Thursday, April 12, 2007

California Dreaming

This is what my lilacs looked like two weeks ago.

This is what my lilacs look like today.

These are my hostas.

Kind of looks like overcooked spinach, doesn't it? You should have seen them two weeks ago - they were gorgeous. But since we have spent the better part of a week in a "hard frost", my budding garden has taken a hard hit. I would post a picture of my tulips, but then I'd have to cry.

As I write this we are being told to prepare for three to five inches of snow tomorrow night. This will follow the thunderstorms and high winds they're predicting tomorrow afternoon. The Film Geek was supposed to be away this weekend on a shoot. The plan was for him to be something like fifty feet up in a crane shooting a planned prairie fire. On Friday the 13th. This sounded suspiciously like a human lightning magnet to him and he insisted on postponing until the weather got better. Luckily they agreed. We have two soccer games and a six mile charity MS walk planned this weekend. The soccer they'll have to cancel, but we're committed to the walk, and I can't imagine they'll cancel it. And as much as I'd like to bail out, I'd feel pretty bad, since my friend who actually HAS MS will walk it no matter what.

Last fall at a garage sale this amazing woman was selling some of her plants and she had a drop dead gorgeous jasmine. You could smell it ten feet away. Now jasmine is my all time favorite scent, next to bald baby heads. It was actually kind of funny. I was with my friend who grew up in Missouri and doesn't know jasmine from orange groves. She just walked by it. Then I hear this southern voice saying "oh my god, is that JASMINE??" and of course that got my attention. To make a long story short, I duked it out with this chick from Florida over the jasmine plant, and it has sat in a sunny window by my computer all winter. I actually cried when I brought it home and my sweet husband has babied it ever since. I'm smelling it now, looking at an ominous sky outside and feeling very homesick.

Is it Spring yet?


Altaglow said...

The check is on the way for the walk. Stay warm, Love, Altaglow

New 'Do said...

Yes, it is Spring... my roses are blooming, our orchids are blooming, our Australian tearoses are blooming, Greengage plums are setting on the tree, and the wild poppy seeds I so freely scattered in my gravel walkway are blooming.
The beautiful 10 year old bouganvilla that shaded our pergola with magenta shade was all but destroyed in our "cold snap" in February. The foliage is brown and dry as a Kansas summer. But, is it Spring? Of course. I saw one of our hummingbirds zing up to a low-hanging branch of dead vegetation, stop in mid flutter, cock his head to one side, and fly off in confused despair. Sing with me now "Where have all the flowers gone..."
Your blooms willl make their way back. Congratulations on the jasmine! Do the walk, it'll be good for your soul.

Happy in the Abyss said...

I wore flip flops to work today!
I love you!!!!