Saturday, March 22, 2008


It does not look good for selling the house. Too much to do, too soft a market...too bad? I'm of a million different opinions at the moment. As soon as one of them solidifies the lead I'll be sure to share. Thank you all for your comments on my primal scream of a post. I snuck away often to reread them for moral support, and can't tell you the difference they made in a really legitimately crappy day. I have rug burns from my cyber hugs - and I like it.

Looking ahead to a hopefully less crappy day, March 26th is the one year anniversary of Rotten Correspondent. Can you believe it? Who knew I had this much drivel in me? (Anyone related to me or who knows me in "real life" is not eligible to answer that question. Understand?) And the really great part is that I can drivel for days. It's a gift. (Not returnable for something useful, unfortunately, but nevertheless).

I had planned on doing something fun to celebrate, but I'm fresh out of ideas. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm open to just about anything. How about questions? Any questions you want to throw my way for me to answer on the big day? Anything? Bueller...Bueller...

Hit me with it.


Sandy said...

I have no great ideas - heck, I have no not great ideas - for your blogiversary.

Sorry it didn't go better with the realtor and if lightning does strike or my brain kicks in, I'll let you know.

I hope that this week is easier for you.

Thalia's Child said...

I'm so sorry it didn't go better with the realtor :(

Let's see... blogiversary party...How about a post on your favourite party foods?

I know. I'm lame.

my two cents said...

What if you just wrote about all the reasons you are glad you started this blog?

ciara said...

i don't even have any ideas for mine that's coming up in 18 days. most days i go brain dead trying to think about something to write.

i do like two cents idea combined w thalia's child though.

here's more hugs for you xxxxxxx hope you're not to chafed from all the cyber hugs :)

Carolyn said...

How about a list of wacky sentences from some of your favourite posts? Five or so would do it. Tell us the sentences, then leave us to play treasure hunt trying to figure out which posts they came from. Easy for you, fun for us. Throw in a bag of medical gloves for the first one to figure it all out and you've got yourself a party!

Whatever you do, I'll be reading. Hope things work out with your house.

Maggie May said...

You have done very well to get such a gathering in only a year! I think that is a REAL ACHIEVEMENT!

I like "My two cents worth"s suggestion of why you are glad you started to blog and also mine ...... what made you start to blog in the first place?
Did you keep a Diary before that?
Has it met your blogging needs?

PixelPi said...

Favorite stories from the ER are always a hit.

And I'm sorry about the house. Sort of. You love it so much it must be meant to be yours. I wish you could stay there.

Akelamalu said...

I think it's an omen that you can't sell - you should stay!

I thought you'd been blogging a lot longer than me! Have a virtual party, we'll all sit round, eat cake and listen to another one of your ER tales! What time do you want me and what shall I bring? :)

Jo Beaufoix said...

Maybe there's a way you can stay in the house?? I'm sure you're looking at every angle possible, but I always think if it's meant to be then t will happen somehow.

Now, the party, I like gorgeous My Two Cents idea, or you could make it dress up and get people to describe what they will wear (though that might get a bit iffy).

How about getting us to tell our ER stories as patients?? Or do you have any ER stories as a patient?

Mostly, whatever you write, I expect you to have a glass of wine in your hand, and something yummy to munch on. Whatever you decide, we'll be there. xx

softinthehead said...

Sorry about the house, tough timing for everything. I like Carolyn's idea, that would give that excuse to use up more hours reading your archives. :)

Iota said...

You could just ask us what we like best about your blog, and leave it to the comments.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

Some really good ideas in here. Just use them all.

About the house: Could you meet with your mortgage lender, explain the circumstances and perhaps try to work out a different repayment? You have three boys who can help you around the house too. See if you can change something about the house to make it more yours, rather than yours and FG's. I remember when I split with first hubby, I had to go to familiar places and do familiar things on my own to form new memories.

Anonymous said...

I agree with akelamalu, I think it's an omen too, you should stay. You can fix it exactly the way you want it and it will be truly yours.

My computer is crazy so I have to comment using anonymous or it will not work!


laurie said...

a poll!

interactivity is the way to go. (and you know what poll. i emailed you.)

a video!! (did you ever find your camera?)

Swearing Mother said...

Fantastically well done to have blogged for a year. That's a brilliant achievement given that your blog is always consistently GREAT.

For an anniversary special, you could start the ball rolling with a chapter of a story and nominate the next blogger to carry it on. Nothing too heavy, you set the rules and we'd follow.

Don't know how this would work technically (that's because I am useless) but I am sure you would be able to sort that out.

It could be serious, funny or ridiculous (my personal favourite).

Or instead we could all buy a tub of choc chip ice-cream, eat the lot and simultaneously make ourselves sick.

Whatever appeals.

aims said...

How about just your very first post?

Sweet Irene said...

You are a very successful blogger. How long did it take you to build up a larger audience?

Anonymous said...

I think staying in your house was meant to be. I really do. I hope it works out, so that you can stay.

Congratulations on blogging for one year! A celebration is in order. I'd hate for you to be the one doing all the work. So hmmmm, why don't you let us tell you all the reasons we love you and your blog so much. Or if I knew where to send you a real cake, I would. A really good one!
Love ya.