Friday, April 6, 2007

Biatch Alert

I am really cranky today and I know it. The fact that I have absolutely no good reason to be cranky makes me even crankier. As a matter of fact, I think we could probably retire the “cranky” word and move on to something a little stronger. Starts with B, rhymes with…there you go. Aren’t you all glad you’re safely in the Pacific Time Zone? If you see my name on your caller ID you might want to let the machine pick up.

In the interest of clarity, let’s look at some of the possible reasons…

First off, it’s flipping freezing here. We went from warm and gorgeous to 20 degrees and a chance of snow flurries, for the love of god. It’s April! I guess it’s lucky that I was too lazy to get anything planted or I’d really be cussing. Our local soccer organization (and I use the word very loosely) has already cancelled the games scheduled for tomorrow because of the weather forecast. Of course they’re rescheduled for the only day this month I can’t be at the games. Perfect.

Second is the fact that I’m stalled in the whole weight loss thing. Let’s look at why, shall we? Two weeks of non-stop family stuff (two birthdays and an anniversary), Spring Break, Girl Scout Cookies (bought from three different Girl Scouts), my PALS class fully stocked with bagels and cookies, it just goes on. I keep reminding myself that I’ve lost almost twenty pounds and am back in my normal jeans. You’d think I’d be happy, wouldn’t you?

I’d give a third reason but I don’t really have one. My first two are kind of lame too, I know. There are a bunch of reasons to be happy and I keep reminding myself of all of them. PALS is done, for the first time in years we got the Film Geek the PERFECT birthday present, the sun is out even if it is cold, I have the whole weekend off, all my kids are healthy, my orientation period in my new job is over next week, I can sleep in tomorrow since soccer is cancelled, and on and on.

I get a quote a day sent to my email from Real Simple magazine, which I subscribe to and love. This was yesterday’s quote that I just opened today - “The bow tensely strung is easily broken”.

Hmmmmm…….are they trying to tell me something?

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