Tuesday, May 6, 2008

deluded ramblings

I've started two different posts and when I read them back neither one of them makes sense. I've gone for poignant and funny and missed the mark both times. Maybe the list format is really my best friend right now. No pressure to be coherent for more than a couple of lines.

Some random thoughts:

When you come home exhausted but wired right before midnight, is it better to go straight to bed and toss and turn all night or stay up for hours until you feel like you could sleep?

Is a barrel full of caffeine to stay awake after 6pm really such a good idea in hindsight?

Will you go to hell for stealing someone else's wireless?

Cinco de Mayo is not for gringos. Especially frat boy gringos driving daddy's Beemer.

I'm off Wednesday.

The Webster's dictionary definition of "on call" is: Hell, yeah, we're calling you in.

I can't breathe. It hurts like a big dog.

Ninety percent of my patients today were PITAs. Pains In The Ass.

I'm sure they felt the same about me.

Why would someone tell you they couldn't possibly be pregnant because a) they'd just had their period and b) they hadn't had sex in months and then, when you tell them their test is positive, scream and cry hysterically because they've been "trying forever" to have their third child in four years?

I'm a big whiny biatch.

Why do people who become romantically involved in the workplace always think no one notices? I'm here to tell you that they do notice. Every single one of them. And they talk, too.

I think I'm done. Damn caffeine.


Maggie May said...

Blimey! I'm first! By the looks of it!
Have you tried having a nap earlier when you really need it? I know you have the boys........
Try cocoa instead of coffee.
If you can't sleep get up & have a hot drink (not coffee) then try again.
Work seems to be the culprit.No chance at all of having another day off?
No rich relative who could get you a new wireless router?
Hang on there....

Mya said...

Enjoy Wednesday - get some sleep! And are you sure that you haven't got a real, actual big dog on your chest?! Knowing your pooches, nothing would surprise me.
And, no - you won't go to hell for stealing someone else's wireless.
Take care.

Mya x

Rudee said...

Some Random Answers:
Re stay up or toss and turn? Experts say when you can't sleep, get up and do something different. Nurse Rudee (and fellow bronchitis sufferer says honey,whiskey and lemon may help both the chest and the sleep. And robitussin with codeine is a vastly underrated sleep aid when hacking all night long. BTW, despite the nasty ads, Mucinex works but DON"T take at night or you will be up writing gibberish.

If your neighbors didn't password protect their wireless then it is manna from heaven-not hell.

Are you taking the phone off the hook Wednesday? I believe you should be seeing your PCP re dog on chest that day. He will diagnose and perform a thoradogomy with pooch resection. In the office.

Further proof your "free" wifi is a gift from heaven is the patient with immaculate conception. Was her name Mary? Quick, go buy a lotto ticket but do not cash the windfall until the divorce is final.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy Wednesday-
I find channel surfing for a half hour or so helps if i've had a crazy string of late nights at work. Puts me to sleep in no time at all.

softinthehead said...

Yippeee! Roll on Wednesday and enjoy- even if it is just a day off your poor feet. :)

Jen said...

I hope you sleep as long as possible on Wednesday, or do whatever makes your heart content.

As for workplace romances, it completely depends on how you conduct yourself and how much contact you have with your co-workers. Ray and I lived together for a year, and half the people we worked with really didn't know we were dating. Of course, many people I have worked with are stupid.

laurie said...

hard to nap when you're working back to back shifts.

"i'm off wednesday" is your backwards way of saying you have to work again today, eh?

if you pick up an on-call shift on wednesday i might not speak to you again.

Kaycie said...

By the sound of things, you'd better use Wednesday to your best advantage. For me, that'd be sleep.

kathy said...

How many days a week are you working?

I found taking a hot bath relaxes me so I can sleep, or my sister says a hot shower, but either way the caffeine is a nasty beast after 6:00 pm.

Benadyrl has been working for my allergies lately, and helping me sleep.

Anyway, enjoy the wireless!

PixelPi said...

You are only going to jail if you use somebody's else's wireless to do something on Wednesday. And if they call you to work on Wednesday, tell them no, you have a root canal scheduled.

People usually notice romantic office goings-on. Especially when they're hypervigilant due to the 18 g of caffeine in their system.

Could you get TWO days off in a row? I'm with Laurie on this one....you don't take a day off and you're on my bunny poop list.

Hugs. And a fluffy pillow. And a dog. And a really boring book that will have you asleep in 3 minutes. Like Ulysses or the Odyssey in the original Greek.

Jettied said...

Umm....I hope if you were my Nurse i'd have you smiling and Having a wonderful day!!!

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you have Wednesday off, it can't come soon enough!
If you went to jail for using other people's wireless, I'd have been locked up a long, long time ago. Don't stress the small stuff, look at it as a gift, for now.

Take care of yourself, it will get better.

the mother of this lot said...

I'm with everybody else here. What use are you going to be to those kids if you collapse? Slow down. And stop taking the shifts just so you don't have to stay in the house and think about things.

Just call it motherly advice. No charge.

ciara said...

wow, r.c., looks like you are in maximum overdrive. i think it's time for a break...take a nap when you can, take TWO days off, try to schedule some you time.

speaking of wireless...stinky was mentioning something about a person who wrote on our town's web forum about why he can use computer when he doesn't have internet..he was on a neighbor's wireless. wasn't so much that as it was the question he asked. i wish i could think of the question right now, because he was just being plain dumb LOL

Iota said...

Why does a pregnant woman go to the ER to find out if she's pregant? She could just buy a test. There must have been another reason, and you can't tell us - patient confidentiality and all that.

Cocoa instead of coffee is a good idea. Having two days off in a row is a good idea. Aren't you glad you've got us all?

ExpatKat said...

RC's Wednesday RX:- Take a long hot soak in the bath, relax, unwind and be kind to yourself. The rest of life can wait for an hour or so! xx

Akelamalu said...

You've got a day off Wed? You need a week gal. Hope you make the most of it and rest up. x

the planet of janet said...

hoooboy. take that wednesday and run with it.

well, don't really RUN. especially if the big dog is still sitting on your chest. cuz that could be difficult on the lungs.

and free wireless? whoohoo.

CrazyCath said...

Deluded responses -

Stay up for hours. At least you can blog.

Caffeine is a great idea if you want to blog. Not if you want to sleep. But it does mellow the irritation.

No you won't go to hell for stealing wireless.

This one is over my head because I am English. So I'll just agree.

You get a day off? About time.

On call stinks.

Breathing is advisable for life to be sustained.

90% of patients work hard at perfecting the art of being PITA. Then complain about the PITA nurse (me). (Or today, you).

The pregnancy thing? - Pass. The mind boggles.

No you are not. You are human.

Love is blind...

Hope this helped!


Kaytabug said...

Those were very enjoyable random thoughts!
Nothing wrong pulling wireless from someone else, if they cared they would make it secure!
Enjoy your day off!!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hope your chest is ok RC.

Pamela said...

You make agony so humorous.
Is writing for a sit-com on the list of less stressful? You have some tanfastic story lines in here.