Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Thursday Three

Today let's talk about...

My Three Favorite Comfort Foods

Now normally I'm more of a cold weather comfort food eater, but things have been stressful around here lately, and I find myself reaching out for my trusty stand-bys. It's funny, because no matter how "grown up" my taste buds have become, my most beloved comfort foods haven't changed in years. You could even call all three of them "kid foods" if you wanted to. Maybe that's part of the comfort appeal. Whatever it is, they usually do the trick.

#1. Mashed Potatoes. I like them kind of lumpy and with butter, salt and pepper. No gravy. If you're feeling especially in need of comforting you can even play with them for a while before you eat them. Gotta do something to cool them down, right? I don't make mashed potatoes a lot, to tell the truth, and when I do they've usually got something else in them, like roasted garlic or cheese. But I order them often whenever I'm eating at any restaurant that has diner-like tendencies. The cafeteria at work usually has pretty good mashed potatoes, and sometimes during a really insane day I'll run down for a quick take out and a sanity break. It usually fixes me right up.

#2. Peanut Butter. I could write a love poem to peanut butter. I love it that much. I prefer chunky, but I don't play favorites. We have a split household on chunky/creamy, so we always have both on hand. Sometimes if I can't make up my mind I put chunky on one side of the bread and creamy on the other and just slap 'em together. No jelly, just PB, although I do adore it with apple or pumpkin butter. The bread is absolutely non-essential too. Apple slices and bananas always taste better with a little smear. I have been known to just grab a tablespoon and get to business with the jar. If I'm really in the dumps and have some chocolate chips on hand I load up the spoon with PB and then dip it in the chocolate chips. Repeat as needed.

#3. Popcorn. The longest years of my life were when I had braces and couldn't eat popcorn, because this is my most favorite comfort food. No contest. I'm a purist, though. I'll eat microwave popcorn in a crisis, but I'd really rather not. I like it made in a real pot, with oil. I always intentionally scorch the bottom a little bit so there are some slighly burned kernels. Sprinke with seasoning salt (or red salt, as my kids call it) and eat the whole bowl. I don't like butter on popcorn and don't see the point of air popped. Lately, I've been lightly dusting it with chipotle powder and garlic powder and it's out of this world if you like spicy. When I'm home alone this is my lunch more days than not, and I can feel my blood pressure go down with the first handful. Never fails.

Does anyone else notice that this list appears to have been brought to you by the letter P? Strange, huh? So in keeping with the P theme...

People Please Publish Personal Preferences. Or as we say in non P-ville, let's hear about your favorite comfort foods...please?


Jen said...

Oh, man. I love all food. But here are the top three:

1. Cheese, any kind. Stilton, manchego, buttermilk, etc. A little wine and I'm good to go.

2. Pumpernickel bread, thick and hearty, spread with a bit of butter. Pair it with a cup of tea, and I'm happy. Which brings me to...

3. Tea. I suppose it's because I'm Canadian, but I grew up drinking tea all the time. Bad day? Cup of tea. Broken heart? Let Granny fix you a cup of tea. Limb hanging off after getting mangled in a shredder? Cup of tea will fix you right up. (Just ask the Doctor *grin*)

And I'm mad at myself for not thinking up this topic RC. I may steal it for my own blog.


The Rotten Correspondent said...

Go for it, Jen. I would be flattered! And I'd love to respond to someone else's list instead of always coming up with my own. Also, late answer for your question about the zombie nurse pic - Google images. Gotta love it!

Happy in the Abyss said...


#1- Tuna Noodle Casserole. Only the way my Mom makes it. I make it often, but it still is not the same. Must be her blood, sweat and tears that make it so good!

#2- Chocolate Turtle Chex Mix. It is my favorite snack of all. Sweet & Salty...HELLO!

#3-OK, Julie. Mashed Potatoes. Infused with a little garlic....what time is lunch today?

my two cents said...

1. Ice cream--almost any kind will do, but Baskin-Robbins Mint Chocolate Chips stands out as a favorite, if I get a choice.

2. Chocolate--again, almost any kind will do, but See's is my first choice. Chocolate Easter bunny, anyone? Preferably with a cup of tea.

3. Spaghetti. Nothing makes me feel better than a bowl of spaghetti. I'm not saying I don't love a filet mignon, or really good salmon, but these are the three I go to when I need "soul" food as in food that comforts the soul.

Kayleigh said...

Hi, thanks for checking out my blog, so nice of you to leave such a lovely comment :)

My three:

Pasta w/simple marinara sauce (hey, look --it's a "P")

Chocolate -- any form, any where, any time.

Potatoes (another "P" food) also any form, any where, any time!

Love your blog, will be adding it to my faves!

Sharm said...


flowerchild(: said...

As weird as it sounds

1. Pepper Jack cheese in apple caramel dipping sauce.

2. Ice cream and peanut butter mixed together

3. candied potatoes