Friday, June 15, 2007

Postcards from the lake

Here is my mom trying to relax while my kids run around the dock screaming like banshees. Enjoy today's post while you can, because once she sees this picture I'm dead meat. (I think she looks great, but that won't save me from the concrete shoes routine). I just have two words for you, mom. Pajama picture. Don't you feel better now?

This is Sasquatch driving the Jet Ski for the first time. Amazing the difference happiness can make on the face of a scowly teenager. We did have a little dust up the last day because I wouldn't let him drive it without an adult on the back, but it all worked out eventually. He even swam in the lake, and enjoyed it to boot. I stand in awe and amazement.

Gumby loved the Jet Ski too. The driver is Tim, the fabulous neighbor who owns the boy's favorite new toy. Tim and his wife Robin live next door and are both absolute sweethearts. Out of the goodness of his heart Tim offered these rides on two different occasions and taught the two younger boys to fish. They followed him around like puppies. If puppies could fish anyway...

Surfer Dude, blissed out beyond words. You could hear him across the lake screaming for Tim to go faster. Then they played a game where Tim tried to buck him off by practically laying the craft down. It worked pretty well, to Surfer Dude's delight. The day before we left was a Saturday and there is always a lot more boat traffic on weekends, so the wakes are way bigger then. Tim took the boys out to experience it and they had a blast as he cut directly across the wakes, basically taking the Jet Ski totally out of the water. Do I need to tell you how this went over?

This was the Rotten Correspondent at the lake.

You didn't really think I'd out myself in a bathing suit picture, did you? Besides, there's an advantage to being the one behind the camera.

This was not me at the lake.

But it's a really cute postcard, isn't it?

Any questions?


Jen said...

That last one's from "From Here to Eternity", isn't it? I'm much better with songs than movies! I found your blog through daydreamsupercollider. I hope you won't mind if I add you to my blog listing.

Anonymous said...

Hi there RC...sorry I wasn't able to get back to you sooner. What a cute family you have, and looks like you guys had an awesome holiday! Mom's cement shoes eh? Nah!...she's probably already boasting this all over the northern hemisphere, and with the help of the net...beyond.

pursegirl said...

First of all, your mom does look great! Second, it looks like you had a ton of fun and I'm SO impressed that Sasquatch swam!!! And finally- hubba, hubba on the neighbor Tim! Funny how all the cute men in our lives are named Tim. I mean except for our cute husbands that is. :)