Saturday, October 6, 2007

Babes "R" Us

As promised, welcome to the Fitness link. (Otherwise known as the Let's Get our Act Together page). Or, as I prefer to look at it - Babes "R" Us. We were all Babes once. Maybe you still are now. I personally have slid just a tad south of my babedom, but wouldn't mind getting a portion of it back. At the very least I want to halt the slide, although I'm not really sure how much lower I could go, unless the slide leads directly into a volcanic pit.

My own approach to this is fourfold. First, I want to lose weight. Second, I want to improve my fitness. Third, I want to be more healthy in my food choices (most of the time). And Fourth, I want to achieve some balance between the first three. Because here's my problem - I can do feast and I can do famine, but I struggle like crazy with moderation.

So...if you want to join in you're welcome to. On the sidebar is a place where it says Click here if you want to participate in Babes "R" Us. We can use the comments section of this post as a forum and take it from there.

Because I could sure use the support.


The Rotten Correspondent said...

Okay, I'll start. I joined a gym this week just like I promised. I even went Thursday morning for my "complimentary" consultation with a personal trainer. Can I tell you that when they ask if you want them to do body fat measurements the right answer is HELL NO! I said why not and I've been having flashbacks ever since.

I've been more careful about what I've eaten, but my D-Day is Monday, both for food and gym. It's hard to get to the gym with a sick kid at home.

The trainers recommendation was that I do cardio 4-5 times a week and weights 2-3. Riiiight....
I'm aiming for three times a week and I'll be thrilled.

Overall, just for the record and the humiliation value, I'm shooting to lose 30 pounds, which would have me looking pretty dang good.

We'll see.

Kaycie said...

Ok, I'll play. As I said before, hubby and I sat up the home gym last weekend. I have used it . . . not once. However, I am planning to start running and lifting on Monday. Every week day is the only way that works for me. I'll be sore for a week. Ugh.

Food, that's another thing. Like RC, I have no problem eating whatever I want or next to nothing, but moderation is not my friend. I'll be struggling with that as I slide back into post baby weight watcher mode.

Tomorrow we're having a big dinner and there will be cheese dip on Sunday with plenty of alcohol and plenty of football. Then I'll be turning on my inner good girl.

I can't wait. Not.

Willowtree said...

I'd be interested in watching some workout videos, but that's about as far as I'd go.

my two cents said...

I walked today, then went to Baskin Robbins and got a quart of everyone's favorite...Maybe I'll be inspired by you to eat in moderation, and walk more, but I am definitely not a gym person. Personal trainer, aren't you important! Wishing you lots of stamina and will power.

Woody's Mom said...

I think walking to BR and imbibing on yumminess is my kinda workout...

ciara said...

i'm totally in...i am a little intimidated by the gym right now probably cuz i'm way too self conscious (crap...spelling ability is eluding me today :( ) but, i did start one day of exercise and day 3 of watching what i eat. i'm going to try and get on the tread tonight since i skipped yesterday.

and r.c...30 lbs? that's far less than what i need to lose. at least that seems more attainable to me than the weight of a small child lol

as far as food is concerned, i really am totally bored with it. although i LOOK like i eat hoards of food, i really don't. i can eat one meal and be full the entire day. damned thyroid has my body all a mess, but i'm still determined. i may, at some point, put a picture of me now and one of my early days babeness for a good laugh. lol

-Ann said...

Autumn and winter are probably the worst time to start dieting, but yet, here we are. I'm two weeks into a 10-week cycle of dieting and increasing my running base so I can start training for a marathon. (The marathon is 6 April 2008, my real training starts the last week in November.)

My worst problem right now is that I know I should be lifting weights (or at the very least, doing Pilates), but I just can't bear to do these things on my own, outside of a gym setting. Before moving to the Middle of Nowhere, the gym was in a hotel across the road. That was Good. But if I want to join a gym here, I'd have to drive 25 miles to get to it. That's just not going to happen.

In 1998, I was super-fat (like 190 pounds on a 5' body sort of fat) and two things got me moving towards a more healthy weight. The first was a program called Fit Start at the local YMCA in Chicago. It was a 12 week program, in which you got 4 meetings with a trainer. The first meeting was to get you started on a goal, which was 30-minutes of cardio (any cardio) 3-times a week. After that, you met to learn how to do a limited number of weights, which you added to your workouts 2-times a week. Then, after four weeks, you had another meeting where you added new weights and were encouraged to increase the weight training to 3-times a week.

At the end of the 12 week program, you met with the trainer to get a certificate and a pat on the back. The whole point was to make exercise a habit. It worked for me. It also got me hooked on running.

The second thing was a book called
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Nutrition by Joy Bauer. Not only did it teach me everything I didn't know about nutrition and healthy eating, it also had a fabulous diet invention called the Bubble Diet. (This was before Weight Watchers points.) It had a couple of different versions (1400 calories, 1600 calories, 1800 calories), but the basic idea was to cut the food categories into sections and provide you with a daily allotment for that section, like 6 for grains/pastas and 3 for protein and 2 for dairy, or whatever. Then you just filled in the bubbles as you ate your servings. (And a serving wasn't always a 1-1 relation, some things "cost" more bubbles.)

The bubble plan taught me about healthy eating, moderation, making good choices. The best thing about the bubble plan was that vegetables were "free", although you had to eat at least 5 servings a day. Being able to eat as much as you want of something, even if it's just slices red bell peppers, is good when you're dieting. The other good thing about it was you got 1 or 2 treat bubbles a day, so you could indulge in a fun-sized twix bar without feeling like you'd failed. (Because I don't know about you, but the second I think my diet is blown for the day, I find myself wrapped a round a giant candy bar or a box of cookies. :))

Anyway, as much as I want to lose 20 pounds, I'm working on 10 pounds in 10 weeks. Then we'll see how things go during training. (I know from experience that it's difficult to lose weight when training for a marathon, which sounds silly but it was true for me.)

laurie said...

having gained five inexplicable pounds this summer (truly inexplicable--i pretty much eat the same thing every day and exercise the same amount every day), i think i'd better join.

that five pounds came at a time when i was at what i liked to call MY FATTEST ACCEPTABLE WEIGHT.

and now i'm five pounds fatter than that.

i've been trying to shed it for two months and have lost a grand total of one-half pound.

so i'll join, even though i fear i'll drag down the average of the group.

willowtree's comment made me laugh out loud.

Jen said...

I will join your group, but mostly for support and increased fitness, as I am not allowed to lose weight right now, no matter how much I might wish it. And I am putting weight on much more quickly than I should.

My goal is to be in better shape than I was last pregancy. I have an elliptical trainer, and was using it (to moderate effect) when I got pregnant. Have I done anything since getting pregnant? Um, no. But I need to.

The goal for this week, use the elliptical two times a day for 15 minutes at a time, four days this week. I'll be back next week to let you know how I did.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Well, hello ladies (and peter). It's nice to have a group, isn't it?

kaycie - my whole life has been a struggle with the moderation. I can lose weight. I can gain weight. I just can't keep my weight stable. I'm tired of it. I'm not 25 anymore and this can't be good for my body.

peter - do you not see how outnumbered you are? and still (like laurie) I laughed out loud. I'll dig up some old Richard Simmons tapes for you. That ought to set you straight. (heh. straight.Richard Simmons).

my two cents - yes, I felt quite la di da with my personal trainer. Evidently, there are some people who use the trainer every time (or at certain intervals) every time they come to the gym . Wow. $$$$$$

woody's mom - yeah, Baskin Robbins plays a critical part in any well balanced diet. Maybe too critical in mine.

Aren't you getting married in a week or so? No stress there,huh?

ciara - the whole thing with the thyroid sound very tricky. It's the meds that are putting on the weight, right? That's gotta be really hard, especially if you also have no energy. I've thought about a picture too, but so far I'm not that masochistic!

ann - welcome! Wow. Training for a marathon - I'm impressed. Running is one of those things that I really wish I liked or could do, because it's such an efficient way to get things done. I used to run - up to college, six miles a day, but as an adult can't wrap my mind around it. I wish I could.

That book sounds really interesting. In Fall 2004 I lost 40 pounds with WW and really liked their system. I'm just too cheap to pay for both a gym and WW. The bubble system sounds the same. Very easy to follow. And, for some reason that I've never understood, Fall is my very best time to start something like this. I always have more success then. Jan. 1st leaves me cold!

laurie - isn't that frustrating? I always want to blame age first, which is even more frustrating, because surely I inexplicably gained weight in my twenties too. Didn't I?

It sounds like you have a reasonable handle on the moderation thing though, if you eat pretty much the same way every day and exercise the same amount. Maybe you could give kaycie and I some tips. And in return I'll teach you how to eat a half gallon of Baskin Robbins ice cream in one sitting.

And Peter...what will we do with him??

The Rotten Correspondent said...

hey Jen. We were typing at the same time!

That sounds like a good goal and you'll probably feel a lot better if you get some exercise. I gained weight so fast the first time around and always felt ugh.

But take it easy, okay?? We're all looking out for our first Blog Baby.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

I like Jen's idea of stating goals, btw. So, my goal for this week is -

three days at the gym
cardio (45 min) and weights each time

PixelPi said...

Sorry, I disagree about BR being an essential component to a successful diet (unless it's pralines and cream). I think you have BR mixed up with B&J, where ice cream comes in much smaller containers. By my logic this means you can eat more.

I'm in physical therapy twice a week (stationary bike, weights) and I have lost no weight at all since March.

So I'll be the Team Cheerleader and Chief Lettuce Washer. You want water with that towel? No, you may not have your cone until you've done 50 more leg lifts. Get cracking.

This will be fun!

laurie said...

i think i'm lucky that, while i do love ice cream, it doesn't have a siren call for me.

(unlike chocolate, which sits on a rock and bares its legs.. oh wait that sounds like im gay which im not.... it sits on a rock and flexes its pecs at me? wahtever.)

and i'm pretty boring in that i don't 'mind routine.

so every day i have oatmeal in winter, and oatmeal squares in summer.

every day i have a big salad for lunch, or a bowl of soup.

every night i have whatever doug puts in front of me for dinner.

and that's pretty much what i eat.

i suspect the weight gain came from an increased dosage of wine in the evenings....

my goal is to walk every day at noon, if possible, and do the elliptical trainer for 25 minutes on both weekend days.

today being a weekend day. yikes.

laurie said...

(notice that i didn't say my goal was to decrease my wine consumpation. some things are simply not negotiable.)

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hmmm,my goal this week is to join the gym and go for two at least 2 30 min walks with Miss M.

I want to improve my fitness but I need to change my actual lifestyle too so I'm going to take it steady.

I've already made small changes like cutting sugar out of drinks, having fewer snacks and smaller portion sizes, and I've changed from milk to dark chocolate 70% cocoa as I'm hoping I'll need less to get a bit of a chocolate fix.
It seems to be working.

Yay, go girls and boy.

Swearing Mother said...

Count me in, you babes. I managed to lose a load of weight last year for daughter's wedding and after working out in the gym my bum repositioned itself at the top of my legs instead of half way down them. It's now beginning to descend again and I am getting into bad eating habits, SO I need to do something.

I need to lose at least 10lb to rediscover my waist.

Can't think of better company to do it with either.

laurie said...

note: it is 86 degrees today.

i will NOT be climbing aboard the elliptical trainer. we don't have AC and we've already put all the fans away for the winter.

so count me as your first failure. but there's always tomorrow.

Eileen said...

I am so behind this week on posting and blogging. I love that you are doing this, and I am so with you. About 5 months ago I was doing Nutri System, and lost 20 pounds, but after 3 months, I was just so sick of the food. Not that it was bad, per say, just got old real quick. So now I am back to eating 3 meals, and 2 snacks. My biggest problem is moving my ass. I need to get on my treadmill (I have 2 in the basement) and walk. That is all, if I walk for 30 mins. I feel so much better. But I don't. I loose motivation really quick.
Second, huge problem, getting in my veggies. Love fruits. Good about cutting about fats and get a lot of fiber, drink tons of water, but hate those veggies.
I would like to loose 30 pounds too, I think I would look pretty darn good too! I gained 10 back from the Nutri System weight. I would prefer to do it using real food, real life, ya know.

CableGirl said...

Well, I'm a fitness junkie. I train Kung Fu three times a week and work out on my own quite a bit. I'm also in training to become a PT (personal trainer). So, although I'm not joining in on the Babies "r" Us bandwagon, I do want to offer you congratulations for taking that step and offer you support and advice should you ever want it.

ciara said...

my goal is to do the tread for at least 30-45 mins 3x a wk. i slacked the day after i started back, and today after spending 5+ hours in ceres for cheer/football i have NO motivation. i'll try to gather up my strength for later tonight lol :)

Kaycie said...

I read this as I sit here eating cheese dip and watching football with hubby. I told the kids to tell me anything they want baked and today is their deadline, so there are sugar cookies in the oven and I'll be making fudge and Russian tea cakes later in the day. Luckily, these aren't a problem for me unless I'm making them. They will be duly locked in freezer bags for the children's lunches this week.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I hate ya, tomorrow, you're only a day away.

My life changes tomorrow. ;)

The Rotten Correspondent said...

kaycie - you and I are having identical days, except for slight variations in the food. I've just polished off most of a bag of nacho cheese doritos and have been picking all weekend at things I shouldn't even look at.

Tomorrow. The Big Day. I love your song by the way.

I'm doing a notebook where I write down starting numbers (weight, etc.) and also specific goals for the week. Three days cardio, three days weights, walk the kids to school when I can and when the weather cooperates.

And the countdown begin...

Eileen said...

My goals for the week are as follows:
Walk on my treadmill 3 times this week for 30 minutes.

Write down everything I put in my mouth.

Get in at least 4 servings of veggies.

Stick with the 3 healthy meals and 2 healthy snacks.

No eating after 7:00 pm.

I will start this on Monday 10/8/07. Tueday will be rough due to Melanie's birthday, but I will think moderation when I think birthday cake.

Good luck to everyone!!

If anyone knows a better way to fix veggies, besides microwaving them, please let me in on the secret..I can't cook well at all.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Eileen - what kinds of veggies are you looking to cook?

I have found that you can roast almost any veggie and they're usually fabulous. Carrots, asparagus, green beans, even broccoli all are great roasted. Just toss them with a little olive oil and put on a cookie sheet. The temp will depend on what it is. Usually the longer cooking things will need to be at lower temps.

Just a thought.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Well, even with two sick kids I somehow managed to get to the gym My husband got home late last night, so I got up and went this morning before he had to go to work. It was frickin' dark when I got to the gym. But...I did -

30 minutes on the bike
20 minutes on the treadmill
and weights

Now I feel all virtuous and ready to get on with my clutter busting.

Kaycie said...

Good for you, RC!

I had a healthy breakfast and did an hour on the treadmill this morning. A good start, I think.

Now I'm going to do laundry. Piles of laundry. The laundry that never, ever ends in my house.

wakeupandsmellthecoffee said...

OK, I'll join. But maybe not this week. Conjunctivitis means not wearing contact lenses, and I don't go to the gym without my lenses in. Glasses get steamed up and fall down my nose. I will walk, though, on Friday with my friend. I did go to Pilates today. So that's not too bad. These trainers don't have a life outside a gym and must assume you don't either. If you do 20 minutes of cardio four times a week, that's 80 minutes. You could do 40 minutes twice a week instead. And doesn't lifting patients count as weight work? Losing weight is a simple formula of less intake of food, more expenditure of energy. You just need to figure out what works for you. Try keeping a food/exercise diary. When I write down everything I actually eat and drink, I lose weight.

ciara said...

my goal hasn't exactly come into fruition the last few days. simply because i was too worn out from too many activities. i WILL get on my tread tonight. i also bought fitness dvd's. on my blog's sidebar, i have my fitness report. i am going to try to update it daily. i, too, am going to start a food journal as well...just not online because it would be pretty damned embarrassing for everyone to know that at some point i ate 'garbage' lol

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Oh my god. I can't move. My entire body hurts like an SOB. My arms are the worst. Every time I straighten them out (and I use the term loosely) I think I'm going to cry.

I even went and sat in the sauna today trying to loosen up. No luck. And I only did eight weight machines yesterday! Wait until they add the other eight in two weeks. Aargh!

This is not going to be fun.

ciara said...

i tried doing some 'dance' exercises and first thing that happened is that i could barely get the moves down. this was a '10 min workout' dvd. after about 7 or 8 mins, and being winded, i realized that i am in worse shape then i thought. next videos to, then pilates that came w a band lol

Kaycie said...

Well, the week started out well. An hour on the treadmill Monday, and yesterday I walked/jogged with Jack in the neighborhood, probably about two miles. Then, I flat out ran a mile or two chasing Jack, but that's a whole other story. The bowflex is still gathering dust though.

Swearing Mother said...

Went to the gym yesterday, but only to complain that they'd overcharged us. Next time I am going to actually get changed and do something.

Diet not going good but am now totally motivated by the fact that I have gained almost as much as I previously lost, and most of it is hanging over my waistband.


The Rotten Correspondent said...

I'm off to the gym tomorrow for round two even though it's still agony to move. I have been good about the eating,though,if that counts for anything.Today was ER Nurses Day and our boss bought us doughnuts AND lunch.Not a single doughnut crossed these lips.

My second favorite candy (besides Reeses Peanut Butter cups) is Skittles. Gumby has come in possession of a FORTY OUNCE bag of the little devils, which he offers me often and leaves in the house unarmed while he's at school. And so far I haven't had a single damned one. But they really need to GO.

My will power only goes so far.

laurie said...

have only used the elliptical trainer once since this club began. i'm thinking i can only use it on weekends--no time otherwise (and thanks rc but i'm not going to try to read the paper while i'm on it).

however, i have been very good about eating healthfully and NOT SNACKING and the scale says i lost 2 pounds this week.

i don't trust it--i've been tricked too many times before, when those pounds have left my body but haven't left the vicinity; they hover around and then glom right back on me.

so i will keep a close watch, and don't cheer yet.

i have three pounds to go before i reach what i like to call "my fattest acceptable weight."

E. Trainer again today and tomorrow. i swear to you all.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

laurie - good for you! 2 pounds is terrific. I've been to the gym twice, cardio and weights both times. The second time was Thursday and happily I wasn't nearly as sore that time. I'll weigh in Monday, but I'm a little concerned about it.

In the past when I've done this I haven't started lifting weights until further down the road, because I always think it takes longer to lose the weight. This time I'm just going for the whole shebang, so I'm afraid it's going to take longer. I hope not THAT much longer.

Today is a gym day. And I don't blame you a bit for not reading on the elliptical. I can't read on the treadmill to save my life. It throws me all off balance.

laurie said...

OK [gasp gasp] finished 22 minutes on the E.T.

now i need a shower.

and then a nap.

and then a big chocolate bar.. NO NO NO. just a shower and nap.

laurie said...

ok, i did 20 minutes again today.
now i am going to thwart myself by baking a cake.

Swearing Mother said...

I am not doing too great at this to be honest. I am eating less, but nothing is happening as yet.

Did four hours ironing today (honestly) so too pooped to go to the gym, but surely ironing must burn some calories?

Jen said...

Okay, I didn't have the greatest week last week, with the food poisoning and all. I actually lost a total of FIVE pounds, which of course, I'm NOT supposed to do.

I did manage to get out and walk the neighbourhood a couple of times, which was much better than laying on the couch whining about how crappy I felt. I didn't meet my goal, but I didn't exactly fail either.

And congrats to everyone who worked on their goals this week. I'm rooting for all of you.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Alright, I'm going to be the Don't Let This Happen To You story this week. I was doing so well at first. And then I ended up at work a bunch (with a few lunch buffets that were world class) and I got off my gym schedule and THEN as the final (pardon the expression)icing on the cake I started stress eating. It's ugly, ladies.

At Bunco Tuesday night we had curry, pumpkin fritters with ancho chile sauce, corn pudding, caramels, cupcakes, gooey butter cake, chips and salsa and the list goes on. Now it's a known fact that calories ingested on Bunco night don't count, but still.

I am not worthy. I am not worthy...

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Oh, and pretzels dipped in chocolate. I forgot those!

-Ann said...

Hi. I've been doing good with the exercise part of things (ran a total of 25 miles last week, including a long run of 11 miles on Saturday), but the eating part is hit-or-miss.

This week's been a little rough in that department. Monday was our anniversary, so we went to see 'Ratatouille'. Who can begrudge me 150 grams of pick-and-mix on my anniversary? I made up for it by not having any treats on Tuesday.

But yesterday, oh dear. I blame running 5 miles in the morning with only a few spoons of sugar in my coffee for fuel. Dumb, perhaps, but it worked for me last week. This week, it made me light-headed and heavy-footed. My theory is that I fell behind on the blood sugar front early in the day, so my body craved sugar all day to make up for it. 12 tiny Toblerones, at 30 calories a pop, and two handfuls of jelly beans. Nothing like writing down everything you eat to make you feel incredibly guilty for a binge, however small it might seem to the outside world.

My one victory this week - I made a triple-chocolate fudge cake for my workmates and had only a small slice on Sunday. I've refused its siren call all week at work.

As for vegetables - I really only eat them raw. I prefer them that way and have been managing at least 5 to 7 servings a day.

If anyone is looking for good recipes, I swear by Cooking Light.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

I love Cooking Light, too. Even if you don't get the actual magazine, their website is terrific.

Babaloo said...

Hi all! I found my way here because Laurie mentioned I should join (thanks, Laurie). Is there still room for one more member in this virtual Babes Club?

I haven't yet decided how much I want to get rid of. I'd have to step on the scales for that. And I have avoided that for at least 2 months.
I have decided to lose weight, though. Plan is to start the weekend after next - today hormonally being the worst day of the month if you know what I mean.

In the meantime, until I dare to step on the scales, I have resolved to make healthier choices. This means to bypass the crisps aisle in the supermarket and the one with the pot noodles. Taking an extra turn into the fruit and veg section. And ignoring the cans of beer in the fridge. I'm more a beer than a wine girl. And beer just packs on the pounds in my case.

My membership at my old gym is expiring this month but I haven't been in ages - since we moved house it's really out of the way. Next weekend I will go and have a look at one that's more local. See what their pool and gym is like and then join. Unless their rates are excessive.

I'll keep you updated on how the healthy choice thing works... I'll have to go shopping later today, good time to test my resolve.

Good luck everyone else!

Kaycie said...

I have had a good exercise week and a no good, very bad, terrible, horrible food week. Blech.

I have been feeling so guilty, I've been avoiding the club. Now that is terrible. Avoiding a virtual club because I've been on a sugar jag. Guilt from my commitments in the virtual world. Now that's fecked up, ladies.

Ok . . . I've been on the treadmill and Jack and I have been walking a lot in the neighborhood as it's been a gorgeous week. I've also been doing a lot of yard work; mowing, trimming, putting down the fertilizer/weed preventer, and shoveling dirt into some low areas and old fencepost holes at the back of the yard. So that's all good.

But, this week I've had a bad, bad food week. We've had pizza and taco salad. My son made the most delicious brownies. They are gone now, thank goodness, but I had three of them before they disappeared. But my biggest weakness by far: Dr. Pepper. Nothing makes me feel better than that sweet, fizzy taste in my mouth when I'm stressed. Without going into a whole bunch of gory details, I've been mega stressed. I drank a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper this week. By myself. Drat.

So, I am giving myself a break today. I had a bagel with light cream cheese for breakfast. I am going to make chicken and dumplings and eat what I want for dinner. Then tomorrow morning, I am going to keep up the exercise and physical work outside, but try very, very hard to improve on the food front.

I don't weigh myself, ever. I have a pair of jeans that I put on once a week. They fit just the same as they did last Saturday. We'll see what next Saturday brings.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

babaloo - welcome to our group! the more the merrier. It's a very fun assortment of people.

kaycie - well, at least you were getting exercise. That has to count for something. I've been BAD BAD BAD all week. Ate what I wanted, drank wine last night, no exercise whatsoever. I've also avoided the club as a result. I think that I'm just going to throw this weekend to the dogs and start again on Monday. I'm just disgusted.

Geoff said...

Very late to the party.
And I'm a guy.
So... not entirely sure how well I'll fit in but here goes!
I actually started my fitness program about a week after you did so I'm there with you at this point. At my worst, I was 280lbs and it wasn't muscle (I'm right at 6 feet tall) and while I'm a big guy even when in shape, that wasn't just big so I started losing weight. Best shape I've been in was at 225 lbs. I'm at 255 (or was in early october) so my goal is 225 again.
Been eating a LOT of fresh veggies, I stop eating at about 7pm and I've worked out more. My pants still feel the same and my gut still looks the same so who knows. I like kaycie's plan of not weighing but trying on the clothes that ALMOST fit right. I have a scale but I look at it monthly at best.

Anyway. cheers.

ciara said...

geoff at least your committed to your fitness...i keep a fitness report on my blog and my current entry says, 'no fitness to report' lol i think my weight is one of the things that really depress me, and i think it's a good thing i'm not an emotional eater, eh? lol

laurie said...

is this club still going on?

i was doing great; lost four of my five pounds, and now have gained two of them back.

and christmas cookie season is just ahead....

The Rotten Correspondent said...

yeah, I'm still here. Large, squishy and unmotivated, but here.

What can we do to kick ourselves into gear??

The Rotten Correspondent said...

Okay. Here's the scoop. Eight pounds up on a diet. Riiiight.

I've been eating well since Tuesday and I've been to the gym twice. Tuesday I did an hour walking on the treadmill. Today I did an hour at a higher level and then added on ten minutes at the end of a slow run. I have to say that it felt really good to exercise.

I think part of my problem was that when I went in for my two part gym intro thing with the personal trainer it was a little overwhelming. The first time she did fitness tests and showed me eight weight machines. The second time more fitness tests and another eight machines.

So I've been trying to come up with some way to fit it all in and finally I just decided not to. I'm giving myself until the beginning of the year to just concentrate on cardio - the treadmill and the bike. I'm trying to make it a habit to go to the gym - that's the main focus right now. When that's ingrained I'll add in the other stuff.

I'm so sick of this back and forth crap. And now I'm up to 35 pounds to lose instead of 30. Aargh.

ciara said...

i haven't really been doing anything, and w all the stuff that went on w me after the pill i managed to gain 3lbs over my starting weight. i wasn't even eating unusually. after that stuff cleared up, the 3lbs i gained went away PLUS 1lb. so w/o trying i lost 4lbs..but only 1lb under starting weight. i can only contribute that loss to aunt flo's never-ending visit stopping, and drinking water every now and then (it's amazing how LITTLE water I drink). i was thinking about how much weight i could lose if i actually EXERCISED lol crap, i need motivation...i think just WATCHING biggest loser isn't working

Kate said...

I'm in! Most definitely in LOL I've been dieting for a few months and I do ok when I stick to it, but I keep lapsing, so some support/encouragement/a kick in the pants will be a great help.

-Ann said...

I'm in, although I'm not quite sure on my status. When I left for Cleveland, I'd lost 8 pounds. I'm not sure how much of that I gained back because I did not monitor my eating at all. Also, I got the World's Worst Cold Virus and have had to scale my running back to only a mile a day. 12 min of exercise a day isn't enough for me.

Plus, I just ate half-a-pound of fudge right now. (PMS + low blood sugar = no sweets-related impulse control).

I'll give you the gory number details when I have them.

laurie said...

so how are we all doing? i am down two pounds or up two pounds, depending on how you look at it. (remember, i oriiginally lost four pounds.)

but i think i'm not going to be very strict about anything until dec. 26.

laurie said...

...or jan. 2....

Rose said...

Hey, great idea to use a sidebar! As you know, I started WW today. And now I'm going to put the dirty details in a sidebar as well. Thanks!