Friday, June 29, 2007

wireless, part two

Something has to give with our computer situation. I had a post already in mind today and then switched mid-stream because I'm so frustrated with our set-up. We have one computer in the house. We have two other (older) computers in the studio that aren't set up, because we can only hook up internet in one place in our house. We have a chair in front of the computer in the house that is never, not for a second, cold, because as soon as one person's butt slides out another one slides in. I. Am. Fed. Up.

This isn't a new thing here, it's just that now it's started to affect me. You know how that goes. It's allright as long as it isn't my problem. But now that I want to be on the computer more, I'm tired of duking it out for computer time. I like to post my blog relatively early in the morning, because I know from past experience that once the day gets going it gets away from me. I've even started trying to wake up first so I can have some uninterrupted computer time. And let's get this straight right out - I am not a morning person in the slightest. This is a pretty clear sign of my desperation. But once people start getting up there's a line for the damned computer all day. And everyone - self certainly included - takes the attitude that once their butt is in that chair it isn't moving until they're damned ready. I'll get off when I feel like it, thanks.

We've been stuck because of the internet situation, but then someone recently brought up the whole idea of making our house wireless, so we could all be on line at once. Wow! Ain't technology grand? And before my husband jumps down my throat, I understand that it hasn't happened due to time and financial constraints so far. But...the time has come. Just think - three computers...all on-line...all the time....

And a chair that could have a few butt free minutes.


Jo Beaufoix said...

Who needs to eat?

Get wireless, then atleast you might get a lie in.

My kids don't hog the computer too much yet, and I can usually get it in the evening while Mr B's putting one of the girls to bed. (The 2 year old goes at 7pm, the 6 year old at 8pm and we take it in turns who does who so we each get about an hour to ourselves at night.)

If I start having to queue then we'll definitely have to get wireless.
I need my blog fix.

kathy said...

I totally have the same thing happening here, right at this moment the boys are having a fist fight for who gets it next. We have a lap top in the office but I guess it doesn't have the right stuff.

pursegirl said...

Wow, maybe if we move across the street I can hone in on your wireless... we could split the bill???? Nice chatting with you today, even if it was short. I still need the entire scoop on the Bat Mitzvahs.