Wednesday, June 27, 2007

never mind...

I saw this quote displayed in a very cool way at a friend's house last week and fell in love. She had it typed up in a bold graphic on a piece of white paper and set in a typewriter. Very functional art-ish. It is my new favorite quote...

The Pain of Discipline is Far Less Than the Pain of Regret

Isn't that wonderful? Of course, still being in blog birthday mode, I'm thinking about the discipline of writing every day, and I'm all for it. Nose to grindstone, fingers to computer, that sort of thing. You know, fun discipline.

I guess though that it could apply to other kinds of self control as well. Losing weight, getting enough exercise, not buying the $4.99/lb cherries even though I really want them, putting down the book I'm immersed in and mopping the kitchen floor, blah blah blah.

On second thought I regret to say that I may need a new favorite quote. Pass the cherries.


Jen said...

I. Love. That. Picture.
I wish I was as disciplined as you and could write every day. I find I keep a notebook handy, and that every other day is more my speed.

And cherries are a healthy food, filled with anti-oxidants. So, really by spending 4.99/pound, you're doing something good for yourself! See? Fruit is healthy!

Happy in the Abyss said...

Discipline? With animal fries around every corner....


Fat Girls, Rejoice!

pursegirl said...

Funny you should blog about discipline when I just RE-started counting fucking points for WW 3 days ago. Tonight I passed on one of my favorite things... pasta with butter, s/p, and herbs. More than candy do I love pasta with butter. But no, I ate 3 pt. chicken and fruit salad. I've got to take advantage of the increased activity level this summer. Anyhoo, that quote is good. I believe it. It stresses the challenge of taking action instead of sitting around bitching about it, which is not only easier, but sometimes more fun. I say a full dash of both bitching and action is needed on a regular basis.

Judd Corizan said...

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