Friday, June 22, 2007

sleepover blues

Why, yes. Yes, I did. And I may have another one tomorrow. Is that a problem?

Actually I may not have another one tomorrow. To start with I won't be tripping over prone post-sleepover/allnighter/computer and gaming geeks at the crack of dawn as I did just now. Dear god, they're everywhere - on the floor, on the couches, one is even still awake and on the computer, unaware that he's about to get the boot. And just when did my son's friends start having beards? And goatees? Or whatever trendy thing they're called now?

Tomorrow is a non-work day, which increases my odds of non-bitchdom. I'm more than ready to stop with this full-time work business. I think everyone involved believes that our lives are a lot easier when I'm only working part-time and am able to deal with all the house/kid/financial stuff on a daily basis. Summers are problematic though, since my husband teaches one summer session and that's it until late August. I have to work full-time if we plan to eat in July. Of course if you reread the last paragraph, you'll see that no food is not an option at the RC Flophouse. This year is going to be different, though. The magic date is July 23rd. That's the start date of the feature film the Film Geek is going to shoot. At that point he'll be working around the clock for four weeks and then will transition right back into teaching. I work on Sunday the 22nd and then officially go back to part-time nurse stooge. I can't wait. Sounds so melodramatic to say I'm counting the minutes...but I am.

And speaking of magic dates, July 21st, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. 29 days from now. Cannot wait for it. I'm about 50 pages into the third book in my ritualistic rereading of all the books to prepare for the new one. Admittedly this becomes a more daunting task with each addition. Toward the end of this process last time I actually began to have HP dreams. Kind of fun, actually.

Well, thank you all for reading my daily therapy session. You can send all your bills to my email address. I'll catch up with them on the 23rd.


Happy in the Abyss said...

Bitchy? You? No!

Love you!

Happy in the Abyss said...

By the way, I AM ADDICTED TO MY FLAT IRON! An intervention might be in order

Anonymous said...

lol, very funny :)

The little beards are removable face tattoos ;)

pursegirl said...

I talked to one of Man Child's camp counselors last night and he told him that "thing" on his chin had to go. Man Child says no way, he's trying to turn it into something. What, I have NO idea, but I'm scared... very, very scared! Keep eating bitch, it goes so well with sarcasm. :)

my two cents said...

Guess while I was sleeping, thanks to Tylenol PM, my mood left me and found you. So sorry...I was pushed to unpleasantness yesterday. Hope you can pass the mood on to someone more deserving than you! My HS boy had a 'sleepover' last night, too. He seems to have inherited the mood as well.

Jen said...

I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who goes through a re-reading of the previous HP books before the next one comes out. I'm really looking forward to the resolution of this story.

And a bowl of bitchy every morning keeps you regular. It's good for your digestion.