Sunday, April 22, 2007

sunday morning

I'm having a hard time figuring out what to write about today and I'll tell you why. To start with, I got my schedule confused. For some reason I've been working a run of Sundays, which in itself is unusual.Today I'm working, but it's a shift I picked up, not my regular shift. Which means that instead of going in at ten a.m. I'm going in at seven a.m. That three hours makes a difference when you're trying to get something readable written. Normally I would have just done something ahead of time , but we're having soccer scheduling issues due to all the weather rescheduling and are still, after three hours of phone calls yesterday, not sure if there are or aren't games today. Saturday went by way too fast for me.

It's not like I don't have stuff to write about, either. I could go into great detail about my morning routine on these early work mornings. A routine that I honed in two years of getting up at zero dark thirty. I can get dressed, put my make up on and be in my car in ten minutes flat. If I forgot to take my shower the night before, add on two minutes. I'm quite proud of this routine, actually, because you really have to be pretty organized to be that lazy. Early morning and I go together like devilled eggs and hot fudge sauce, so I'm thrilled to feel that one way or another I've gotten the upper hand. There is almost no thrill around that can beat slapping the snooze alarm into submission. I could go on for hours about the pleasure I'm getting from the process of writing again, and how much sheer fun I'm having doing this blog. I could just do a Seinfeld like riff on absolutely nothing at all.

Or I could look at the clock and say OH $&*_)% look what time it is. Gotta go!

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