Saturday, June 16, 2007

You're It!


It's a blogging first for me. I've been tagged by Daydreamsupercollider to list 8 Random Facts about myself. Then I get to tag 8 other bloggers to do the same. I'm not sure I know 8 other bloggers, but I'll try my best. If I tag you and you don't want to be tagged - sorry. Just know that I think it would be really fun to read your list. Also, I apologize in advance if any of these links don't work. Technology is not my middle name. But wouldn't it be nice...

My 8 random facts...

1. I'm a virtual life long Southern Californian who moved to the Midwest eight years ago.

2. I have a terrible nail biting habit that I am constantly trying to break.

3. I have a bad case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder when I hear the words "Arsenio Hall".

4. I consider sarcasm to be my native tongue.

5. I'm terrified of Siamese cats.

6. I think Elizabeth Hurley is the most beautiful woman on the planet.

7. I would sell body parts to have written the screenplay for "When Harry Met Sally".

8. Today is my birthday. Honest!

Tag! You're It!

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Anyone else reading who doesn't have a blog can post here in comments. Come'll be fun.
P.S. And I've tried the links and they don't work...DRAT!


Jen said...

Hey RC! Great list! To post linky-things in your blog, there is a little earth with a chain on it in the posting template. If you type something (like the name of a blog?), highlight it, and then clink the earth and type in the web address you want. Click ok and you're good to go!


Stacie said...

Happy Day to you! We California girls need to stick together!

Anonymous said...

**H A P P Y**B I R T H D A Y**R C** Those are interesting facts that I could have written myself! Arsenio Hall gives you disorders? Gee, I'd love to know the story behind that... maybe in another post (hint). Thanks for taking the tag challenge!

Happy in the Abyss said...

EIGHT RANDOM FACTS...see my blog, baby!