Monday, March 30, 2009

the gratitude files

My house is still standing.

And completely minus any funky smells emanating from the Silence of the Lambs basement.

The dogs are a little twitchy from last night's teenager overload, but muddling through with the help of lots of Milk Bones.

All my kids are home - snoring softly in their beds.

Mom and Stu are back tomorrow for one more night before they head home.

We had a lovely, calm, drama free weekend in the ER. No joke. We really did. None of us believed it, but it was true. (Except for that pocket full of narcotics I accidentally brought home. Oops. Live and learn.)

And I have a week off right around the corner. To stay in town and get some things done - peaceful like. Run, write, relax. Surfer Dude's soccer season kick-off. Gumby's first ever tennis tournament. Sasquatch's birthday dinner tomorrow night with the grandparents.

Life is good. I'll take it.


lv4921391 said...

RC it sounds good...enjoy the week off when you get to the corner :)

Maggie May said...

See how things turn around from being frantic & unbearable to a calm & happy period?

My guess is...... you might miss the frantic after a while!

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

Read the last few posts, having a catch up day. Sounds like you deserve a good rest nxt week. Enjoy!

Mya said...

Bon appetit for the birthday dinner! Have a good deserve it! (But not too much of a break. Don't forget that book.)

Mya x

Daryl said...

I like quiet weekends ..

seashmore said...

Enjoy your week off!

skywind said...

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Cath said...

Hold onto these moments for those days when things happen like the one you write about two posts above... :)

Cath said...

Make that next post up (not 2 posts above)