Friday, April 27, 2007

A Wave of Silliness

It's been a long week. The Film Geek has been out of town, I've been working and the kids have continued doing all their kid things. It's been one long juggling act and this circus performer is whipped. Once again, thanks to (and for) the friends who bail you out when you most need it. (And even feed you cinnamon cake). In times of stress, my mind always goes to that one perfect place where I never feel anything less than total peace. my my fantasy...completely submerging in the incomparable bliss that is salt water. Just looking at this picture literally lowers my blood pressure. The butt thing is a little weird, however.

It's not really my butt, you know.This is Butt Lite, compared to mine.

A little giddy insanity isn't such a a bad way to start the weekend. And maybe I've even left you with a mental image that you'd give quite a lot to get rid of?

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Happy in the Abyss said...

I could do that for you, if you like? It is supposed to hit the 80's this weekend...