Monday, March 16, 2009

does this mean I'm growing up?

A sure sign that I'm getting smarter as I get older:

This past week was an interesting one on the health front.

A. I was sick.

B. I only ran three times - and just nine miles total.

C. The last seven days have been food laden. A nachos and beer after-work get together. A mexican potluck at work today. A tray of baklava in the break room. Chipotle cheese mashed potatoes for dinner last night. The list goes on.

D. A scale that hasn't budged.

Used to be these things would throw me into a tizzy and I'd just say the heck with it and throw in the towel. I'm a pro at this type of rationalization - "Oh, well, I blew that week, so why even bother anymore?" But I'm not going that route this time. Yes, it's been an off week. Yes, it's hard to run when you can't breathe. Yes, I ate my first ice cream sandwich of the entire year today - and dang, was it good.

And yes, life goes on and I intend to live it. There's no point in being skinny and healthy if you don't live a little. There's always next week. (Or not, since my Mom and Stu get here Tuesday for a visit and I always seem to eat like a cow whenever they're here.) Okay then, I'll try something really radical. I'll go with moderation...and having a good time.

I couldn't do that in my twenties, or even my thirties. I was strictly an all or nothing kind of gal. But now it's finally sunk in that you really can inch your way to what you want...

...and actually have fun on the trip.


peekay said...

Thank you. I'll need to hitch to your (slow movin') wagon, since I'm not as mature as you yet... gas or break has been my MO every time I try to get healthy. Fails every time.

But you be a good role model and I'll try to pay attention!

Mya said...

Everything in moderation - it's the only way, then you don't have to deny yourself anything. It's definitely a sign of maturity, and one of the more welcome ones!
Have a good day, oh wise monkey!

Mya x

Maggie May said...

Yeah.... moderation is the thing to concentrate on. deprivation only leads to great binges, not worth the effort.
Lead the way then with healthy eating!

Reasons to be Cheerful 1,2,3 said...

Sounds sensible to me. Life's too short to be feeling totally deprived!

ped crossing said...

I hope you can breathe again soon. Sounds like you have an excellent plan!

MoaningMum said...

See the whole idea of moderation IN THEORY sounds amazing...but find yourself feeling a wee bit flat, a wee bit bored, and then get something utterly scrumptious in the house and an otherwise pathetic evening spent in front of the telly can turn into a rather festive affair! Or maybe I'm just so deeply addicted to chocolate, wine and homemade choc. chip cookies that I can rationalise anything :)

Rose said...

Hmmm, I really needed to hear that today. Thanks from someone who hasn't quite got the moderation lesson yet but is ALMOST there!

The Finely Tuned Woman said...

Hhhmmm, moderation in everything? I think I don't understand that concept. I am more of an all or nothing kind of person. Deprivation or indulgence. It ought to balance out somewhere in the middle, doesn't it?