Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tournament Day

Both of my soccer players have their first game at 10:30 today. The rest of the tournament schedule for the day will depend on how their first games go. Surfer Dude's team lost a thriller last night 7-6, but on points are still ahead of the team they lost to. Gumby's team lost Thursday night and I don't know about last night since we weren't there.

We're getting to deal with the real life issues that playing sports tends to bring up, and it's not a lot of fun. Surfer Dude's coach isn't particularly nice to him, and doesn't give him a huge amount of playing time. I'm not exactly sure why, since he played a lot (and well) in the fall, but this season he's become something of a whipping post. My poor kid got in the car yesterday and said, "My coach hates me and I don't know why." We had a very long (private) conversation about how his worth isn't defined by what he does on a playing field, and how sometimes people behave in ways that you can't understand but that doesn't mean it's your fault and that we just need to get through this today. I'm sure I'm cynical, but between seasons his coach invited us to a political fundraiser at his house for a candidate we did not endorse. We didn't go, but I was polite about it. I said we'd try to make it if we could but I couldn't promise. I didn't tell him his candidate sucked or anything. I'm sure it's all coincidental, right?

Well, that's it for now. We have a full day out on the fields ahead of us and I'd better start filling water bottles. Whee!

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