Monday, June 25, 2007

a lazy list

List of things to do today

1. Start Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Jump up and down because now we're only 26 days away from Deathly Hallows.

2. Go through lost from last June's move box of living room decorations that I thought I'd never see again. My husband has been tackling the garage/studio and it's reappeared. Re-apparated?

3. Maybe take the kids swimming. Maybe not. Maybe take them for a shaved ice at a seasonal place here that serves about three thousand flavors of shaved ices and that my kids look forward to from the time it closes in October. Maybe not. Maybe yes though. They're pretty good.

4. Ponder for hours my lack of motivation in getting anything done or doing anything, for that matter. Reach no real conclusion, but consider the mental effort in trying to figure it out sufficient exercise.

5. Tennis, baby. My TV and I have a date.

6. Make some fabulous dessert because I have a terrible sweet tooth at the moment. Any suggestions? (This sounds suspiciously like work, now that I think about it. Maybe just a gallon of mint chip ice cream? I don't know what the rest of my family will have).

7. Wish Happy First Full Day as Fifteen year olds to my very favorite boy-girl twins in the whole world, Jack and Erin. Meant to say Happy Birthday yesterday...oops. Some Dude made me forget.

8. Thank the heavens for two days off work. I'm shot. Get it...shot...bad nursing pun. HA! (I obviously do need some rest).

9. Take a nap on a flatulent dog's belly. Take shallow breaths.

10. Write my blog. Done.


Mya said...

Enjoy your lazy day - is it my eyes, or has your blog changed colour? to get my Concise Culture USA Dictionary, here it is....shaved ice.

Jen said...

Dessert! Yum! I love fruit crisps, easy to make and yummy, and great with a scoop of vanilla. Peaches are in season down here right now, but most the crop got killed by frost and drought. I've been using peaches brought in from Alabama instead. And berries. Damn, now I have to go make one.