Sunday, September 2, 2007

Layer Meme

Akelamalu started it! But I'm happy to jump on the wagon. You know me...


Name: Julie

Birth Date: June 16th

Current Status: Married

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Streaky auburn

Layer 2

My Heritage: Scotch/Irish and Iraqi (really!)

My Fear: Something bad happening to my kids

My weaknesses: How much time do you have??

My Perfect Pizza: feta and red onion


My thoughts first waking up : Where the hell is the snooze button?

My bedtime : Usually between 11 and 12

My most missed memory: I wish I remembered more about my childhood


Pepsi or coke : Diet Coke with lime

Single or group dates : My memory doesn’t go back that far!

Adidas or Nike : New Balance (sorry!)

Tea or Nestea : tea

Chocolate or Vanilla : dark chocolate

Cappuccino or Coffee : coffee with skim milk


Smoke : Not a chance

Curse : Hell, yeah

Take a shower : Once a year minimum

Have a crush : Hello! Have you been reading my blog??

Think you’ve been in love : Of course

Go to school : No, but kind of kicking it around

Want to get married : Isn’t that illegal?

Believe in yourself : You know, I really think I do

Think you’re a health freak : No, but I aspire to it!


Drank alcohol : Isn’t wine one of the four basic food groups?

Gone to the mall : We don’t have a mall here and I don’t miss it

Been on stage : Yes, but it’s been awhile

Eaten sushi : Every chance I get

Dyed your hair : Most of my adult life


Played a stripping game : Not since I was a teenager

Changed who you were to fit in : Not changed really, but I’ve learned when to lay low and when to speak up


Get married: I think I got married at the perfect age


Best eye colour : Blue

Best hair colour : Dark

Short hair or long hair : I actually prefer shorter hair, but I’m okay with whatever


A minute ago : Getting a glass of iced tea

Hour ago : Talking to my mom on the phone

Month ago : In the middle of a hellish work run before vacation

Year ago : Considering changing jobs


I love : My family

I feel : Grateful. Always

I hate : Mean people

I hide : My insecurities

I miss : The Pacific Ocean. Desperately.

I need : To stop being my own worst critic

This is a freebie meme for anyone who wants to use it. At least I hope it is...since I just used it!


Sweet Irene said...

Well, you were certainly being completely honest in your answers and that was fun to read! I used to live in California myself and I still miss the ocean too, especially the wild rugged coast of Northern California. The North Sea and the beaches here are nothing compared to it.

ciara said...

interesting answers, r.c. even tho the ocean is a bit scary to me at times, i admit i miss the beaches in san diego. we are not even CLOSE to one here in no. cali. lol

auntie barbie said...

It seems we share the same birthday. Now I know why I'm so addicted to your blog.

laurie said...

feta and red onion???

if we ever go out for pizza, we'll have to get a half-and-half.

Crystal Jigsaw said...

That was really interesting. Thank you for sharing with us!

Crystal xx

ciara said...

btw-feta n red onion pizza sounds delicious.

laurie said...

feta and spinach. totally.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ooo I might nab this for tomorrow RC.

I have the same fear, like the same pizza (though I'd stick some black olives on there too) and my first thought is always the snooze button.



la bellina mammina said...

Cool list RC!

The Rotten Correspondent said...

sweet irene - the Northern CA coast is gorgeous, but I would love to see the North Sea beaches to compare for myself. The pictures I've seen are incredible.

ciara- I know, isn't it funny? I'm scared of a lot of things I shouldn't be but the ocean just calms me down, even though there's plenty scary there. And I like your taste in pizza!

auntie barbie - do we really??how cool is that? Were you born in Michigan, too?

laurie - are you trying to say that my pizza choice doesn't do much for you?? *snicker* Spinach and feta sounds good...or we could go halvsies.

crystal jigsaw - I was saving it for a slow holiday weekend - was afraid I'd put people to sleep! Thanks for reading it!

jo - nab away. I stole (uh, borrowed) it from Akelamalu. (sort of related - how do you do the strike through things on the blogs? Could've used one above) I also like black olives and I beat the crap out of my snooze alarm at least once a day.

bella - thanks!

auntie barbie said...

No, I wasn't born in MI. I was born in a small town in Ohio and lived outside of Toronto, Canada until I was 8, it was then that we moved to Plymouth, Michigan. Jen's dad & my sister are 11 & 13 years older than I, and they had left home to marry Canadians by the time we moved back to the States. Thats why my neices & nephews are all Canadian.
If you don't mind, what year were you born? I was born in 62.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

auntie barbie - I was actually wanting to ask you the same thing! I was born in 1961 - 6/16/61 as a matter of fact. Guess what my lucky number is! Wow -1962. How close is that? And I've spent a fair amount of time in Plymouth growing up. Very small world.