Saturday, May 17, 2008

just one?

I've seen this all over the place lately, so I'm going to have a go at it. It's a lazy Saturday anyway - or will be after our (ugh) 7:30 a.m. soccer game.

What's up with the song? Well, it kind of fits...doesn't it?

And, hey, Surfer Dude -

Happy Birthday, baby boy!!

Answer all the following in one word...

Where is your mobile phone? - charging
You significant other? - riiight...
Your hair? - wild
Your mother? - California
Your father? - buried
Your favorite thing? - quiet
Your dream last night? - weird
Your favorite drink? - water
Your dream/goal? - writer
The room you are in? - living
Your ex? - dunno
Your fear? - snakes
Where you want to be in six years?- authentic
Where were you last night?- soccer
What you’re not? - trendy
Muffins? - absolutely
One of your wish items - travel
Where you grew up - Pasadena
The last thing you did - reboot
What are you wearing - sweats
Your TV? - silent
Your pets - snoring
Your computer? - mercurial
Your life - changing
Your mood - calm
Missing someone - mom
Your car - running
Something you’re not wearing - thong
Favorite Store - SuperTarget
Your summer - soon
Like someone? - sure
Your favorite color? - yellow
When was the last time you laughed? - today
When was the last time you cried? - April


Altaglow said...

My sweetie, blue-eyed, hard running. tall growing, blond b0y is eleven today. I can look at him and figure out the joys that are mine in this life. This boy, his two older brothers, his precious mom and all the other joys that snuggle into my heart. Thank you all for making my life so grand!

the planet of janet said...

happy birthday, surfer dude!!

Maggie May said...

Happy Birthday surfer Dude from an old lady across the pond!
I recently did a meme like that, slightly different. Was interested to read your one word answers. Not easy!

Akelamalu said...

Happy Birthday to Surfer Dude and Many Happy Returns.

Loved your answers to the meme and the son - I love Bono

Aoj & The Lurchers said...

Happy Birthday Surfer Dude!

my two cents said...

Happy Birthday, SD! Have a great burping contest! RC, maybe you can post a video of that entertaining event...

Flowerpot said...

No I dont wear thongs either - can't think of anything more uncomfortable. I am showing my age aren't I?!!

Mya said...

Happy birthday Surfer Dude!

RC, how about a yellow thong??I have a spare you can have. And the dream/goal of writer? Well,that will come sooner than you know. Talent will win out, my dear. Trust me.

Mya x

Crystal Jigsaw said...

Excellent meme. A very happy birthday to Surfer Dude!

CJ xx

Carolyn said...

I wanted to leave just a one word comment, but that's impossible for me, so I'll say this:

U2? - Love
Sufer Dude? - Awesome
Last time you laughed? - Glad
Last time you cried? - Glad

Okay, I don't think that made any sense. I was trying to say that I love U2, that Surfer Dude is awesome and I hope he has a Happy Birthday and that I'm glad you laughed today and haven't cried since April.

Phew. Glad I got that out.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Happy Birthday Surfer Dude, hope you have a fab day. And I like that song. x

pursegirl said...

A. Happy, Happy Birthday to S.D. Please let him know I owe him a trip to Quick Trip.

B. Who is "sure". Nothing gets past me... stop laughing!

C. Sorry about Bunco night. I really wanted to have our typical long chat in the driveway. I'm babysitting T.K. often lately as she is a disaster going through what you are- only with lots more wine.
D. Did you notice the house on 18th street is for sale again? Interesting...
E. Let me know what your work week is and let's get together for lunch this week.

Happy in the Abyss said...

Well, I forgot another Birthday...big shock. Sorry, blondie, just remember that I never forget about you, just the date....

I love that you put U2 on here. That was just the best concert, right?