Wednesday, July 18, 2007

a wild ride

My old buddy the snooze alarm seduced me again this morning, so this picture is going to have to speak for me today. I think it does quite well, actually. Have you ever noticed that chaos comes in streaks and that sometimes all you can do is ride it out? And like the old jokes goes, you can do it gracefully or kicking and screaming.
While I feel like tantruming like a two year old, I'm modelling my behavior after the gal above. Now I'll grant you that there are only two children in this scene and that one of them is a girl. If my husband has a suit on that's a very bad sign, and if even one of my boys ever put on a sweater vest I'd need a good stout sedative and a week at a spa. Unless someone somewhere makes Ninja sweater vests. The shade of green in her dress makes me look quite seasick and she doesn't have Roseanne Rosannadanna hair. Details Schmetails.
Now that enormous stack of dishes? That's what I'm talking about...
On a completely unrelated note I got my first spammed comment yesterday. Wahoo! So now I have one of those letter ID thingies that you have to type into. Or at least I'm supposed to. I know it says it won't show up on my screen, but could one of you nice people tell me if it really is there? Muchos apreciados.


Jen said...

Yes, the letter thingy is there... I think I'm going to put it back on mine, as I got a spam, too, which I of course deleted. My kitchen resembles your picture as well. I used to own a dress in that shade of green, but the cat wisely coughed up a hairball on it, saving me any future indignity.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Small, clean, smiling children helping in the kitchen?

Mummy with brushed hair, make up and an elegant green dress?

If only.

I agree RC, only the plates are real.

But I bet she's on her 6th glass of G&T. Nothing else explains the smile.

Maybe the spam bribed your letter thingy to let it through.
I'd give it a good talking to and threaten to use numbers instead if it doesn't sort itself out.
Bad letter thingy.

Jo Beaufoix said...

P.S. Don't be mad at me, I've awarded you a Creative Blogger cos you deserve one and you haven't got one and you're fab.