing its pinky perkiness a while back. It will enhance my blog decor no end.
Pee-inducing Mya x (incontinence pads advised) Yewww!! as you might say!

Happy in the Abyss said...

THANKS! I would say that I never won anything before, but there was that whole Wink Martindale experience.


wife in the north said...

Shmooze away. Drop by. Have coffee. I will bake cakes. In the aga.

Stratford Girl said...

Dear RC,
Sorry it has taken me so long to thank you for the award you bestowed on me a while back. I've been very much out of the blogging loop recently as my internet connection has been down (see my blog for the sleep-inducing details) ... Anyway, the award is much appreciated ...
Gonna try and catch up on some of your posts now ...!