Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Meet the Furry Kids, Part 2

This is Trixie, full name Trixie Belle, AKA The Diva, Bella, Trix, girly girl, golden eyed girl, Bella Boo, Your Majesty and Whiny (rhymes with stich).

Here is Isaiah, full name Isaiah Elvis Beans, AKA Izzy, Beans, the Sparkplug, StarButt and The World's Most Perfect Dog.

And let's not forget DeeDee, although it's tempting. Also known as Dumb Dog, Needy DeeDee, Destructive Dog, the Escape Artist, psycho (rhymes with stich) and the Walrus.

I can happily go on with my day since I actually won a battle with my computer and we have pictures! You are all going to regret that I've figured this out.


New 'Do said...

Dear Additional Daughter~
The day before Easter, a bunny hopped into our yard. No dye-stained paws to give him away as THE Easter Bunny, tho. Exactly three CA minutes later your darling Father In Law had purchased a $150. hutch, enough food, timothy hay, pellets, absorbent litter for a bevy of bunnies and little pink house for (shudder)nesting. What a pushover! Gotta run, he's out of town for a few so I got to change the litter, put down new hay, feed the critter and let him run around the family room for two hours or so. Ah, "the things we do for love"...

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ahhh these have made me feel all happy but a little tiny bit sad too.
Trixie is the spitting image of my old dog Jazz who died when Miss E was two.
The only difference is that Jazz had pointy ears, as if they'd been cropped.
She was the most amazing old dog and I love her so much still.
Mr B nicknamed her 'the brown-pig' as she ate for Britain and was also free with her gaseous emissions, so she has a little of your others mixed in too.

They're fab dogs RC.