Sunday, July 15, 2007

a sunday scream

I got home last night after work and did something I never do. I went straight to bed. Normally I'm so wired that I can't sleep for hours, but not last night. Ate a few crackers with some cheese, snuggled with the kids, checked yesterday's blog for comments and crashed. Now I will admit to some strange dreams. In one of them I admitted a patient to the floor, but instead of an aide taking them up it was one of my husband's friends in a grip truck. (The Film Geek is heavy into pre-production for a film that is starting in a couple of weeks and whenever I'm home is on the phone or the computer hashing out all the details. More later.) So this friend in a grip truck took the patient to the hospital where I used to work but didn't know what else to do with them, so he left them, ventilator and all, in the parking lot. I found this out when my mother called me from Ikea to tell me that she had bought me some curtains and had covered up my patient with them and did I plan on leaving them in the parking lot all day because she needed the spot.
Right. No stress dreams there.
I'm on my last day of the work run and it's shaping up to be quite interesting. A couple of people have already, as of yesterday, called in sick. We're having ( I do not make these things up) a planned power outage to get a new wing up and running, and half of our unit will be without power for half of the day. I'd been getting the email memos, but ignoring them, because surely this was a joke, right? Serious like a vented patient in a parking lot covered in Ikea floral sheers. When I realized this, I (only half jokingly) said that maybe I ought to call in sick too. The charge nurse (whom I adore) looked up from the phone where she was trying to recruit victims to work today, and told me that if I did she'd come to my house, kick down my damn door and drag me to work by my heels.
I'm guessing that's a no.
I promise I will catch up with my blog buddies tomorrow. I feel like a big ol' slacker, but have opted for primal scream blog therapy this morning. Jo, thanks for the award. How cool is that? Iota - thank you!! I'm so glad you're stopping by. And Jen and Jo - I will get to the meme, I promise. Thank you for the comments, ladies. They gave me something to look forward to yesterday.
You guys are the best!


Jen said...

Planned power outage? I hate bureaucracy. I keep sharing the same joke with my husband over the transmitter for his station. It keeps conking out, and our joke is the company is trying to save money by taking them off the air for a couple of hours every month. Feel better and get rest. We'll all still be here waiting for you!


Jo Beaufoix said...

Ahh sweetie, no wonder you're having mad dreams. You must be shattered.
Get some rest and lots more cuddles from those kids and we'll see you soon when you're feeling a bit more with it.

Mya said...

Hey RC,
Just checked in to see how you're doing - you need to come and join us here on holiday, you poor child. Take care and take it easy.

Mya x

Iota said...

When you read what I say about you, you will understand why your blog post today merely serves to confirm my worst suspicions.... Sorry, that's a bit cryptic. It'll make sense when you read what I say. Why don't you email me and tell me where you are in the Midwest. I'd be interested to know.