Thursday, February 26, 2009

is it warm in here, or is it me?

This was not a day I was particularly looking forward to. There were too many meetings, too much uncertainty, too much interaction with the FX in a forced civility sort of way. Surfer Dude's school conference was looking to be a no-stress situation, but the first tax filing post divorce was a little unnerving, especially with splitting kid deductions and mortgage interest and all those other fun things that are guaranteed to make peacefully divorced people squabble. In the end, nothing at all today worked out the way it was supposed to. Odd thing is that virtually everything came out better. Whoa. April Fools Day is a month off. What gives?

First off was the guy who did my taxes. Damn. The man was hot. And exactly my type. Not that I'm looking, mind you. But I do have a type. Not that it matters, mind you. But if I was looking and it did matter, he was my type. To a Tee. He even laughed at my jokes (and not my gross income). Hot tax man got even hotter when it turned out that he has his own handyman/house repair business, and he whipped out a card and said, "I'm hoping you want one of these."

Well, hell, I know he's only drumming up business, but damn. Have I mentioned the man was hot? Would he look even hotter patching plaster? Repairing staircase spindles? Replacing the light fixture in the computer room that the FX pulled out a year and a half ago and couldn't figure out how to get back in?

Is it warm in here, or is it me?

Then there was my annual performance review at work, which went so well that I almost felt like I was being Punk'd. I guess handing out twenties to all the charge nurses really does help. When my boss read back some of the peer reviews I honestly thought for a minute that I might burst into tears, but I didn't. I don't want to look all puffy in the eyes if hot tax fix-it guy finds an error on my return and out of the goodness of his heart decides to hand deliver it and give me an estimate on my foundation at the same time. Be prepared, that's my motto.

Off to Surfer Dude's conference, which produced a bright, shiny row of A's. And a teacher who is determined to place him in advanced math and English classes next year in Junior High. Now, I have experience with the gifted English classes from my older two kids, but math? In this family? Maybe the Punk'd crew was following me all day? Could there be any other explanation for this?

In between these things, I ran four miles, had a lovely, sunbathed catch-up chat with a dear friend on the playground while our boys ran around taking advantage of a gorgeous warm day, shuttled Gumby and Sasquatch all over town, and finally collapsed in front of the television with SD and a Strawberry Blonde beer - my new favorite.

It may not have been the quietest "day off", but it sure had its moments.


Nearlydawn said...

Sounds like a 'red letter' day! Congrats! You should have totally told the Hot Tax guy that you needed something fixed! Damn, woman, can't you see he was knocking on your door? Geesh!

Glad it all went so well - hope you get a string of luck for a while - you could use it, huh?

Oh, and I was thinking of you today. I was wondering how you would have handled my kid's bandaid - go have a look at my blog and let me know. :)

BTW- if you don't know what a red letter day means, it is in reference to the calendar, where 'extra special' or holiday days are marked in red vs. the normal black.

Stacie said...

You can't beat a day that goes better than expected and includes a hot man! (and yes I noticed that you said hot like a dozen


Maggie May said...

Well you had a good day after all & I am glad it worked out so well!
It's almost worth the worrying when that happens!

All those hot flushes.... could you be on the menopause already? LOL!

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

So, which celebrity did the tax man most look like, because now I keep picturing Clark Kent in glasses and I don't think that is sexy, so tell me a better one.

I haven't thought that about one man yet. There is nobody I have wanted to hop in the sack with yet, but I'm waiting patiently. I'll feel the thrill and know it.

Aoj and The Lurchers said...

"moments" are good! Very good, in fact! Don't have any going spare do you?

Cath said...

And about time too!

And find something that needs fixing. Quick.

Iota said...

A man who knows all about financial matters and is seriously good round the house? Why hasn't he been snapped up?

Daryl said...

WOW .. can I come touch you/rub your head or something to get all that good karma to rub off on me? Please.

Thalia's Child said...

There is something so incredibly sexy about a man who can get sweaty while fixing things. And he knows his way around tax law? NOMNOMNOM.

Invite him over to fix the light in the computer room!!

peekay said...

LOL! Being married to an accountant by day, handy man by night, you know I that hotness. I wish for you your very own (when you ready, of course.)

I'll tell mine that he's not able to go to your house anymore because this other handyman can be SO much more handy for you, well... the dirty handyman jokes are practically writing themselves in my head right now. :-)

Glad your day was so much better than planned.

aims said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aims said...

*trying this again - ahem*

pushing the huge mound that was 'last year' off of RC's head - "Ah! There you are!"

taking the watering can and sprinkling some on her head and then turning her towards the sun - "See that? Now go and grow!"

distracted by shiny objects said...

A hot tax man/ handy man...??
"YES, YES, YES!!!" a la Sally in the deli in When Harry Met Sally. Call the man. It's already scripted for you:>)

the rotten correspondent said...

Nearlydawn - I'm off to look at your kid's bandaid. And I'm not at all sure he was knocking on my door for anything but a paycheck, but...still.

Stacie - did I call him hot? I'm having trouble remembering.

Maggie May - Isn't menopause supposed to make you more dignified than calling total strangers hot? I aspire to dignified - I really do.

Irene - hmmm...what celebrity? That's a good question. I could say Hugh Grant and piss you all off, but I won't, because it isn't true. Let me think on this one - but DEFINITELY not Clark Kent.

Angela - I think I'm creating my own moments lately out of the depths of my own head. That should be pathetic, but I'm having so much fun with it.

Cath - my whole house needs fixing. And that's no joke.

Iota - oh, he probably is snapped up. No ring, but that doesn't mean anything. At the very least he's gay or on probation for soliciting minors. Although he didn't set off my gaydar, there's all kinds of possibilities.

Daryl - I'm sending it to you via the Internet. Just remember that half the time I have great karma and half the time I'm a shit magnet. You're taking a chance here, girlfriend.

Thalia's Child - now stop that!! My own imagination is bad enough without you throwing in your two cents. Damn. It's hot in here.

peekay - it's lucky for you that we all love you or we'd die of jealousy. You do have the perfect man - hands down. I believe I've told him that myself once or twice. That might have been when he called me a dumbass, now that I think about it.He's perfect, but he needs to work on accepting a compliment...

aims - it's really starting to hit me. This is my time. And I'm going to enjoy every single minute of it.

distracted - you and Iota are in allegiance, right? I'd like to thank you very much for THAT mental image. Damn. Damn. I'm sure he's married or something. I hate to ruin my nice little fantasy with a dose of reality.

Miriam said...

That is brilliant! And now you know why the universe allowed you to schedule all those things in the same day- you needed a day of concentrated goodies! Hope you enjoyed it, it sounds as though you did, and you certainly deserved it going on your last few posts. Take a bow! mimi

Devon said...

OMG, You have had such a fabulous day, I feel the need for a cigarrett, and I don't even smoke!

on an aside, the fact that surfer dude is doing so well in school is a sign that he is adjusting well to the divorce... you must be doing a great job of keeping everything with the kids on an even keel!

You are awesome!

Anonymous said...

I have only one comment regarding this and Surfer dude and that is, if you pursue the advanced math track in 7th grade - he has 2 years to have Sarah Holley who will screw him up royally if he is the kind of kid who needs help in math at all. In Geometry in 8th grade, she prevented the class from taking notes on what she was saying and, needless to say, has been a nightmare in advanced algebra 2. We are not the only family with this issue - talk to Laurie, Ann Patterson, Maggie, all of whom have bad things to say. Evan will tell you that he wishes he was NOT put in advanced math and I have to agree.