Sunday, May 20, 2007

End of a Season

Another soccer season over, and not a minute too soon as far as I'm concerned. Four practices a week and at least two games a weekend have finally taken their toll. Add in all the personal and emotional drama and I'm done. And unless I'm misreading their cues pretty badly, so are my kids. They are little puddles of inaction at the moment.

Surfer Dudes team ended up playing for third place, which they won. It sounds better than it is, since they had a small division and there were only four teams to start with. His team legitimately had a chance this tournament, and barely missed playing for the Championship, but they were thrilled they didn't end dead last. Gumby's star-crossed team was not so lucky and did indeed finish at the very bottom. It was ugly. His team started out the season without a coach, and got bounced around for several weeks before the coach from last year came back on board. As a result there was a real lack of cohesion the rest of the season, no matter what they did to try to make it up. That they're best goalie was out of town this weekend didn't help.

As I sat there, essentially watching both of my kids fight to not finish dead last, I just wanted them to have the same results. You know, either both dead last or both one rung up. They instinctively know how to torture each other, and I thought this might not be a good weapon to have around the house all summer. It just wasn't meant to be. There were positive things to take away though. Surfer Dude's coach behaved himself for the most part, although the coach opposing Gumby's team was so obnoxious that a couple of our dads were ready to go and have a chat with him, but the ref beat them to it. It was a beautiful day, to continue with the positives, and we got to hang out with friends who have kids on the teams. Oh well, it's done. Until August anyway. At this point they're still deciding on whether they want to play or not, so I guess we'll see.

Well, I'm off to work. It should be interesting today since the University is having Graduation ceremonies and I'm sure there will be a lot of parties after. Maybe I'll have some Springer stories for tomorrow!

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