Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Thursday Three

I love making lists. It’s one of my favorite things to do with my anal little obsessed self. There’s something so satisfying about drawing a line through anything that you’ve actually managed to accomplish. I even cheat and put a task on each list that I’ve already done so I can cross it off immediately. Make list – check. Cross off make list – check. See how efficient I can be when the mood strikes?

I also love reading lists. Doesn’t matter what kind of list it is, I’ll read it. If Bobbie Jo in Tulsa made a list of her five favorite kinds of Corvair parts I’d at least glance at it. You know those email forwards where you have to answer all kinds of weird questions like when is the last time you ate ketchup? Love them! And in my broad definition of “lists” I include things like that. I’m aware that this is probably more than you want to know about my (numerous) idiosyncrasies, but there you are. I’m a list lovin’ fool.

So in light of this I thought I’d try a new Thursday tradition – The Thursday Three. (Say that three times fast, I dare you). The Thursday Three will be some odd little list of things that no one but me really cares about, but will hopefully at least be amusing. At the bare minimum you’ll all have a view of the inner workings of my mind that will (again hopefully) not frighten the wits out of you. Or make you run to lock your doors. Or both.

Are we ready? Let’s go…

Three impossible things I wish I could do:
(bearing in mind that I am a Gemini and this list will probably change in five minutes)

1. Live as a member of the leisure class in 1920’s England. Real Upstairs Downstairs kind of stuff, but I insist on being the second floor. I want to be Lady something or other and have tea delivered to me in bed when I ring a bell. I want to be able to tell cook to tell the second under-gardener that I would like to have some fresh herbs picked from the kitchen garden for my luncheon. I want to send the children back to the nursery when they misbehave and let the governess deal with them. Can’t you almost smell the kippers?

2. Win Wimbledon in straight sets. Throw my racket in the air and then collapse on the ground weeping. And since this is my fantasy, Patrick Rafter would be the men’s winner and we’d do the ceremonial first dance at the victory ball. Have you SEEN Patrick Rafter?

3. Be a student at Hogwarts. No explanation needed.

In looking these over does anyone else notice the strong British bent? What’s THAT about? Feel free to add your own impossible wish in comments. It would be very cool to hear what other people think. If anyone has a subject idea for a list, hit me with it. Better yet, send me a list.


Happy in the Abyss said...

I LOVE we go!
(cue Dream The Impossible Dream!)

1. HAVE ONE NIGHT - I am talking 8 hours - OF SLEEP!
Yea, right!

2. HAVE A BOOK HIT #1! Not totally impossible.

3. SIT DOWN AT A TABLE AND HAVE DRINKS WITH Jim Morrison, Grace Kelly, Nicole Simpson, Lee Harvey Oswald, Monica Lewinsky, Eugene Gerber (my gramps..I never got to drink with him!) and Lady Di!

I mean well, I really do... said...

I'm posting this for "Mrs. Weasley" and yes, I DO still want the five bedrooom, four bath Craftsman with a maid!

Herlist is:

1. Be Mrs. Weasley, and barring that, be a student at

2. Go through life all over again knowing what I
already know.

3. Have the follwing places of residence: one in
Manhattan, one in New England, and one on the Jersey
Shore, and not have to work, but have enough money to
take care of and enjoy my time at each house
surrounded by good friends. Oh, and I'll keep my
place here, too.

4. Take all the calories and fat, but none of the soul
satisfying deliciousness, out of chocolate and ice
cream of all kinds.

pursegirl said...

Ok, here comes my list. I know nothing about astrology, other than I'm a Scorpio, so I don't know if this list changing in 4 minutes is "like" me or not... but it surely will. Except for number one.

1. Win an Academy Award. Yes, I've stood in my shower and brought myself to real tears practicing my acceptance speech.

2. Have the body I had at 15 years old. Oh please, please let this one happen.

3. Travel across the world with my family- bohemian/backpacking/hostel style.