Monday, April 16, 2007

thank god it's Monday

two cases of food poisoning
a motorcycle accident
a probable miscarriage
rule out massive heart attack (MI)
a gangrenous foot
man vs. 2x4
a pelvic exam
shortness of breath
small bowel obstruction
a dislocated shoulder
a migraine headache (theirs, not mine)
an emergency transport to the nearest trauma center (my old stomping grounds)
a conscious sedation procedure
runner having a seizure

This was my day yesterday. Every room was full for twelve solid hours and security had to set extra chairs up in the halls to handle the waiting room crowd. It was my first day off orientation, so I was "on my own", so to speak. Thank god for helpful coworkers and supportive charge nurses and considerate doctors who aren't surgeons. This is how surreal my day was - I was actually in a fight on the same side as a surgeon.

I may have to revise my opinion about some surgeons, but I believe I'll wait until I'm thinking clearly. It may be a while.


pursegirl said...

I want to know what the bowel obstruction was... stop holding out on us!

Happy in the Abyss said...

Considerate doctors...shut up!!!