Wednesday, March 11, 2009

do I look indecisive to you?

One of these months I'm going to write my post before I go to Bunco, so that when I get home really late it's all ready to go. Better still, I'll schedule it on Blogger so it posts itself at an assigned time and I don't have to worry about it at all.

This won't be the month. Not even close.

So since it's midnight and I'm about to turn into a pumpkin - with nothing at all interesting to say - how about I ask for opinions? And just to shake things up a little bit, I promise not to use the words "tax", "pinhead" or "hot" even once. Okay? We'll go for a different kind of opinion today. Just to give you all a break. God knows you deserve it.

Here's the question - there's a local race here the middle of April, and in addition to a half marathon course, there's also a 5K and a 10K. (As a little aside, I am NOT the one who brought up the idea of running the 10K. Honest). But...I think it's kind of an interesting idea - in a boil yourself in oil sort of way. Anyway, I can't decide which one to do. The 5K would be fun and I could try to improve my time. It would be less stress and less training. But the 10K could be a pretty interesting challenge, although I'm not entirely sure why I feel the need to test myself again in that way so soon.

Any thoughts? 5 or 10...pick your poison.


lv4921391 said...

not being a runner, never been a runner I'd say the 5k is enough your knee's may thank you...btw MM had cows to attend to (as bad as taxes, and was in another relationship).

ped crossing said...

5K for now and 10K later. You don't need the pressure. Then again, I don't run unless chased.

Maggie May said...

I think the 5K and work up to the 10K. However, I am not a runner!
I do believe that you have to work towards something not throw yourself in at the deep end though.

speccy said...

You thrive on challenge. When did you ever take the easier option? You enjoy running. Your ankle is better. The weather is getting better. Go for the 10k and run out all your frustrations.
Or not. I wouldn't run the length of myself, so what do I know?

CC said...

Go for beating your time in the 5K this time. 10K really is twice 5K and that's quite a leap which will require training.

Frances said...

no opinion.
they both sound exhausting to me. LOL
If you insist, then I would run the 5 and walk the 10. hah!

laurie said...

f*** this stuff, Rc. let's go back to your paranoia about the tax man.

i think you don't understand how busy he is.

and i think you don't understand how inappropriate it would be for him to call up a CLIENT and ask her on a date.


wait until after april 15 and then call him again.

the rotten correspondent said...

I think I'm leaning toward the 5K, if for no other reason than now I think it will be "easy". How quickly they lose their minds. Well, I guess in comparison to a 10K it WOULD be easy.

laurie - okay, girlfriend, bring it on. Let's duke it out - right here right now. Here I was trying to give you nice people a break and look what you do. You bring it right back up. Hmph.

Okay. Here goes. First off - I WANT YOU TO BE RIGHT. I WANT YOU TO BE RIGHT SO BADLY YOU JUST DON'T KNOW. And I get that he's busy. BUT...if he had ANY interest at all in ANYTHING not fix-it related, he would have called. I get that he can't ask me out. I'm with you a hundred percent on that. BUT...he could make a quick phone call to suss out the situation. Get a feel, so to speak. Let the devil take the steering wheel. (Must I go on?)

And I hate myself that I'm getting pissy at him for this, but I am. Can he not read my mind? Does he not understand exactly how I feel? What sort of ESP skills does he (not) possess?

You see why it sucks to be me?

laurie said...

look, don't wreck it for yourself by getting pissy at the poor man who has no idea all the stuff that's in your head.

if he's a decent, ethical, honorable guy (and you wouldn't be interested in him if he weren't), then he is not thinking of clients as potential mates. he's just not. that would be WRONG.

do you look at your patients as anything other than patients? of course not. and i don't think about dating my sources, either; they're sources.

all he knows is that you saw him about your taxes, and then you called him up and said "absolutely no hurry but some day in the future i might need some handyman help."

he has no idea what your ulterior motives are, and you would be wrong to judge him for not reading your mind. if he DID think of you as dateable, at the stage of the game, that would make him a sleazeball.

so chill. wait a week or so, and then call him again if you must, but i still vote for waiting until after tax time.

Rudee said...

Men ARE NOT mind readers. That's a general statement, but one I'm quite certain every single woman would do well to learn.

Now I know you've expressed a desire to walk the BC 3 Day, but the next best thing is Race for the Cure. Want to feel overcome with emotion for doing well? Do that.

Daryl said...

Umm .. I am not a runner ....but if I was I'd go for the 5 ... unless you run a lot, you would be hurting for days after a 10 ...

Anonymous said...

I think Laurie has it right.

the rotten correspondent said...

Damn it, Hertzel. Can't you just put yourself in my shoes and get overly dramatic and hormonal? For once? Do you always have to be so calm and rational and...possibly right? Don't get a swelled head. I said POSSIBLY. Grrr.

Rudee - oh, honey. Believe me, I know. Bless their little pin heads.

Have you done Race for the Cure?

Daryl - someone just brought to my attention that this course is hilly. I'll be hurting for days after a 5K. Or dead.

Anonymous - so does Laurie.

laurie said...

oooh, i love Anonymous, whoever it is!

Akelamalu said...

You choose, I'll sit in the bar, drink beer and cheer you on! :)

Amy said...

Stick with the fun 5K. There will be 10Ks later after you've had more time to train, then they can become your fun.

Maybe hot tax fix-it guy or whatever it is you call him reads your blog and you've scared him senseless?

the rotten correspondent said...

There is NO way the boy could know about my blog. If he does, he really IS a mind reader.

I don't feel too good.

-Ann said...

Mid-April is too soon for a 10-K if you're only trained up for 5-Ks. I swear by Hal Higdon's training programs - I used them for my first 5-K and both my marathons. He says it takes at least 8 weeks.

Here's a link to his novice 10-K training plan. Go with the 5-K for now and find a 10-K in late May or early June.

As for the other thing - I leave you in Laurie's capable comments. I got nuthin to say on that whole deal at all. Way outside my area of expertise. :)

Cath said...


You know you can do it, still have to train and will actually enjoy it.
10K may be too much....